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June 27, 2012

We value the warm relationships we’ve developed over the years with the stars of Hispanic enterprise. Brightstar’s Marcelo Claure, for instance, says the annual ranking “is always of most interest to us at Brightstar,” while J. Mario Molina, president and CEO of Molina Healthcare—which recently made the Fortune 500—says that being included in the list “has been an honor.” Thank you, gentlemen.

HispanicBusiness has been an invaluable resource and companion over the years. I’m a regular reader of the articles on technology, in particular, which do a great job of providing news and taking the pulse of the industry. Its annual ranking of Hispanic (enterprises) is also always of most interest to us at Brightstar. (HispanicBusiness) keeps me connected to the vibrant community I’m so proud to be a part of.
— R. Marcelo Claure, chairman, president and CEO, Brightstar Corp.
Being included in HispanicBusiness’ list of largest Hispanic-owned (enterprises) in the nation has been an honor. At Molina Healthcare, we take pride in our Hispanic roots. It not only reflects who we are as a company, but also who many of our members are. It is a differentiation that has set us apart from others in our industry and allowed us to relate to the Hispanic population, to whom we continue to provide high-quality health-care services as we have done the past 32 years.
— J. Mario Molina, M.D., president and CEO, Molina Healthcare Inc.
Thirty years ago, one man had a vision—a vision to advocate for a business community for which there had been scant previous support. Today, all Hispanic (enterprises) stand on Jesus Chavarria’s shoulders and recognize that much of our success would not be possible without the critical awareness he created. Thank you, Jesus, for your 30 years of selfless dedication to promoting Hispanic-owned businesses. It has been one of the highlights of entrepreneurship to see our firm’s name listed among so many prominent and trailblazing American business leaders.
— Nina Vaca, CEO, Pinnacle Technical Resources Inc.
It has been an honor for Mike Shaw Automotive to be on the HispanicBusiness 500 list and to have been able to be kept informed about subjects that are pertinent and specifically applicable to my business. HispanicBusiness gives me information I need in a very precise format with reliable facts and sharply focused analyses. The choice of what articles you present are right on target for being important to me in making management decisions.
— Michael J. Shaw, CEO and president, Mike Shaw Automotive
HispanicBusiness provides vital visibility for Hispanic (enterprises) and insight into how they impact their industries and local communities. HBE firms are changing perceptions while underscoring that Hispanic (enterprise) means big business—strengthening the U.S. economy and delivering global solutions.
— David Segura, CEO, VisionIT
The Plaza Group is very honored to receive repeated nominations for the HispanicBusiness 500 throughout the years. This list represents the dedication and passion of the country’s most successful Hispanic-owned businesses. Being a part of this list has enhanced The Plaza Group’s credibility and raised awareness for our core business values—both in our own industry and within the Hispanic (enterprise) community. We are proud to be included among this group of leaders, who continue to raise the bar for Hispanic entrepreneurs. Thank you, HispanicBusiness, for providing support and raising visibility for these HispanicBusiness 500 leaders.
— Randy Velarde, president, The Plaza Group
HispanicBusiness ... is my lifeline to understanding this important niche of our community. Just about every time I have been able to contribute has been thanks to something brought to my attention by HispanicBusiness!
— Maj. Alex Galicia, California Army National Guard, president and CEO, AGBW Corp. dba BPI Plumbing
I was introduced to HispanicBusiness ... in the early ’90s when my father, an avid reader of the magazine, would share articles about successful Hispanics. At the time I had no idea that I’d have a company of my own or that it would be listed, but it planted some great seeds of how I could dream of bigger things to accomplish. I pushed hard and ended up being the first of the Arellaneses to graduate from college, and eventually created ITSource, which was then featured. Throughout that timeline, I have stayed in touch with how other Latinos have succeeded, learning from them and their experiences as discussed in HispanicBusiness, so that I could be more successful. Based on being listed in HispanicBusiness, I was recently featured in Hispanic Executive magazine, which all translates to good marketing for my firm, ITSource Technology. Thank you for all the years of motivation and great journalism for our community!
— Brian Arellanes, CEO, ITSource Technology
The business community is fortunate to have the HispanicBusiness 500 to turn to for the most relevant and valuable information regarding the Hispanic market for the past 30 years. It provides companies like ours the insight and focus needed to help us achieve goals, expand business and make a difference in the community.
— Jose S. Suquet, chairman of the board, president and CEO, Pan-American Life Insurance Group
It is my experience that over the last 30 years, HispanicBusiness has been at the forefront in promoting diversity and the interdependence of business and Hispanic communities. The publication has continued to highlight and emphasize the dynamic progress and the continuing success of this unique relationship.
— Samuel A. Ramirez, president and CEO, Samuel A. Ramirez & Co. Inc.

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