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June 28, 2013

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Much as with the rest of the economy, from large corporations to the country's wealthiest families, most of the growth among the HispanicBusiness 500 in 2012 was at the top. Five companies joined The 500's billion-dollar club this time around, and the top 100 companies earned a record 84.7 percent of the index's overall revenue.

Every top 10 company by sector was up this year, though the sectors overall saw some losses, notably in retail and service. The latter sector took hits across the board in performance, revenue, productivity and employment.

Wholesale stood out in the composition and performance ranking, earning $9.3 billion, for 23.2 percent of The 500's revenue for the year.

Energy shone as the top average earner by company, at $220.7 million. It was followed closely by wholesale at $207.3 million per company, helped in great measure by Brightstar's earnings of $6.3 billion.

The energy sector powered ahead of the others for productivity as well. Its employees brought in an average of $2.2 million each in 2012, which might give motorists pause for thought the next time they fill their tank.

Overall employment on the index declined 2.9 percent year over year — a heartbreaking setback from 2011's gain of 12.1 percent. The energy, wholesale and automotive sectors saw double-digit employment growth in 2012 — which was offset by sharp losses in service, construction and manufacturing jobs.

Florida continued its reign as the state with the most companies on the index, followed by Texas and California. The other seven states on that top 10 list trailed in the far distance.

Sector Composition & Performance

The wholesale sector’s 45 companies earned nearly a quarter of The 500’s revenues in 2012, followed by the construction sector’s 75 companies, which earned 18.1 percent of The 500's $40.3 billion. The energy sector’s small cadre of 11 companies accounted for 6 percent of the index's revenues.

Average Company Revenue by Sector

Energy companies did well in 2012, earning $220.7 million on average, compared to $150.6 million in the year prior, for a whopping rise of 46.5 percent. Wholesale, automotive and technology also did well.

Productivity by Sector

Energy saw an excellent rise in productivity of 15.7 percent, with energy employees delivering an average of $2.2 million each. Wholesale productivity was down 7.4 percent in the year, but the sector still pulled in $926,000 per employee.

Employment by Sector

Employment by sector took a hit in 2012. Service and construction, The 500’s largest employers, showed significant job losses, though those were mitigated somewhat by gains in wholesale and automotive.

Overall Employment in the HB500

Overall employment on the index declined 2.9 percent year over year, a setback from 2011’s gain of 12.1 percent. That year’s gains came on top of four years in a row of losses, however, beginning with the onset of the Great Recession in 2007.

Top 10 States

Florida, Texas and California had far and away the most companies on The 500. The Sunshine State was home to 111 of the companies on the list, with earnings of $18.7 billion. The Lone Star State and the Golden State combined for earnings of a little more than half as much, at $10.3 billion.

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