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Small Investors Fight Urge to Sell as Stocks Plunge

January's global stock sell-off has left many small investors more puzzled than panicked, and unsure how to act.

Does 'MyRA' Retirement Account Measure Up?

The new "myRA" retirement savings accounts President Obama announced in his State of the Union speech are aimed at averting a retirement savings crisis for millions of Americans who have no way at work to save for retirement.

Why Retirement Increasingly Eludes U.S. Workers

Analysis suggests that many Americans are falling short of what they will need for a secure retirement. A growing body of research offers explanations as to why that is and what to do about it.

Social Security Adjustment Limited to 1.5 Percent

Social Security benefits will rise just 1.5 percent in January, giving millions of retired and disabled workers an average cost-of-living adjustment of $19 a month.

Retirement Delayed: Older Workers Say They Can't Quit

Older workers say they expect to keep working well into their retirement years, according to a new survey.

Americans Come Up Short on Retirement Savings: Report

The average working household in the U.S. has virtually no retirement savings, a new report concludes.

Retirement in Texas: Tips to Improve Your Financial Footing

Although Texans believe they've accrued more wealth than their parents did when they were their age, many aren't confident they'll have enough money for retirement and plan to work until they are no longer able, according to a survey.

CalPERS Invests in a Pair of Big Real Estate Deals

CalPERS is spending heavily on real estate again, but the latest buys reflect newfound caution on the part of the public employees retirement plan.

Falcone Faces 2-year Ban From SEC, $18 Million Fine

Philip Falcone, the billionaire hedge fund manager, has reached an agreement in principle with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle civil fraud charges that he used fund money to pay his taxes and favored some clients over others.

Taxes Done for Free at El Paso Senior Centers

The AARP Foundation will offer free tax preparation for individuals of any age with low to moderate income.

Social Security's Paperless Switch Rubs Seniors the Wrong Way

Many Social Security recipients "are unbanked, while others are simply uncomfortable in the digital world," John Runyan, president of the group, said in an email to The Bee.

Health Economist Talks About Fixing Medicare

Health economist Tim McBride thinks Social Security can be fixed with minor tweaks -- perhaps less generous inflation increases, or lifting the $113,700 limit on wages subject to the payroll tax.

March 1: Date Social Security Payments Go Digital

Some 5 million Americans who still get a Social Security, disability or other federal benefit check in their mailbox must switch to electronic payments.

Study: 25 Percent of Americans Will Tap Retirement Savings Early

Research finds that one out of four participants in 401(k) retirement programs will either cash-out their savings before retirement - incurring substantial penalties and taxes - or forfeit them to loans.

Higher Payroll Taxes An Unwelcome Surprise for Many Workers

While the "fiscal cliff" compromise spared most Americans an increase in their income taxes, Congress allowed a temporary cut in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare to expire.

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