Conservation & Green Economy

Calif. Drought Could Lead to Better Water Policy

Years of drought have Californians debating an end to the state's pump-as-you-please policy toward groundwater.

Drought, Wildfire, Invasive Species Threaten Lake Tahoe

Climate change, drought and catastrophic wildfires threaten iconic Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border.

Faith Groups Divest From Fossil Fuels

A growing number of churches and other faith groups are divesting their holdings in fossil fuel companies that release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Rick Scott Under Fire From California Environmentalist

A California billionaire environmentalist is spending millions to attack Florida Gov. Rick Scott as a friend of polluters and utility companies.

Michigan Burying Other States' Fracking Sludge

As other states ban landfills from accepting low-level radioactive waste, up to 36 tons of the sludge already rejected by two other states was slated to arrive in Michigan late last week.

How Climate Change Will Affect Los Angeles

Respiratory illnesses, water quality, and mosquito- and rodent-related diseases will worsen across Los Angeles County in the next few decades because of climate change, according to two reports released Monday.

Kentucky Concerned About New CO2 Rules

Kentucky's economy has come to depend heavily on coal mining and on the cheap electricity for industry that burning coal provides.

Most Glacier Melt Due to Human Activity: Study

About 69 percent of the recent rapid melting of the world's glaciers can be blamed on fossil fuels and soot pollution, a new study finds.

Royal Dutch Shell Sells Shale Rights

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to sell drilling rights in shale formations in Louisiana and Wyoming, and will get drilling rights in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Jimmy Carter Chastises U.S. on Renewables

The U.S. badly lags the rest of the developed world in addressing climate change and generating renewable energy, former President Jimmy Carter said.

Ebola Also Wiping Out Wild Apes

When villagers in Gabon ate a chimpanzee found dead in the forest, they unwittingly set off an Ebola outbreak that killed 21 people and 13 gorillas.

Mexican Gold Mine Spills 500,000 Gallons of Cyanide

A mine in northern Mexico spilled more than half a million gallons of a cyanide solution used in heap-leach gold mining, after heavy rains caused a retaining pond to overflow.

'Street View' Goes Undersea to Map Reefs, Wonders

Government scientists are in the Florida Keys this week in hopes of applying 'street view' mapping in marine sanctuaries.

Kellogg Wants Suppliers to Curb Carbon Emissions

Kellogg will require key suppliers such as farms and mills to measure and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas outputs and targets for reducing them.

Cities, Farmers Getting Thirsty as Lake Mead Dries Up

The receding shoreline at one of the main reservoirs in the vast Colorado River water system is raising concerns about the future of a network serving a perennially parched region home to 40 million people and 4 million acres of farmland.

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