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Smart Used Cars: Top 10 Used Crossovers

You're looking for a used car. You need one that's dependable and economical. A sedan's not going to cut it, and the low gas mileage of a heavy truck-based SUV is out of the question. Enter the crossover SUV: A happy compromise of the best of both worlds. Offering car-like handling and better fuel economy than an SUV, plus the utility of an SUV, the only question left is which used crossover to buy. We've crunched the numbers and listed our picks from 10 to 1 to help you reach your own happy conclusion, one of reliability, economy and good gas mileage.

250 Hours a Year Commuting: Making the Most of the Drive to Work

At five days a week, 50 weeks a year, that means I spend 250 hours each year commuting to and from work. For some of you, it is twice that. That is a lot of time that is often wasted. Learn to make the most of it by turning your car into a resource. In 250 hours, for instance, you could learn conversational Spanish or become an expert in just about any subject. Here's how you can get started.

Expert Picks: SUVs Rated from 4.0 to 5.0 Stars

High gasoline prices will never eliminate the fact that many people simply need an SUV or crossover for family hauling duties. A quick review reveals that there are many new SUVs and crossovers to choose from, too many in fact, and many manufacturers offer more than one than one SUV in the segment. With such a mind-boggling array of choices, making the right one can be hard.

Buying a Used Hybrid? Tips For Buying Your Green Machine

Many consumers are considering purchasing a hybrid as their next vehicle. And now that hybrids have been around a few years, buying a used hybrid is a real option. Here are some tips that should help you pick out the real deal and avoid the lemons among previously owned green cars.

Expert Picks: Family Sedans

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "What car would you drive?" It's a natural, of course. Since we drive so many cars, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. To help answer the inevitable, we've assembled our favorite family sedans. Starting with the EPA's market class ratings, we pared it down to 10 vehicles that get at least 4 stars from us. Some are expected, some are surprising . . .

Top 10 Sports Cars by Annual Fuel Cost

So you want to have fun behind the wheel, but you worry sports cars aren't great on gas. Fear not: We've assembled a list of 10 fun cars for 2008 with low annual fuel costs.

Road Rage: What to Do

Road rage. It's hard to understand, yet it happens to everyone. In fact, you may be a victim and not even know it - or a victim and perpetrator, all wrapped up in one big bundle of frazzled nerves. Here's how to battle road rage--tips for staying calm, cool, and in one piece!

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