Event: ECUADORIAN Festival & Parade
Organization: Comite Civico Ecuatoriano Los Angeles
Description: Since 1999 the Ecuadorian community in Los Angeles has been celebrating their Independence Day and this year they will celebrate their Fiestas Patrias (1809-2013) with activities (July 20th - August 11th). La Placita Olvera is located right across the street from Union Station and one block from Chinatown. Itís the host of many beautiful traditions held by our Latin Community. Olvera Street is the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles in 1781. El Pueblo Historic Monument is a traditional Mexican style plaza area with shop for handcrafted Mexican souvenirs. On weekends you can enjoy outdoor entertainment by strolling bolero musicians and folkloric dancing. The 15th Annual Parade starts at 11:00am on Broadway & 7th St. going north on Broadway until Temple St. then Main St. ending at La Placita Olvera. The parade will have Car clubs, Dance Groups, Drill Teams, convertibles, Motorcycles, 24 Beauty Queens and various Businesses. At the Festival in La Placita Olvera (free entrance) more than 10,000 Ecuadorians, 2,500 Latinos from other countries and 2,500 people from other nationalities will enjoy a full menu of Ecuadorian Cuisine, Ecuadorian Arts & Crafts, Ecuadorian Musical groups, Ecuadorian Folklore customs, Commercial Products, lots of free gifts, Carnival Games, free health screenings and a variety of products, services and information provided by all type of exhibitors.
Telephone: 213-361-6008
E-mail: njmedina@pacbell.net
Date/Time: 8/11/2013 Noon - 8/11/2013 6pm
Cost: $0.01
Location: Placita Olvera: Main St. & Cesar Chavez Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012