New Flagpole Is Latest Step in UTEP Makeover

As part of the campus' ongoing facelift, UTEP officials decided to relocate the flagpole from Memorial Triangle to the corner of the Psychology Building at Hawthorne Street and Kerbey Avenue.

K-5 Teacher Overload: Too Many Trained, Too Few Jobs

The nation is training twice as many elementary school teachers as needed each year, while teacher shortages remain in math, science and special education.

Universal Pre-K a Solution?

One of the biggest surprises of the State of the Union Address was President Obama's proposal for making preschool available to all American children.

Federal Funding Cuts Would Touch Broad Spectrum in N.M.

NMSU could see a cut of as much as $13 million; LCPS could see a step back in federal funding of about $2 million; the city of Las Cruces could potentially lose $1 million or more.

Could Funding Be Performance Based?

The outcomes-based system that President Barack Obama has touted would award colleges in Texas more funding that hinges on several factors that translate to a high-performing college.

More Minorities in Class? Less in Teacher's Paycheck

Across the country the pattern recurs: Teachers working with high-minority populations take a hit in the paycheck. U.S. Department of Education data from 2010 shows elementary school teachers who worked in schools with the highest African-American and Hispanic enrollment earned an average $2,251 less per year than teachers in the same district with the fewest minority students.

Lawsuit Against Office Depot Moves Forward

The Stockton (Calif.) Unified School District took another small step this week in its ongoing effort to collect damages from Office Depot Inc., which is being sued by numerous school districts and government entities in California for allegedly overcharging for a variety of products.

Education Dept. to Investigate Discrimination Complaints

A Texas school district is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights after complaints of discrimination against Hispanic and African-American students and employees.

Students' Ad Creations for Nonprofits Are an Overnight Success

The numbers: 16 nonprofits, 130 students, 25 hours. The goal: Students from the University of Miami School of Communication creating new advertising campaigns overnight for South Florida nonprofits at the fourth annual PhilADthropy marathon last Friday and Saturday. The results: Thrilling.

NM Bill Would Bar Private Firms From Operating Public Schools

Private organizations and corporations running virtual charter schools in New Mexico are preparing a Trojan horse-type assault on the state to divert public education funds, according to a group of lawmakers, private citizens and faith-based leaders who are trying to stop them.

Texas Cities Fare Poorly in Measure of Literacy

Here's one ranking Gov. Rick Perry probably won't tout as he tries to poach businesses from California: Texas cities continue to lag in an annual study of literacy rates.

Surge in Education Immersion Programs Spreads

Demand to prepare students for a global job market and competition to attract students have doubled the number of immersion programs since 2006.

Hispanic Student Population Rising

The largest percentage of Hispanic enrollment -- 33.8 percent -- is at the elementary level, where two Florida schools: Avon and Lake Country, have more Hispanic than white students.

Certification Can Boost Job Hopes

It doesn't take a math major to see that something isn't adding up when it comes to conventional four-year bachelor's degrees.

Social Media Campaign Raises $12,000 to Help Deaf Student

Days before the spring semester started, Adela Garcia lost the grant that was supposed to pay for her English classes. She told the Free Press through an interpreter that she was disappointed, but determined to stay positive.

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