Hershey Co.'s new logo (Business Wire)

Hershey Unwraps New Logo

The Hershey Co. is rolling out a new corporate logo that features a stylized version of one of its most famous chocolate products.

Career News
Be careful about giving up personal information when applying for work (file photo)

Identity Thieves Prey on Job Seekers

Among the lowest forms of life on the planet are scam artists who prey on job hunters who are asked -- sometimes by legitimate employers -- for their Social Security numbers. ...continue

2014 Best Schools

Overview: 2014 Best Schools for Hispanics

The 40 schools that appear in the 2014 HispanicBusiness Best Schools lists represent the cream of the crop when it comes to institutions of higher learning that reach out to Hispanic postgraduate students.

Burned-out car in eastern Ukraine (AP)

Ruble Dives to All-time Low on Ukraine Incursion

Russian markets reacted nervously to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine with the Russian ruble diving to the all-time low of 37.1 rubles against the U.S. dollar in early morning trading.

Nintendo is launching 'amiibo' with 12 characters (AP)

Nintendo Launching 'Amiibo' Toy-game Franchise

Nintendo announced Friday that 12 characters, including Pikachu and Mario, will initially be part of its upcoming toy-game franchise set for release later this year.

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Green Economy & Conservation
Juvenile silver carp (Creative Commons)

Great Lakes Invaded by Bait Fish

Inadequate regulation of the bait fish trade and carelessness on the part of anglers may be allowing invasive species to reach the Great Lakes and inland waterways. Facebook Linkedin Twitter RSS Feed Email Alerts & Newsletters