Conservation & Green Economy

Climate Change Early Warning System Urged

A new National Research Council report calls for developing an early warning system to better anticipate environmental tipping points from climate change.

Is Recycling Bad for the Environment?

Instead of multiple bins, trucks and routes, which in turn lead to increased operating costs and increased greenhouse gas emissions, Houston wants to use one bin for recyclables and trash.

3 Mile Island Back Online

A nuclear plant that produces enough electricity to continuously power 800,000 homes came back on line last month.

Student Fossil-Fuel Divestment Movement Keeps Moving

The student campaign to press colleges and universities to divest from fossil fuels is entering a new phase, now that administrators at several top schools have said no.

Arctic Methane Could Drive up Global Warming

The arctic seafloor is releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, at more than double the rate previously estimated, scientists say.

Islander Denied Status as Climate-Change Refugee

A Pacific islander whose homeland is threatened by rising seas lost his bid to become the world's first climate change refugee when a New Zealand judge dismissed his case as "novel" but "unconvincing."

U.S. Spewing More Methane Than EPA Says

The United States is spewing 50 percent more methane than the federal government estimates, with much of it is coming from just three states: Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

When Climate Change and Property Rights Collide

As coastal cities face increasingly volatile weather, storm surge and sea level rise associated with climate change, building resilience has become a top planning priority. But what are governments legally allowed to do about it?

U.N. Climate Talks Keep Hope Alive

Two weeks of U.N. climate talks ended Saturday with a pair of last-minute deals keeping alive the hope that a global effort can ward off a ruinous rise in temperatures.

Russia Ordered to Release Greenpeace Activists

A U.N. tribunal has ordered Russia to immediately release a Greenpeace ship and its crew in return for a $5 million bond.

Climate Talks Bog Down on Last Day

Disputes over aid to developing nations and when countries will set greenhouse gas targets threatened to sink U.N. climate talks on the final day on Friday.

Renewable Energy Saves Money, Too

A new research report by Environment Ohio, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, says Ohio's renewable energy laws are working by fine-tuning energy consumption and savings for consumers.

First Greenpeace Detainee Leaves Russian Jail

Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel was the first of 30 Greenpeace activists arrested by Russia two months ago to be freed on bail Wednesday.

Poll: Global Warming's Divide More Political than Scientific

Global warming, also called climate change, continues to be a divisive issue in America, a new poll suggests.

More Greenpeace Activists Get Bail in Russia

A Russian court has ruled that nine Greenpeace activists can be freed on bail before their trial for hooliganism, raising hopes that most of the Arctic 30 will be released after two months in prison.

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