Conservation & Green Economy

California Low-carbon Rule Survives Legal Challenge

One of the centerpieces of California's fight against global warming survived a significant legal challenge Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit brought by oil-industry and out-of-state farm groups.

New York Towns Win Fracking Case

New York state laws regulating hydraulic fracturing don't bar towns from using zoning to ban the process, the state court of appeal said Monday.

Conservationists Testing Oregon Coast for Radiation

Three years after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake shook Japan and caused radiation-contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant to enter the Pacific Ocean, conservationists along the U.S. Pacific coast are worried.

U.S. to Remove Penalties for Eagle Deaths

A deal with federal officials will make a California wind farm the first in the country to avoid prosecution if eagles are injured or die when they run into the giant turning blades.

Feds Could Delist Humpback Whales

A petition filed by Alaska to remove some North Pacific humpback whales from protection under the Endangered Species Act merits a closer look, federal officials said Wednesday.

Does Oil Drilling Cause Earthquakes?

Earthquakes used to be almost unheard of on the vast stretches of prairie that unfold across Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Now they're commonplace.

Businesses Begin Weighing Costs of Climate Change

Climate change is likely to exact enormous costs on U.S. regional economies in the form of lost property, reduced industrial output and more deaths, according to the nonpartisan Risky Business report.

Addressing Climate Change Means More Jobs: World Bank

The World Bank says that a move to climate-friendly practices would have the added benefits of creating jobs and improving health around the globe.

Agricultural Pesticides Increase Autism Risk: UC Davis Study

Pregnant women who live near places where agricultural pesticides are applied are at higher risk of delivering children with autism or other developmental delays, a UC Davis study has found.

U.N. Links Environment, Economic Growth

The first-ever United Nations Environmental Assembly opened in Kenya on Monday, with high-level delegations examining the intersection between global economic progress and environmental change.

Supreme Court Hobbles EPA Greenhouse Efforts

The Supreme Court on Monday cut back on the sole Obama administration program already in place to deal with power plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for global warming.

Park Service Wants Drones Banned in Public Lands

The National Park Service is taking steps to ban drones from 84 million acres of public lands and waterways, saying the unmanned aircraft annoy visitors, harass wildlife and threaten safety.

Great White Sharks Throng Off East Coast

A report that scientists are calling one of the most comprehensive studies of great white sharks finds their numbers are surging off the East Coast after decades of decline.

Missouri, Kansas Get Brownfield Grants

Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas communities saddled with abandoned and hazardous sites will soon find a boost from two federal grants.

Pa. Sues Oil Firms for MTBE Cleanup

Attorneys representing Pennsylvania claim that gasoline containing the additive known as MTBE caused widespread pollution and harm to the state's waters.

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