Small Business and Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Boot Camp Turns Ideas Into Money

The Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur Boot Camp has graduated hundreds of people since 1990 and garnered the Empire State Development's Award of Excellence three times.

Frederick County Business Expo Expected to Draw 1,500

The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce expects 1,500 people to attend the annual free Business Expo from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 24 at Westview Corporate Center.

7 Pitfalls That Can Cripple a Family Business

A business begins with a founder who has a vision and an opportunity, but with growth comes the need for skilled help to keep the business growing.

Small Biz Needs Big Tax Reform, Too

Small businesses are important to our economy and to our economic recovery, so why should they be forgotten in tax-reform plans? President Obama's proposal on July 30 for a corporate tax cut completely ignores small businesses.

Memphis Scions Encourage Entrepreneurs

Scions of three prominent Memphis families associated with entrepreneurship encouraged local business leaders to support local innovators to spur economic development.

Does Your Employee Handbook Measure Up?

An employee handbook not only lets you tell your workers about company policies and benefits, but can also keep you out of trouble.

Webinar in Social Media Investor Relations

An investor relations firm and an international law firm are working together to help investor relations officers better understand the SEC's April report regarding social media.

5 Things Football Can Teach About Business

If you want to know the similarities between Friday night lights and running a business, talk to Chuck Tabor.

Ask the Mompreneur: How Gen Y, Millennials Differ

Ty Richardson began his career as an expert on generational differences when he wrote his dissertation on the differences between Generation X and Generation Y's perceptions of the customer service experience.

Latina Style Symposium Set for Sept. 5

Latina Style Inc. announced its 10th annual Latina Symposium for Sept. 5.

Touring D.C. by Electric Bike

In a nod to the heat of summer in Washington, a local e-bike firm has begun offering electric-bike tours of the National Mall and memorials.

Beekeepers Find New Revenue Amid Hive Collapse Disorder

Billions of bees are needed to pollinate California's $3.9 billion almond crop, and D&J Apiary earns a big payoff trucking its hives each February to the San Joaquin Valley.

Prominent Hispanic Families Join U.S. Century Investors

Two of South Florida's most prominent Hispanic families are joining local investors trying to recapitalize U.S. Century Bank: the Navarros, founders of the pharmacy chain, and the Mas brothers of MasTec.

Olga Ramudo, Travel Agency Co-owner, Talks Policy, New Markets

Olga M. Ramudo found her career by going on vacation. She was a stay-at-home mom in the mid-1980s when she and her sister organized a ski trip with a group of about 30 friends. The next year, the crowd grew to 110.

Malik Buys Back Medfusion From Intuit

Steve Malik, the entrepreneur who sold his medical software company Medfusion to Intuit three years ago, has reacquired the business for an undisclosed sum.

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Worker Confidence Dips as New Month Begins

The Randstad Employee Confidence Index decreased 3.3 points in January to 52.1, indicating U.S. workers may be feeling uncertain about the job market and economy amid ongoing budget negotiations, which have led to higher payroll taxes for many Americans.

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