How to Appeal a Rejected Health Insurance Claim

By staying calm, taking notes and being persistent, you can greatly improve your odds of successfully fighting a health insurer's rejection.

Pushing Limits of Wellness Programs

As more companies adopt employee wellness programs, companies contend that regulations stymie their efforts.

Boomers Boost Physical Therapy Field

The demand for physical therapists is expected to increase as boomers move into the age of needing hip and knee replacements as well as the prime age for heart attacks and strokes.

Ebola Panic Spreads to Nigeria

Nigeria is gripped by fear following the death of Patrick Sawyer, who showed no signs of Ebola when he boarded a plane in Liberia but was 'terribly ill' by the time the flight landed in Lagos.

Texas Ticks Spread Meat Allergy Across U.S.

The Lone Star tick is landing some people in the emergency room with sudden allergies to red meat as it spreads from the Southwest to the East Coast.

Blue Cross, Blue Shield Team Up on Massive Data Base

The decision by two of California's largest health insurers to move the records of their combined 9 million customers into a shared database worries some privacy experts.

3.4 Million Now Insured Under Covered California

About 3.4 million previously uninsured adults have obtained health insurance coverage in California in the past year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Can We Afford the Cure for Hepatitis C?

A costly drug that insurers are reluctant to pay for has quickly become the treatment of choice for a liver-wasting viral disease that affects more than 3 million Americans.

Varying Health Insurance Subsidies Worry Consumers

Some consumers are going without health insurance because of the uncertainty while others who bought policies through state exchanges worry they are going to owe the government money next tax season.

Self-Induced Abortions Rise After Texas Closes Clinics

The number of legal medical abortions has dramatically declined in Texas while the number of second-trimester abortions has risen, suggesting that women are forced to wait for the procedure.

Largest Health Insurer Sees Opportunities in Obamacare

UnitedHealthcare expects to play a much bigger role in the health care overhaul next year as Obamacare begins offering growth opportunities for insurers.

Hispanic Health Costs Will Impact U.S. Economy

The cost of chronic illness is rising steadily among millions of Hispanics nationwide, which will have a profound economic impact on the U.S. unless access to care improves, a report finds.

Free Hispanic Family Health Expo in L.A.

Free health screenings are part of the deal at the three-day National Latino Family Expo, beginning Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Genentech Alzheimer's Drug Misses Goals

An experimental drug from Genentech failed to slow mental decline in mid-stage studies on more than 500 people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, but showed some promise among least-impaired participants.

Joseph Swedish: WellPoint Readies for Tech Wave

WellPoint CEO Joseph Swedish says that when people ask what a doctor's appointment will be like in the future, they assume they'll physically have to visit an office.

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