Conservation & Green Economy

Saudis to Use Shale Gas for Electricity

Inspired by a shale gas boom in the U.S., which has transformed itself from the world's largest gas importer to a net exporter, Saudi Arabia plans to take its first steps to commercialize its own large unconventional deposits.

Warming Will Hit Tropics First

Amber-eyed jaguars could soon boot out polar bears as king of adorable, furry species facing extinction because of global warming.

Thousands to Gather for Environmental Meeting

The Energy Action Coalition is holding its annual Power Shift environmental convention in Pittsburgh this year, the first time its been convened outside of Washington, D.C.

Hybrids, Diesels, EVs Lift MPG Figures

Americans may not be as impressed with high mpg ratings now that gas prices are falling, but the poor showing of "fuel-efficient" pickups, SUVs and minivans can end up costing more than you might think.

Shutdown Hobbles Probe Into Dolphin Die-off

The deadly virus that's been savaging bottlenose dolphin populations along the Eastern Seaboard for months has also taken a toll on the team in Virginia charged with recovering the carcasses for study.

Solar Decathlon Features 19 Hi-tech Homes

A charging station that powers a pedelec (electric bike), a walkway that heats your home, and a bathroom that doubles as a shelter in storms. Oh, and don't forget the edible walls and movable rooms.

U.S. Antarctic Research Affected by Shutdown

The National Science Foundation says it will shift its antarctic research programs into caretaker mode if the U.S. government shutdown continues past Monday.

U.S. Could Run Short of Nuclear Reactor Material

The U.S. could be facing a shortage of lithium-7, vital to the operation of many of the country's nuclear reactors, and only Russia and China produce significant amounts of it.

Coal-fired Power Plant to Close

The Public Service Commission conditionally approved a proposal by Kentucky Power to buy a half-interest in a power plant in West Virginia to supply electricity in parts of eastern Kentucky.

Students Reclaim Neglected Lots

Teens Salina Santiago and Melissa Alvarez have found uses for vacant lots in Philadelphia, including a bird sanctuary.

Engineers Find Better Way to Turn Sugar Into Biofuel

UCLA chemical engineering researchers have created a new synthetic metabolic pathway for breaking down glucose, potentially leading to a 50 percent increase in biofuel production.

N.J. Families Get Free Solar Panels

Grid Alternatives, a California nonprofit, is expanding its cost-saving solar power project to the East Coast with a pair of installations in Asbury Park, N.J.

Looking for Gold in Biofuel

Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on Westway Towing owner Craig Goldstein, who plans to turn the waste vegetable oil he collects from hundreds of restaurants and food service vendors into his own "liquid gold."

Shiloh IV Wind Project Wind Farm Seeks Permit to Kill Eagles

A Solano County, Calif., wind farm would be the first renewable energy project in the nation allowed to kill eagles under a federal plan, a U.S. agency said.

Global Warming Science Is Clear, Threat Real

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes it clear that human action is warming the planet and we're headed for disaster, despite a supposed halt in global warming over the past 15 years.

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