Conservation & Green Economy

Ebola Also Wiping Out Wild Apes

When villagers in Gabon ate a chimpanzee found dead in the forest, they unwittingly set off an Ebola outbreak that killed 21 people and 13 gorillas.

Mexican Gold Mine Spills 500,000 Gallons of Cyanide

A mine in northern Mexico spilled more than half a million gallons of a cyanide solution used in heap-leach gold mining, after heavy rains caused a retaining pond to overflow.

'Street View' Goes Undersea to Map Reefs, Wonders

Government scientists are in the Florida Keys this week in hopes of applying 'street view' mapping in marine sanctuaries.

Kellogg Wants Suppliers to Curb Carbon Emissions

Kellogg will require key suppliers such as farms and mills to measure and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas outputs and targets for reducing them.

Cities, Farmers Getting Thirsty as Lake Mead Dries Up

The receding shoreline at one of the main reservoirs in the vast Colorado River water system is raising concerns about the future of a network serving a perennially parched region home to 40 million people and 4 million acres of farmland.

Gulf Oyster Harvest Has Plunged Since BP Spill

Even after a modest rebound last year, thousands of acres of oyster beds where oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon blowout washed ashore are producing less than a third of their pre-spill harvest.

Farms Are Focus of Studies on Drinking Water Toxin

Scientists and farmers agree that phosphorus from agriculture runoff is feeding the blue-green algae blooms on Lake Erie.

Drought Could Reverse Drop in Nevada Tree Beetles

Scientists say there's been a significant reduction in the amount of forest under assault from bark beetles and similar bugs.

Study: Keystone Carbon Pollution More Than Figured

The Keystone XL pipeline would drop oil prices but that would spur consumption and increase global warming pollution, a new study says.

Cool Summer Means Bumper Soybean, Corn Crops

A mild summer across much of the nation's heartland combined with high-yield seeds means the U.S. is looking at busting records come harvest time.

Boeing Will Wring Fuel From Tobacco

Aerospace giant Boeing says it's working with South African Airways and Dutch biofuel company SkyNRG to make aviation fuel from tobacco seeds.

Mercury Levels Increase in Oceans

Oceanic levels of mercury are two to three times what they were before the industrial revolution, a new study says.

Snow Missing From New Zealand Ski Slopes

Ski operators throughout New Zealand are feeling the effects of the country's warmest start to the Southern Hemisphere winter since record-keeping began in 1909.

What Caused Lake Erie's Toxic Algae Bloom?

A toxic bloom in Lake Erie left hundreds of thousands without safe water over the weekend. What is microcystin and how dangerous is it?

Colo. Governor Seeks Fracking Compromise

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper has pitched a compromise on fracking to avoid a messy ballot fight, and called for a task force to deal with state energy development.

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