General Finance

Early Retirement: A Primer on What Is Needed

Whether it's health issues or losing your job, many Americans should plan on an earlier retirement than originally expected.

Should Millennials Really Start Investing Right Now?

The future generation of America is reluctant to get involved in one of the greatest traditions of the American economy. The golden and all-revered stock market that Generation Xers and Baby Boomers swore by has failed to engender the same enthusiasm from the millennial generation.

Fiscal Drag: The Cohen Column

Where are those who said the fiscal imbalance was pushing the U.S. economy to become like the Greek economy?

Federal Reserve: The World's Lender of Last Resort

The transcripts of the Federal Reserve meetings held in 2008 show the decisions adopted to prevent the world from plunging into another Great Depression.

Tax Workshops for Hispanics Announced

The League of United Latin American Citizens will launch a program with the Jackson Hewitt tax firm to educate Hispanic families on important tax topics, LULAC announced Tuesday.

Obama's myRA Plan Seeks to Enhance Retirement Savings

Few topics lit up Twitter during the State of the Union address like myRA -- President Obama's proposal for a beginner's retirement savings program aimed at getting more workers to start socking away for their golden years.

Coinye, Johnny Cashback, 50 Cent Cents: Which Celebrities Should Have Their Own Cryptocurrencies?

Aside from Kanye West's run-in with Coinye, there are other artists who seem much more willing to embrace bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies, raising the prospect of more experiments in radical alternative currencies inspired or created by musicians.

Emerging Market Funds: When to Leave the Party

Emerging markets funds had a lousy 2013, but they started to heat up in the last quarter and they're reasonably cheap. The trick is to get out before the party's over.

Gold on Track for First Annual Loss Since 2000

Gold prices fell again Monday, keeping the metal on track for its first annual loss since 2000.

8 Tax Breaks That Expire at End of Year

A number of income tax provisions are slated to expire at the end of this year. It's possible Congress could extend them over the next few months -- but you never know.

Fed Debates Dismantling of Stimulus Measures

As the U.S. economy gets stronger, with vigorous job creation in October and higher third-quarter growth, the debate within the central bank intensifies on when to start dismantling existing stimulus measures.

FOMC Minutes Indicate Fed Could Slow Bond Buys

Members of the Federal Reserve agreed last month that they would likely reduce bond purchases in coming months if the job market improved further, though the minutes released Wednesday don't indicate when the reduction might begin.

Text of FOMC Minutes

The Federal Open Market Committee has released the minutes from its meeting of Oct. 29-30, 2013.

Why Bitcoin Eludes Investment Banks for Now

Bitcoin continues to increase in value exponentially but investment banks remain leery of its volatility.

Are Central Banks Forced to Overreach Themselves?

Central banks were among the first to warn that their ability to compensate for others' inaction is neither endless nor risk-free, yet they have assumed a dominant policy-making position in the years since the economic meltdown.

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