Conservation & Green Economy

Calif Tries to Limit Carcinogen in Drinking Water

California is the first state to propose limiting chromium-6, a carcinogen found throughout the state, but environmentalists say the recommended standard is too lax.

Lizard's Fate Depends on Oil and Gas Foundation

A deal between the federal government and Texas to save the dunes sagebrush lizard from extinction may have done more to shield energy companies from scrutiny than to protect the denizen of the West Texas oil field.

High-speed Rail Challenges, Opportunities

A University of California report describes the state's embattled bullet-train proposal as an opportunity for environmental and economic benefits in the San Joaquin Valley.

California Tribes Protest to Protect Salmon

Members of two Northern California tribes demonstrated at Westlands Water District, asking officials to drop their lawsuit against water releases that would protect a large run of salmon.

Navy Denies Request for Whale Protections

The U.S. Navy says it won't adopt recommendations by the California Coastal Commission for limiting harm to marine mammals from Navy sonar training.

Jerry Brown Blasts Challenge to Tahoe Pact

Three months after California Gov. Jerry Brown and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval reached an agreement on the governance of the basin surrounding Lake Tahoe, Brown fired back at environmentalists who fear it will lead to more development.

Solar Price Trend is Sunny in Texas

The cost of solar systems is continuing to fall -- with Texas leading the way -- making rooftop sun power competitive in some cases with electricity from the grid.

Shale Gas Production Hits Record

Shale gas production reached an all-time high in Pennsylvania during the first six months of 2013, according to Department of Environmental Protection data.

White House to Get U.S.-made Solar Panels

The White House confirmed Thursday that American-made solar panels are being installed on the First Family's residence as part of an energy retrofit to improve energy efficiency in the historic building.

EPA, Obama Could Act on Climate Change Without Congress

The head of the EPA said Wednesday that the Obama administration is finished waiting for Congress to act on climate change and plans to bypass the legislative branch in developing a federal response.

Recent Storms Taught National Grid Lessons

Ever since becoming president of National Grid's New York state operations in early 2011, Ken Daly has been dealing with one natural disaster after another.

National Grid Invests $1.6 Billion in Upstate New York Upgrade

National Grid plans to pour $1.6 billion over three years in infrastructure upgrades across upstate New York, its Chief Executive Officer Steve Holliday announced Tuesday.

San Jose Denies 'Greenmail' Environmental Appeals

Critics called a labor group's legal challenge to a San Jose high-rise an example of "greenmail" abuse in which unions threaten builders with bogus claims to control hiring.

Redwoods in Mysterious Growth Spurt

Old-growth California redwoods are experiencing a growth spurt the likes of which has never been seen before, a climate research study revealed Wednesday.

Renewable Fuels Could Raise Price at Pump, Industry Says

Gasoline prices could shoot up if the Obama administration doesn't lower the amount of ethanol and other renewable fuels that must be added to fuel, according to industry sources.

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