Conservation & Green Economy

Clean Energy Is Best Answer to U.S. Power Costs

Wind, solar and natural gas are cheaper sources of electricity than coal when the costs and health impacts of climate change are factored in, a U.S. study found.

Anglo American Steps Away From Pebble Mine Project

Anglo American withdrew from the Pebble Mine project that would have developed what is believed to be the world's largest gold deposit -- and one of the last big wild salmon runs in Bristol Bay.

In Tokyo, Thousands March Against Nuclear Power

An estimated 8,000 people took to the streets Saturday in Tokyo to protest against the resumption of any nuclear power plants, as the only operating reactor was set to be shutdown the next day, leaving none functioning for the second time since the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

Solar-powered Boat Completes Atlantic Crossing

The Turanor PlanetSolar catamaran docked in Paris after a three-month voyage of discovery across the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel was the first solar-powered boat to circumnavigate the globe.

Robert Redford Hopes to Help Colorado River

Robert Redford was shocked to learn that the Colorado River is usually sucked dry before it reaches the Gulf of California.

Natural Gas Will Power Past Coal, Exxon Says

Natural gas will provide a quarter of the world's energy through the magic of fracking, according to Exxon Mobil, the country's largest producer of natural gas.

Virginia Solar Project Nearly Complete

The largest solar energy project in Southwest Virginia is nearing completion at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salem.

Modern Electrics Look to the Past

Much fuss has been made over electric cars, especially the Nissan Leaf, but the technology is more than a century old.

Will Sierra Forests Recover From Rim Fire?

Experts are saying the Rim fire has inflicted huge damage on California's ecosystem damage is huge. How did it happen, and what happens next?

Climate Fears Increase With Population Growth

California's population has jumped 10 percent in the past decade -- and the state has 157 endangered species, chronic water shortages and eight of the 10 most polluted cities in the country.

Southern Company, a Lobbying Powerhouse, Fights New Carbon Rules

President Barack Obama's promised assault on climate change begins in earnest this month with the roll-out of rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions by new power plants. Over time, the rules could have a huge impact on Southern's bottom line.

East Coast Dolphin Deaths Examined

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will cover the cost of necropsies and additional tests on dead dolphins washing up on the state's beaches, a spokesman said.

Abalone Sting Nets Poaching Suspects

California game wardens arrested 13 suspected abalone poachers in Sacramento and the Bay Area for reportedly catching wild abalone off the Northern California coast for the purpose of selling them.

Maryland Near Top for Clean Energy Jobs

Maryland was ranked third in the nation for clean energy jobs in the second quarter of this year, behind only California and Hawaii.

Green Jobs Are Sprouting Across the Country

A nonprofit group estimates that 38,600 green jobs were created in the U.S. between April and July, and 75,000 since the beginning of the year.

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