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March 1: Date Social Security Payments Go Digital

Some 5 million Americans who still get a Social Security, disability or other federal benefit check in their mailbox must switch to electronic payments.

Study: 25 Percent of Americans Will Tap Retirement Savings Early

Research finds that one out of four participants in 401(k) retirement programs will either cash-out their savings before retirement - incurring substantial penalties and taxes - or forfeit them to loans.

Higher Payroll Taxes An Unwelcome Surprise for Many Workers

While the "fiscal cliff" compromise spared most Americans an increase in their income taxes, Congress allowed a temporary cut in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare to expire.

AARP CEO Warns Retirement Security in Doubt for Middle Class

CEO A. Barry Rand calls on policymakers to strengthen Medicare, Social Security.

Expect Delays on Tax Refunds

For some taxpayers, necessary tax forms won't even be available until February or even March, pushing refunds months further out.

Social Security Tax Impacts Paychecks Across America

As part of the 'fiscal cliff' negotiations, lawmakers opted not to extend the Social Security payroll tax holiday.... So, a family that earns $50,000 annually will lose about $1,000 a year to increased taxes.

US Tax Deal a Sigh of Relief for Some, as Take-home Pay Declines for Most

Even though Congress's last-minute deal means higher taxes for almost all Americans, businesses and consumers are relieved that some of the uncertainty about what they will owe the government this year is gone.

Growth in Developed Markets Impacts Emerging Economies

"Commodities are going out of favour...while consumer defensives have done well in most markets because in the recent risky environment, investors preferred them."

Census Reports More Multigeneration Homes

Multigenerational households are more likely to be in areas where immigrants live with relatives and in places where housing costs are so high that families are doubling up, according to the state-by-state Census brief out today.

Mutual of America Highlights 'Save for Retirement Week'

Mutual of America is expanding its current "Save More for Your Retirement" customer education campaign.

America's Got Dr. Rebeccah R. Rodriguez

Former professional dancer-turned-physician discusses importance of preventing injuries.

Onetime Fugitive in Europe Faces 10 Years for Fraud

Mark Weinberger made worldwide headlines when he disappeared from his 80-foot yacht off the coast of Greece in 2004 and left behind his wife, a federal investigation, $6 million in debt.

Top Ten Places To Live...on $100 A Day!

Each year, AARP The Magazine scours the country to find the best places to live for Americans 50+. With many readers still navigating tough economic times, this year the magazine's editors looked for cities that offer not just affordable housing and a low cost of living, but reasonably-priced luxuries: Museums, cultural offerings, hiking and biking trails, and other amenities that enrich life as you age. All for $100 a day, or an annual income of $36,500.

Single, Female, Retired, Broke: The Ms. Generation Finds Itself Staring at a Glass Ceiling That Hasn't Shattered

Female baby boomers shattered glass ceilings and enrolled in colleges that shut out their mothers, an unprecedented freedom of choice that got many single female baby boomers to a dead end, wondering how they'll afford to live decades longer.

Patty Duke Advises Boomers To Apply for Social Security Benefits Online

Actress Patty Duke and other cast members from her iconic '60s television show have reunited to urge seniors to apply for Social Security benefits online.

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