LEGO Bots: Next Evolution for Tots?

Learning to construct Lego robots and program them reinforces a love for science and math, said Dave Ferro, dean of the College of Applied Science & Technology at Weber State.

Gov. McDonnell Supports 'Teach for America'

McDonnell seeks to put Teach for America, a nonprofit that sends top college grads into tough-to-fill teaching spots in low-income schools across the country, in place in Virginia schools by the 2013-14 school year, according to the news release.

Gerda Lerner, Women's Historian, Dies at 92

A pioneer in the history of women, Gerda Lerner, died on Jan. 2. She was 92.

Charter, Voucher, Online Schools Campaigning in Florida

A deeply ideological battle over education is expected to unfold at Florida's Capitol in coming months, with vast amounts of taxpayer dollars at stake.

Pearson Education Investing in Nook

Nook Media, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. today announced that Pearson has agreed to make a strategic investment in Nook Media, LLC.

Calif. School Funding System Pushed by Gov. Brown

After California schools eliminated art programs and increased class sizes to survive budget cuts, they are finally on the verge of getting more money thanks to voter-approved taxes and economic recovery.

Student Homelessness Rises

A 10-year-old boy recently walked past rows of boarded-up houses, dilapidated storefronts and abandoned lots on his way home from Nathaniel Pope Elementary School on Chicago's West Side. He took a detour to make sure the students walking behind him didn't see that he lived in a homeless shelter a half-mile away.

Business Group Advocates for Public Education

A new group of Kansas City area business leaders is lobbying in Jefferson City and Topeka to get early childhood education programs in Missouri and Kansas restored or fully funded.

Hispanic Elementary Students Succeed in NM

All it took, administrators said, was an emphasis on college readiness, assessment and the belief that failure isn't an option.

Arizonans Can Divert More Taxes to Students

Arizonans have the opportunity to divert more of what they owe in income taxes this year to students who attend private schools.

Florida High School Grades Improving

More high schools in Florida earned the coveted A grade, according to preliminary grades released by the Florida Department of Education Friday.

More Seniors Trapped in Children's Student Debt

The early-morning calls from debt collectors continued even after her massive stroke, waking Bella Logan to daily reminders that she owed $75,000 in student loans. Logan is 94.

School Districts Grapple with Need for Armed Guards

In the wake of Friday's school shooting in Newtown, Conn., a Pennsylvania school district board plans to meet early next week to expedite the process of approving armed police officers to protect students.

Nissan Announces Winners of Social Media Innovation Campaign

Nissan announced that Andrew Saldana of Downey, Calif., Ryan Helsel of Durham, N.C., and Kyle Vath of Cincinnati are the winners of the "Nissan Innovation Garage" campaign.

Top Officials Depart US Education Department

Russlynn Ali, the hard-charging head of the U.S. Department of Education's office for civil rights, is stepping down from the post. Her last day was Nov. 30.

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