Conservation & Green Economy

Natural Gas Sites May Be Linked to Water Contamination

High concentrations of arsenic, selenium and strontium were discovered in drinking water wells located closest to natural gas extraction sites, according to a study from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Fish Bones Offer Clues to Oceans' Health

A tiny white sliver inside the heads of fish could hold evidence of a century's worth of humans wrecking the environment: atomic bombs, overfishing, even climate change.

Giant Sequoia Planted by Muir Endangered

California conservationists are looking for a way to save a giant sequoia planted by naturalist John Muir in the 1880s.

Researchers Make a Rainforest-Saving Discovery

Thousands of miles away, in Southeast Asia, an oil industry is booming, gobbling up giant tracts of rainforest in the process.

Biofuels Firm Syntroleum Gets Purchase Offer

Biofuels technology firm Syntroleum Corp. revealed Friday it has received unsolicited offers from unnamed third parties that either want to buy the company, its assets or its intellectual properties such as patents.

Wind, the Green Energy Whisperer

California hears a lot about solar power, but the state is home to one of the strongest wind-power markets in the country.

Strata Solar to Produce Alternative Energy

There's a new form of energy in town.

Greenhouse Gas Seen as Clean Source of Electricity

A troublesome greenhouse gas could be an energy source, say Dutch scientists describing a new method for producing electricity from carbon dioxide.

Save Energy to Aid Economy, Expert Says

When it comes to saving energy, many of us think of turning out the lights, driving less and making personal sacrifices as consumers.

Solar Plane Pilot Plugs Renewable Energy

The pilot of the solar-powered plane Solar Impulse sits down for a Q&A on the importance of renewable energy.

Americans Turn to Renewables for Energy Needs

Americans are using solar panels and wind turbines instead of coal to generate electricity, a report says.

China Taxes Solar-use Polysilicon Imports

China on Thursday announced anti-dumping duties on imports of solar-grade polysilicon, the latest moves in a global struggle over trade in solar products and their raw materials.

Bargain Hunters Flock to BlueChip Energy Sale

Assets of failed solar company BlueChip Energy may have been worth $19 million on paper, but Tuesday's auction brought bargain-basement prices.

New Technology Could Turn Wasted Heat Energy Into Electricity

Australian scientists say a new technology could harvest waste heat from power stations and vehicle exhaust pipes to generate electricity.

WNMU Sets Out Recycling Bins

Western New Mexico University recently received 70 recycling bins designed specifically for placement at the Silver City Campus.

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