Conservation & Green Economy

Technology Altering Oil & Gas Industry

After 100-plus years of domestic drilling, you'd think the oil and gas industry would have its technology in place. Not so. Companies are pushing into emerging technologies.

'Cancer Villages': The Cost of Growth

The presence of "cancer villages" along Huaihe River suggests Chinese economic growth is taking a heavy toll on the environment, officials say.

Goats Provide Green Solution to Lawn Care

Congress is infamous for pork, but goats are getting attention in Washington as a herd is set loose in the Congressional Cemetery.

Kansas Wind Markets Pick up Speed

Kansas is among the largest and fastest-growing wind energy markets in the country, according to a new government report.

Chattanooga VW Plant Is Benchmark for Environmental Efficiency

A top Volkswagen official said the automaker's Chattanooga plant will serve as the blueprint for new factories worldwide and has become a benchmark for environmental efficiency.

Kentucky Coal Jobs Lowest Since 1927

The number of coal jobs in Kentucky continued falling in the second quarter, hitting the lowest level since the state began tracking that figure, according to a new state report.

Climate Change Already Taking Toll on California

California lakes are warming, sea levels are rising, wildfires are spreading, and plants and animals are migrating to higher ground as climate changes take hold throughout the state, a new report says.

Natural Gas Export Project OK'd

A third company has been licensed to sell U.S. natural gas overseas, renewing fears that widespread exports could mean price speaks at home.

Lawyers Try to Shut Down High-speed Rail Project

Attorneys fighting California's high-speed train project in the San Joaquin Valley offered a look at the legal intricacies of the system Tuesday.

California Sued Over Nuclear Waste Dumping

A consumer group Tuesday sued the state of California over allegations that it is allowing Boeing to demolish radiation-contaminated structures and dispose of the debris at sites not licensed to receive radioactive waste.

EPA Eases Long-criticized Biofuel Rule

The Obama administration on Tuesday told refiners to blend 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels into the nation's gasoline supply this year, while paring a specialized ethanol requirement that the oil industry had criticized as too ambitious.

Wind Power Blows Closer to Home

Americans are installing more wind turbines near homes, farms and businesses to generate their own electricity, a Department of Energy lab is reporting.

Renewable Energy Project Could Mean Jobs

A Connecticut town hopes to create hundreds of jobs if a bid for a $100 million renewable energy project is approved by the by state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

California Fishing Groups Sue to Stop Sea Otters

Shellfish harvesters in California have filed suit saying the state's "otter-free" zone wasn't properly terminated.

Moniz Offers Olive Branch to Coal Industry

If the Obama administration is indeed waging a "war on coal," as its critics contend, then Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is trying to bridge the opposing camps.

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