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CNG Vehicle Purchases by 13 States Planned

Okla. Gov. Mary Fallin said Tuesday that she hopes soon to have a process in place that would allow states and local governments to pool orders for compressed natural gas vehicles and, in so doing, create enough demand to spur domestic production of CNG-powered cars and light trucks.

Auto Review: Camry's Hybrid Numbers Stand Up to Competition

Toyota's redesigned Camry sedan arrived for 2012, and along with it - or actually, a few months later - came the also-reworked gasoline-electric hybrid version.

Young Consumers Want Smarter In-car Technology

As consumers grow accustomed to ever-more sophisticated cellphones and computers, they are demanding the same level of performance from similar equipment in their cars and trucks, analysts say.

Ford Looks to Bring Driver-assist to Mass Market

Ford wants to be among the first automakers to put advanced driver-assist technology in affordable vehicles and is testing prototypes that can navigate traffic and park perfectly.

Tesla Banks on Mass-market Sales of Model S

Tesla Motors started selling the Model S last week, an all-electric sedan billed as a mass-market car, but the Silicon Valley automaker will have only one dealership in the Midwest and the car will cost, in most cases, more than twice the price of the Chevrolet Volt.

Chevy Malibu to Get Eco-redesign in Student Contest

Wayne State University students got the keys to a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu this morning that they're going to re-design to make more eco-friendly as part of an international, three-year auto-engineering contest.

Connectivity Concerns May Linger for Ford

J.D. Power and Associates' annual Initial Quality Study results may show that many Ford owners still aren't thrilled with their MyFord Touch connectivity systems, but they also haven't had time to assess significant changes Ford introduced in March.

Ford Unveils Silicon Valley Lab

Ford's new Silicon Valley Lab in Palo Alto, Calif, is now open for business in the heart of the computer and electronics industry, where the automaker hopes to further relationships and research into the future of personal mobility.

Tesla Prepares for Model S Launch

Many in the traditional auto industry doubted that Tesla Motors could build an all-electric sedan from scratch in Silicon Valley. But this week the skeptics will witness the tech industry's most disruptive product launch of the year.

Ford Sets Goal of Cutting Energy Use By 25 Percent

Ford expects to reduce by 25 percent the amount of energy it uses in its manufacturing plants over the next five years.

GM Extends Range of Chevy Volt Battery

General Motors said Thursday that the 2013 Chevy Volt would be able to travel 38 miles on a single charge of electricity, up from 35 in the current version. After the Volt's battery pack is drained of electricity, the car's small gasoline engine kicks in so the driver doesn't have to stop to recharge.

Calif. Can't Get Enough of Chevy Volt as Sales Surge

Just a few weeks after General Motors curbed production of Volts, Chevrolet dealers in California are scrambling to get the extended-range electric cars on their lots as sales surge because of special state incentives for electric vehicles and West Coast gas still above $4 a gallon.

Zipcar to Offer Monthly Plan in Chicago

Zipcar Inc., a leading car-sharing network, today announced the launch of a pilot program for a new monthly membership plan now available in Chicago.

Natural Gas Considered for NM Fleets

The rising price of gasoline combined with natural gas being cheaper than it has been in more than 10 years has businesses from transportation companies to waste management considering natural gas-fueled vehicles.

2012 Ford Fiesta -- a Feast of Colors

When we think of the Ford Fiesta, we think fun, sporty and fuel-efficient.

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