Conservation & Green Economy

Looking for Gold in Biofuel

Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on Westway Towing owner Craig Goldstein, who plans to turn the waste vegetable oil he collects from hundreds of restaurants and food service vendors into his own "liquid gold."

Shiloh IV Wind Project Wind Farm Seeks Permit to Kill Eagles

A Solano County, Calif., wind farm would be the first renewable energy project in the nation allowed to kill eagles under a federal plan, a U.S. agency said.

Global Warming Science Is Clear, Threat Real

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes it clear that human action is warming the planet and we're headed for disaster, despite a supposed halt in global warming over the past 15 years.

Global Warming 'Extremely Likely' Manmade, U.N. Says

A new report by a U.N. panel of climate scientists says it is "extremely likely" that global warming is manmade, the strongest words yet in the panel's assessment of the world's climate.

Russia Jails Greenpeace Activists

A Russian court on Thursday jailed the U.S. captain of a Greenpeace ship along with a photographer and several activists who were part of a team protesting near an oil platform in the Arctic last week.

Hotels Becoming Electric-Car Friendly

In an effort to attract more eco-friendly travelers, some hotels are installing battery charging stations for guests.

Greenpeace Activists Accused of Piracy in Russia

Russian authorities said they have opened a piracy investigation against Greenpeace activists who protested at a Gazprom offshore oil platform.

Gov. Scientists Thinking Like Entrepreneurs

As commercialization alliance manager at Innovation Works, Mr. Migliuolo is spearheading a cultural shift at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, where high-cost, high-risk and high-level research into fossil fuel technologies sets the standard for industries decades down the road.

Climate Deniers Won't Be Swayed by UN Report

The upcoming UN report on climate change is not likely to rattle US deniers of global warming who hold sway in the halls of power, experts say.

Lack of Budget Deal Will Shut Down EPA

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says the agency will "effectively shut down" unless Congress approves stopgap funding by Oct. 1.

Costa Rica's National Coffee Day Celebrated Amid Environmental Concerns

On Friday morning, Costa Rica celebrated its National Coffee Day with speeches, folkloric dances and, of course, coffee. The Agriculture and Livestock Ministry (MAG) used the event as an opportunity to announce plan to begin certifying coffee growers as "carbon neutral," as part of Costa Rica's national goal to reach a zero-carbon footprint by 2021.

Virginia Solar Funds Fizzle

In the two years since Virginia set up a voluntary donation fund to make loans for solar energy projects, the program has achieved net contributions of less than a dollar. It hasn't made any loans, either.

Flexibility Sought on Greenhouse Gas Rules

Kentucky will press federal officials for flexibility in meeting greenhouse gas emission rules as the state tries to preserve coal jobs and keep electricity prices down, Gov. Steve Beshear said.

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Near Low

Sea ice cover in the Arctic shrank to a near historic low this week, though so far it's not as bad as last year.

Clean Energy Is Best Answer to U.S. Power Costs

Wind, solar and natural gas are cheaper sources of electricity than coal when the costs and health impacts of climate change are factored in, a U.S. study found.

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