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Watch Out! Expensive Fender Benders

You are crawling in stop and go traffic when your eye catches an billboard for a brand new iPhone 3GS. urns out the person in front of you already has one, and they are on it right now, playing Sudoku. Traffic stops short, Sudoku Guy plows into the car in front of him, and before you even have a chance to daydream about standing in line at the Apple Store, you've just smacked right into the back of Sodoku Guy. If you have one of these 10 vehicles, you might have to put off your iPhone ambitions until you are finished paying off the thousands of dollars in bumper repairs.

Beat That Speeding Ticket By Avoiding it Altogether -- 10 Tips

Nothing ruins a great drive than flashing red lights in your rearview mirror. We don't condone speeding, and remind readers that sticking to the speed limit saves fuel and lives. But we realize many of you are likely planning to experience the thrill of the go pedal just as soon as that furniture truck gets out of your way, so ... here's a few tips for avoiding America's finest, and quick look at nine incredibly fast supercars that are not helping your case for avoiding a speeding ticket. Note: You didn't read it here.

16 Cars Under $16,000

If you're looking for a new set of wheels despite the recession, you're in for a surprise. New cars can be far more expensive than you recall from your last trip to the showroom. According to figures from Comerica Bank, which compiles an annual study on affordability, the average new car sold in America cost $28,715 last year--hardly affordable for lots of shoppers who need reliable, safe, and inexpensive new cars. Good news: There are dozens of cars below $16,000. Some well-styled cars, with plenty of room and five-star safety ratings too.

2009 Hybrid Buying Guide

In 2001 there were only 2 hybrids available on the market; today there are over 20. While the fuel savings can be significant, are they worth the often premium price? You'll have to factor in how environmentally responsible you want to be, balanced with how much you're willing to pay for that responsibility. To that end we've tried to provide you with a reasonable Price Premium estimate based on the non-hybrid alternative. We've also provided you a look at available tax where applicable. With that, here's what's currently available for 2009-10 in the realm of hybrid automob

10 Reasons 2009 is a Great Time for Car Buyers

Buy a car? Right now? Really? Would you believe us if we told you there has never been a better time to be a car buyer? We're talking full blown, White House-mandated initiatives to help get you in a car. We're talking the most extreme guarantees ever offered by manufacturers. And yeah, there are plenty of cash incentives too if you just want a great deal.

Used Cars: Top 10 Used Family Sedans

When buying a used car for the family, more than any other factor, you want peace of mind. There is nothing worse than the fear of getting stuck with somebody else's problem, especially if it may result in your family being stranded on the side of the road some place. But in addition to trouble free, there is the cost of ownership, especially the cost at the pump. We've compiled a list of the most reliable and economical family sedans to get you on your way with confidence that you made the right choice.

Q&A: Hyundai Assurance Explained

In deference to the current economic situation, also known as the Great Wallet Lightener of 2009, Hyundai has decided that anyone who leases or finances one of their vehicles will have the option to return it and walk away from any financial obligations in the case of a life changing event within the first 12 months of purchase. An explanation follows.

Top 10 Vehicles People Lease

Paying $23,050 for a Honda Accord might not be an option for you right now, but maybe leasing one for $241 a month is. We turned to our friends at to see what were the Top 10 vehicles people have been leasing over the past 6 months. For your benefit, we also asked them what an ideal lease payment would be on each one of these vehicles (and keep in mind the number they gave us is with $0 down; a payment will decrease the more money you put down).

The Misguided Fear of Premium Gas

Avoiding premium gas may cost you in the long run.

Trade-in vs. Private Sale

There are two basic choices when deciding what to do with your old vehicle: sell it privately or trade it in.

The Teen Driving and Buying Guide

Remember your first car? Of course you do. Thinking about getting your newly driving teen their first car? Then heed this sage advice.

Ten Vehicle Safety Features that May Save Your Life

Live to drive another day.

Keep Your Motor Running: Car Care Tips

Avoid costly repair bills by doing the little things on a regular basis.

Car Crash Videos ... Now in Slow Motion!

Car crashes...not fun to experience, but the tests are very fun too watch. They're also a great way to research a specific car's safety.

Premium Gas Prices are Nothing to Fear

It's no news that gasoline prices have doubled in the last two years. Along with the seemingly ever-increasing cost to fill up, we're constantly hearing advice on how to save at the pump. All too often that advice includes a statement such as, "If your car uses premium gas, try switching to regular." Thoughts of using a lower-grade gas usually bring images of huge savings--but in today's world of $4-plus gas, premium gas can actually be a bargain. Using it over regular may actually cost you less.

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