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SBA Kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month

Maria Contreras-Sweet promises greater capital for underserved communities.

When to Say No to Investors, Yes to Mentors

When an investor offers to put money into a fledgling venture, it can be hard for a businessperson to say no -- even if, in the long term, that's the best decision.

Bently Creates Alabama Small Business Commission

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley followed up on a campaign promise he made four years ago and created a commission Monday to recommend ways the state can help small businesses get started and expand.

Entrepreneur Has Women's Safety in Mind

The world will be a safer place for women if Yasmine Mustafa's business goal for Roar for Good LLC is met.

Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

More and more, successful entrepreneurs are sharing their stories in South Florida, as part of a regional effort to inspire innovation and nurture an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs Provide Pulse Check on Economy

Nearly 3,000 entrepreneurs chime in on the state of the global business landscape.

Breaking Down Walls for Female Tech Entrepreneurs

The takeaway from difficult situations with hostile male clients is the importance of establishing authority from the get-go.

How to Save a Small Business From Cyberattack

At a recent hacker lab event, white-hat hackers revealed how cybercriminals work, and showed what small businesses can do to protect themselves.

Jacksonville Among Best Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Jacksonville is one of the hottest hubs in the country for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Duquesne Lands Funds for Hispanic Startups

Duquesne University's Fast Track to Inclusiveness program was one of 50 winners nationwide for funding small-business ventures for Hispanics and disadvantaged startup owners.

Couple Wins Grant for Mexican Fusion Eatery

A pair of restaurant entrepreneurs plans to bring some southwestern flavor to New York City with the help of the public library.

California Awarding $2 Million to Entrepreneurs

GO-Biz is awarding $2 million in matching grants to 34 Small Business Development Centers across California to assist small-business owners and entrepreneurs in obtaining loans and capital.

Success Can Be Tough for Honest Firms

During the Great Recession, government work was the only option for construction companies that found themselves at a disadvantage: There are a lot of cheaters out there.

Thiel Fellowships Get Young Entrepreneurs Going

Students of the Thiel Foundation awards receive a grant of $100,000 to chase their entrepreneurial endeavors in Silicon Valley.

Startups Offer Smartphone Banking Apps

Startups are offering banking that's designed specifically for smartphones, enabling users to track their spending on the go.

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Worker Confidence Dips as New Month Begins

The Randstad Employee Confidence Index decreased 3.3 points in January to 52.1, indicating U.S. workers may be feeling uncertain about the job market and economy amid ongoing budget negotiations, which have led to higher payroll taxes for many Americans.

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