Overview: 2012 Best Companies
for Diversity

August 28, 2012

By BROOS CAMPBELL, HispanicBusiness.com

Each year, HispanicBusiness.com ranks the effectiveness of U.S. companies in their willingness and ability to attract Hispanics to the boardroom, on diversity recruitment, on diversity retention and promotion, on marketing and commercial outreach, and on supplier diversity.

While the top 10 contenders tend to jockey for position from one year to the next, each new list delivers a few surprises.

PG&E and AT&T switched positions this time around, for instance, with PG&E moving into the top slot from third place last year, and AT&T moving into third place from first place last year. Both companies, it should be noted, have exemplary diversity records, particularly in marketing, community outreach and supplier diversity.

Southern California Edison, another top player, moved into second place from fourth place last year, getting top marks in four out of five categories and hitting the top 40 percent in diversity retention and promotion. Verizon Communications, which reached second place last year, dropped down to No. 10, reaching the 91st percentile in only two categories.

The 2012 top 10 has only two companies that weren't on it last year: Comcast climbed all the way to No. 9 from No. 37 in 2011, and Sempra Energy moved to No. 5 from No. 16 in 2011.

A few companies that dropped out of the upper echelons didn't drop too far. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., No. 6 in 2011, sank to No. 15, while Bank of America, No. 7 in 2011, just missed the top list at No. 11.


How They Ranked by Sector

Energy and communications companies did well, taking seven of the top 10 spots. Consolidated Edison Inc. replaced its subsidiary Consolidated Edison Co. of New York at No. 12.

Banks and other financial institutions took six of the top 20 spots, with two financial outfits, Comerica Bank and Union Bank, hitting the top 10.

Automakers clustered in the middle of the pack, with General Motors Co. (No. 20), Toyota Motor North America Inc. (No. 24), and Ford Motor Co. (No. 32) all turning in decent performances. Disappointingly, Chrysler Group LLC didn't make this year's list.

Darden Restaurants Inc. (No. 13), Hilton Worldwide (No. 16) and MGM Resorts International (No. 26) scored highest among restaurants and resorts, while PepsiCo. Inc. (No. 18), General Mills (No. 23) and The Coca-Cola Co. (No. 30) scored highest among food and beverage producers.

Aflac Inc. rated highest among insurers, coming in at No. 21. American Express Co. wasn't too far behind, at No. 28.

Say what you may about the U.S. Postal Service -- a sort of duckbilled platypus that's neither government nor entirely private -- no other company can hand-deliver an original document in three days or less for under a buck. The USPS is doing well when it comes to diversity as well, moving into the No. 33 spot from No. 55 last year.

No matter where a company ranks on the list, however, just landing on the list is a sign that a company is fighting the good fight when it comes to diversity.

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