Auto Cutting Edge

Are Electric Motorcycles the New Frontier?

Harley-Davidson's announcement of a prototype could bring electric motorcycles into the main stream.

Google, Detroit Diverge on Road Map for Self-Driving Cars

Google and Detroit's automakers appear to have a mutual distrust when it comes to building self-driving cars.

Stop-Start Engines Save Gas, Reduce Emissions

Automatic stop-start systems in automobiles provide a 5 percent to 7 percent improvement in fuel economy and a similar reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions, according to new research from AAA.

Energica Inflates Ego's Velocity With Battery Power

Hit the throttle on the Energica Ego motorcycle and all you hear is a faint metallic whine and the rush of the wind.

Chrysler to Offer Stop-Start Feature on Two Models

Chrysler will improve fuel economy on the 200 sedan and Jeep Cherokee by offering its stop-start technology.

Harley Takes Electric Motorcycle on the Road

Harley-Davidson is taking its recently unveiled electric motorcycle for a consumer test drive called Project LiveWire.

Ford Unveils New Air Bag on 2015 Mustang

The new air bag in Ford's 2015 Mustang is smaller and lighter, which makes for a roomier interior.

Harley-Davidson Introduces Electric Motorcycle

The times are changing with Harley-Davidson unveiling its first electric motorcycle next week in New York.

Ford to Pay Owners for Lower Mileage

Ford is lowering its fuel economy estimates for six models, including the Fiesta subcompact and hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the Fusion sedan.

Hyundai Debuts Fuel Cell Tucson SUV

Hyundai Motor marked the commercial debut of mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell cars in the U.S. on Tuesday with its limited-edition Tucson.

Perry Slaps California, Woos Tesla

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, self-proclaimed hunter of California jobs, cruised through Sacramento in a Tesla after the Brown administration announced steps to persuade the car's maker to build a massive battery factory here.

Ford, Heinz May Make Car Parts Out of Tomatoes

Ford and Heinz are collaborating on replacing petrochemicals in plastic parts with sustainable materials made of tomato fibers.

U.S. Automakers Get Serious About Lighter Materials

Hybrids and electrics may grab the headlines, but the real frontier in fuel economy is the switch to lighter materials.

Tesla May Get Reprieve in N.J.

The New Jersey Assembly's Consumer Affairs Committee has approved a bill that would allow Tesla Motors to sell its cars at four locations in the Garden State.

Musk to Stay as Tesla CEO for 4-5 Years

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk assured shareholders Tuesday that he'll stay on as CEO for at least four or five years, through volume production of Tesla's mass market car that will sell for about $35,000.

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