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This year's Federal Resource Guide emphasizes technology as the main access to government in three functional areas: recruitment, procurement, and advocacy. As new threats and opportunities alter the programs and processes of national government, technology will play a greater role in the flow of information and money among bureaucrats, suppliers, job candidates, and advocates.

The associate administrator of the Office of Small Business Utilization at the U.S. General Services Administration discusses what his agency can offer to small businesses run by U.S. military veterans injured while in the service.
As the group's thirteenth member, Rep. Beauprez joins the CHC in its efforts to inform and educate fellow legislators on topics and issues affecting over 40 million Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese descent.
U.S. President George W. Bush was travelling Thursday to promote larger tax cuts, after the U.S. Senate narrowly halved his original proposal.
With elections nearing, White House political guru Karl Rove is busily plotting his boss' reelection as well as keeping the Republican hold on Congress.
Countering charges that retired U.S. Rep. Esteban Torres was treated like "a migrant worker," Gov. Gray Davis reversed himself and reappointed Torres to the state Transportation Commission, a spokesman said Thursday.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) yesterday expressed its full support of Bush judicial nominee Judge Edward Prado for the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
In a victory for Spanish-speaking voters in the City of Reading, Pa., a federal judge ordered election officials to begin printing all election materials in both English and Spanish for any precinct where registered Hispanic voters constitute more than 5 percent of those on the rolls.
Cicero, Ill., will be one of the first midwestern U.S. municipalities to elect a Hispanic as its chief executive.
Supporters of appeals court judicial nominee Miguel Estrada plan to run ads in several states represented by wavering Democrats in an effort to break a filibuster by Senate Democrats.
The four Republican members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said Tuesday they oppose the University of Michigan's affirmative-action admissions policies.
The White House yesterday emphatically rejected a demand by Senate Democrats for internal Justice Department memoranda written by judicial nominee Miguel Estrada.
The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today called upon the U.S. Senate to confirm Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
In response to the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the U.S. Court of Appeals, the president and general counsel for MALDEF speaks out.
The Bush administration is spending $800,000 on an ad campaign to urge eligible Hispanic immigrants to sign up for a soon-to-expire legalization program.
Analysts say the anti-Gonzales chatter symbolizes the increasingly aggressive nature of the political maneuvering behind Supreme Court nominations.
In revealing the position it will take today in a big affirmative action case, the Bush administration specifically assailed the University of Michigan's programs but refrained from attacking the legal pillar that allows universities to consider race in admissions.
In a reward for one of Gov. Pataki's political allies, President Bush is considering a federal judgeship for the Latina who ran unsuccessfully for state attorney general on Pataki's ticket last fall.
'Tis a gift to be simple. And by that standard, President Bush's plan for stock dividends looks like the proverbial lump of coal in the Christmas stocking.
Petra Jimenez Maes on Wednesday was named the first Hispanic woman to become chief justice of a state's highest court.
President George W. Bush's proposal to scrap taxes on dividends is a potential boon to Wall Street, but could also reshape the investment landscape, possibly hurting the bond market and other vehicles, analysts say.
House Democrats yesterday unveiled a $136 billion, 10-year economic stimulus package that would extend unemployment benefits for more than six months and provide every taxpayer with a $300 tax credit.
Coming changes at the Supreme Court won't necessarily mean a more conservative court. Bush will have other factors to consider.
President Bush plans to unveil an economic-stimulus package Tuesday that is expected to rely chiefly on tax cuts but also include an extension of unemployment benefits. The proposal is expected to set the stage for a heated political debate over how best to boost the sluggish U.S. economy.
President Bush will move quickly next year to advance an agenda friendly to business, but changes in Social Security won't be an early priority.
In today's litigious society, liability may be more inevitable to small manufacturers than death and taxes.
House Democratic Leader-Elect Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today about the decision by Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi to resign as Senate Majority Leader.
Four seats on this Committee currently are vacant. The Census Bureau will consider nominations received in response to this Request for Nominations, as well as from other sources.
GOP Senate Leader hails colleague's run as a segregationist.
Two ambitious Cuban-American legislators have been invited into the inner sanctum of the Florida House, assuming leading roles as the Republican Party looks to tighten its hold on the state's Hispanic voters.
President Bush moved on two fronts yesterday to demonstrate his concern about the flagging economy ...
President Bush Wednesday named Dr. Henry Kissinger to head a new national commission set up to investigate the events of Sept. 11 and the years that led up to it.
"The creation of the new Department of Homeland Security is a major victory for immigration reform in that it finally puts immigration enforcement under the purview of an agency with a national security mandate," concluded Dan Stein, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).
Raul Yzaguirre, President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national constituency-based Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, issued the following statement regarding the legislation to move the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...
Tucked into a section of the bill creating the new Department of Homeland Security is a section about "cyber-security enhancements" that extend the government's wiretapping powers.
The Sanchez sisters elected to Congress in the recent elections are spearheading a record success for Hispanic politicians in the United States.
Republicans won midterm elections by carrying majorities of men and whites, marginally increasing their support among Hispanics, according to a survey released Wednesday.
Republicans defied history Tuesday by capturing majorities in both the House and Senate, giving the party control of the White House and the Congress for only the second time in half a century.
Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey L. Pitt resigned yesterday after just 15 months on the job, under pressure from the White House.
A member of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, Senator Wellstone had been a champion of the Small Business Administration's loan programs and will be missed dearly by the underrepresented people and issues that he championed.
Spanish-language campaign broadcast television advertising continues to break records in 2002.
Hispanics will make political gains in upcoming elections nationwide, but not as much as some Latino leaders had hoped. While few Hispanics are running for the U.S. Senate or statewide races this year, a slew of them are running for re-election or election to the U.S. House of Representatives.
President Bush yesterday touted plans to help millions of blacks and Hispanics buy their own homes as a way to help kick-start the struggling economy, while top Democrats blamed Bush for today's economic pain.
A White House intern "mistakenly" forwarded to dozens of Hispanic leaders an e-mail that described the Senate's senior Democrat as "doddering old Bob Byrd, the senile senator from West Virginia," an administration spokeswoman has told The Denver Post.
Spanish-language campaign television advertising in gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races in key electoral states across the nation is on the rise in 2002, according to a new report.
Bush administration judicial nominee Miguel Estrada, seen during testimony in Washington September 26, 2002, sought to assure a Democratic-led U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that if confirmed as a federal judge he would rule in accordance with the law -- regardless if it reflects his conservative views. Photo by William Philpott/Reuters.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, composed entirely of House Democrats, plans to announce today that it opposes the nomination of Miguel Estrada to a federal appeals court, deepening an already wide partisan chasm over the nomination.
National leaders are convening for a Chicago conference this week to attract a new generation of Hispanic leadership and encourage voter registration.
The Board of Directors of The Latino Coalition (TLC) today condemned the Congressional Hispanic Caucus' decision to oppose the nomination of Miguel Estrada to serve in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.
Fledgling hopes for a Hispanic-black political alliance that would help Democratic candidates in Texas in November appear to be flagging due to scant interest from the Latino side.
One of only two Hispanics who reached the runoffs, Sam Zamarripa, a Democratic senatorial candidate for Georgia's District 36, on Tuesday became the first Hispanic senator in the state's history. He hopes to bridge gaps between the Hispanic and black communities in his district.
A new Spanish language version of Congress Merge, which enables people to identify who represents them in Congress, will give non-English speaking citizens opportunities to communicate with their federal government.
Colorado inaugurates "American Dream Commitment" to aid nearly 200,000 minority families in purchasing their first homes.
Politicians seeking the Hispanic vote in the November legislative elections must help that community find solutions to pressing immigration, education and health problems, a report released Tuesday said.
The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda on Wednesday released its congressional scorecard, giving Democrats high marks for their support on issues that affect Hispanics. House Republicans received a dismal 8.4 percent approval rating versus 83 percent for Democrats, the scorecard showed.
Democratic officials will unveil a comprehensive get-out-the-vote plan targeting Hispanic voters on Thursday.
WASHINGTON -- The White House has submitted Mexican-American Roel Campos's nomination for a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) post to the Senate.
Organizers rate Energy Department's Small Business Conference "major success."
The federal government is not achieving its goal of increasing racial diversity - particularly the number of Hispanics - within its ranks, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) said in a report released during its national convention.
A Library of Congress project includes first-hand accounts of Hispanic soldiers who fought in U.S. wars.
The U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) annual Expo and conference opened in San Diego Tuesday.
How the federal government handles an emergency and how small businesses need to prepare for one.

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