Conservation & Green Economy

Hemp Offers an 'Extraordinary Income Opportunity': Ag Secretary

A farm bill signed into law by President Obama allows the industrial production of hemp, but the federal government effectively prevents California and Kentucky from getting seeds.

Climate Change Poses Severe Risks for Calif. Agriculture

California's giant agricultural industry faces dire consequences if it doesn't adapt to climate change, said a panel of 14 scientists and Gov. Jerry Brown in Sacramento.

Rising Sea Level Endangers Historic Sites

Cultural artifacts and historical sites in Alaska, Virginia and Hawaii are in danger of being inundated by rising seas, a new report says.

Think Global Warming Is Real? Pat Sajak Says You're an 'Unpatriotic Racist'

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak seems to think that "alarmists" warning about global warming are evil awful people. Or "unpatriotic racists," anyway, maybe as opposed to patriotic racists.

Expect More Fires as Global Warming Increases

The wildfires devastating Southern California offer a look ahead to a hotter future, according to scientists and federal and international reports.

SunPower's CEO, Tom Werner, Talks Solar's Next Big Thing

But the next big thing for the renewable energy industry is storage, and SunPower is about to add energy storage to its solar offerings. The Mercury News recently interviewed CEO Tom Werner in his San Jose office.

Surfriders Offers Water-Saving Garden Tips

Water from storm drains is a big contributor to ocean pollution, says the Surfrider Foundation, but its Ocean Friendly Gardens program offers some help on what to do.

VW Chattanooga Gets Nod for Green Efforts

Volkswagen's Chattanooga assembly plant was cited for its sustainability efforts as the German automaker won the World Environmental Center's Gold Medal Award.

Hemp Fight Crops up in Kentucky

Activists hoping to plant a comeback for industrial hemp in Kentucky will have to wait a bit because the federal government has held up a shipment of seeds from California.

Politics Puts Bullet in Energy Saving Bill

A popular, bipartisan energy savings bill is falling victim to politics and continued indecision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Antarctic Ice Melt 'Past Point of No Return': NASA

A section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appears to be melting at an irreversible rate, according to a study by researchers at NASA and the University of California, Irvine.

White House Completes Solar Panel Retrofit

An array of solar panels blanketing the roof of the White House is getting its day in the sun. Technicians have finished installing the panels at the nation's most famous address, capping a project that President Barack Obama hopes will send a clear signal that renewable energy is both feasible and environmentally shrewd.

SPI Solar Deal Calls for Stock Sale

Solar-energy developer SPI Solar has entered into a definitive purchase agreement for the sale of $21.75 million of common stock in a private placement.

Fossil Fuels Industry Likely Contributor to Earthquakes

Oil and natural gas activity is a "likely contributing factor" to the swarm of earthquakes throughout Oklahoma over the past few years, state and federal surveys say.

Florida Is Ground Zero for Global Warming

Miami, where streets routinely flood at lunar high tides, is a hot spot for climate change.

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