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Hispanic Business magazine readers talk about the magazine´s impact on society and their careers.

Every magazine attracts its own community. In the case of Hispanic Business, readers from different industries and regions come together with the magazine because of a common interest in one ideal: economic success. Playing the roles of statistician, promoter, and critic of the Hispanic market, the publication attracts a motley selection of personalities, political agendas, and fascinating stories that deal with this theme. Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor sums it up by calling Hispanic Business "an advocate and a mentor," as well as "a catalyst in bringing about increased economic opportunities."

The comments from prominent readers on this page cite the magazine's expertise in hard data, but above all they mention its power to provide role models for success. From activists to CEOs, educators to athletes, people join the Hispanic Business community to share a little "I-can-do-it-too" inspiration.

Hispanic Business broadcasts the key message of "Growth, Growth, and Growth" in the Hispanic business community. I find it a very credible resource that I read on a regular basis.

Joe Lopez
Segment Executive of Market Development, IBM Corp.

Through a combination of solid reporting and insightful commentary, Hispanic Business keeps the U.S. Hispanic small business community on the cutting edge.

Aida Alvarez
Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

Hispanic Business has covered every important transition in the Hispanic economy, and has well documented our evolution from promises to performance. Congratulations on 20 stellar years.

Sol Trujillo

As the ranking Democratic member of the Small Business Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, I find Hispanic Business an invaluable resource.

Nydia Velazquez
U.S. Congresswoman, New York

Hispanic Business is a must read. It's unique perspective on the surging Hispanic business community as well as its coverage of those major U.S. corporations seeking to do business with our market is of special interest.

Daniel D. Villanueva
Chairman, Bastion Capital

In every respect, the journal for Hispanic entrepreneurs foretold the economic opportunities and trends. As a member of Congress, I relied on Hispanic Business' forecasting as a viable tool for budget and appropriations decisions.

Esteban E. Torres
Former U.S. Congressman, California

Jesus Chavarria is not only a pioneer in the U.S. Hispanic media industry - he was Hispanic long before being Hispanic was cool. Hispanic Business continues to play a major role in helping to empower our communities politically and economically.

Rudy Beserra
Assistant Vice-President, The Coca-Cola Co.

In many ways, [Hispanic Business] is the collective brochure of all Latino businesses trying to do business with major corporations.

Serafin U. Mariel
CEO, New York National Bank

Hispanic Business is as important to my business life as The Wall Street Journal. Hispanic Business continues to play a major role in the progress of Hispanic companies, and therefore, in the careers of people like me who manage such businesses.

Pam Aguirre
CEO, Mexican Industries in Michigan Inc.

In the very near future, Hispanic economic accomplishments will become the most important and decisive impetus for our community's progress. There is no media vehicle which chronicles Hispanic economic trends and breakthroughs like Hispanic Business.

Henry Cisneros
President, Univision Communications

Hispanic Business provides an invaluable service by reaching the fastest growing segment of California's small business community -- Latino-owned businesses. If you are interested in this dynamic community, this is your magazine.

Lois Capps
U.S. Congresswoman, California

Hispanic Business has performed an invaluable service, and we hope the publishers will continue to do so.

Daisy Exposito
President, The Bravo Group

Few words in the lexicon of business mean as much as growth. Within the pages of Hispanic Business, the growth of our community has been well documented.

Bill Richardson
Secretary of Energy

Hispanic Business has played an indispensable role in the history of Latino industry, not only as an official witness and statistician but also as a primary proponent. The publication is a virtual roadmap for anyone interested in our market.

Raul Alarcon Jr.
CEO, Spanish Broadcasting System Inc.

Jesus and the magazine have been integral to my professional and personal life. It is only within the last 10 to 15 years that corporations have recognized the power of the Hispanic dollar. Without a doubt, Hispanic Business has been instrumental in growing this awareness.

John C. Guerra Jr.
Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, AT&T
National President, HISPA

The U.S. Hispanic economy has been exploding in recent years, and Hispanic Business has prophesized and tracked our emergence. Your efforts will be recorded in history.

George Pla
CEO, Cordoba Corp.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in celebrating its own 20th anniversary, celebrates the success of Hispanic Business.

George Herrera,
CEO, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Do you need an example of a hard-working successful American? Look no further than the pages of Hispanic Business, whose profiles detail dreams, setbacks, capital-raising strategies, and determination, all traits which confront any individual in the business world.

Jesus Rangel
Vice-President of Corporate Relations, Anheuser-Busch Cos.

Hispanic Business underscores the dynamic growth of Hispanic businesses, the power of the Hispanic market, and the many achievements of the Hispanic community.

Harriet R. Michel
President, National Minority Supplier Development Council

Congratulations to Jesus Chavarria and his wonderful staff at Hispanic Business. As one of the earliest subscribers, I can attest to its significance and role in academic circles and American business. The magazine developed a positive image for Hispanic entrepreneurs and generated spirited interest among Latino youth to study business and finance.

Refugio Rochin
Director, Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives

Having provided much of the research material for the first issue [April 1979] while deputy director of the Office of Minority Business Enterprise, I am proud of the quality and maturity of the magazine. ¡Que viva Hispanic Business!

Lou Moret
COO, Southern California Association of Governments

From a publishing perspective, it has been very exciting to witness the evolution of Hispanic Business. Throughout the years, the writing has become sharper and more focused, the content more insightful, and the layout much more striking and innovative. In addition, as a Hispanic female executive, I want to commend Hispanic Business for its extensive coverage of women in the business world.

Liza Gross
Publisher, ¡Exito!

Hispanic Business has given Latino students visible role models to emulate. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!

Sara Martinez Tucker
CEO, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

While covering a diversity of issues, Hispanic Business had empowered Latino entrepreneurs with the most important tool of all: Information.

Fernando Ferrer
President, Borough of the Bronx

The Hispanic community should be inspired by the accomplishments of the people whose successes [Hispanic Business] reports. As we see Hispanics featured in your publication, we take pride in the outstanding progress Hispanic professionals have made in the U.S. over the past 20 years.

Patricia Diaz Dennis
Senior Vice-President, SBC Communications Inc.

Congratulations to Hispanic Business on your 20th anniversary. Everyone at Radio Unica applauds your accomplishments!

Joaquin F. Blaya
CEO, Radio Unica Corp.

Hispanic Business gives policymakers and business decision-makers keen insights into the Hispanic market, and introduces them to the players.

Louis Caldera
Secretary of the Army

Our community has grown in expertise and resources, but we are still striving for recognition and responsible positions. Hispanic Business makes those efforts toward true representation easier.

Anita Perez Ferguson
President, National Women´s Political Caucus

The reporting in Hispanic Business has shown me successful Hispanics who have impacted the U.S. economy, and it has provided me with role models and mentors.

Cesar Alvarez
CEO, Greenberg Traurig, Attorneys at Law

The Hispanic economy in the United States has expanded in a great degree when the government provided the small business community with affirmative action and set-aside programs. Today's economy provides even greater opportunities for Hispanic businesses to expand. Hispanic Business, acting as an advocate and a mentor, has been a catalyst in bringing about increased economic opportunities.

Ed Pastor
U.S. Congressman, Arizona

Hispanic Business has validated the important contribution and impact that the Hispanic community has represented to society as a whole. It has served to lift up its audience and break barriers and stereotypes which prevent progress.

Hector V. Barreto
Chairman, Latin Business Association

During the last 20 years, many Hispanics have made the difficult trek northward, leaving their homeland for the chance to share in the "American dream." Hispanic Business has aided this process by providing a wealth of business information. The reportage has enabled me to make new business contacts and keep track of existing ones.

Eduardo J. Padron
District President, Miami-Dade Community College

Hispanic Business´ vivid snapshots of can-do spirit are an inspiration for contemporary readers and an invaluable resource for future researchers. As the economy changes at dizzying speeds, we will count on Hispanic Business to provide information and analyses for the next 20 years and beyond.

Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Speaker of the California Assembly

Since its inception, the magazine has offered the most pertinent information for the Latino professional. After 20 years, I continue to be impressed by Hispanic Business.

Jose I. Lozano
Publisher, La Opinion

Hispanic Business has always been at the vanguard, informing new entrepreneurs of what's happening in the business world. The simplicity of your [journalistic] style makes it easy for everyone to understand your message and maximize the learning experience.

Jose "Cheo" Rivera
Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Since its first issue, the magazine has strove to position Hispanic businessmen and women in the most positive light. In an age when the general media portrays the Hispanic community unfavorably, it nice to know that there are publications like Hispanic Business that inform this country of the enormous economic contributions Hispanics make.

Massey Villarreal
Chairman, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Clearly, Hispanic Business is an important vehicle for bringing news about the strength of the Hispanic economy to the public. I personally look forward to reading the "Market Watch" columns each month. Congratulations on 20 outstanding years. Best wishes for 20 more.

Carlos Saladrigas
CEO, The Vincam Group

By recognizing our contributions, [Hispanic Business] has made it possible for us to define ourselves as a vibrant force in the American economy and offer each other encouragement. Happy 20th Anniversary!

Diana L. Vargas
General Manager, KTTV Fox 11

Hispanic Business has been instrumental in showcasing relevant issues and strengthening the ties within our communities. I believe we are now a more tightly knit group with common goals and visions.

Alfred Torres
President, Hispanic Support Organization of Bell Atlantic

Since we can't be everywhere all the time, we lean on Hispanic Business to highlight trends and issues that impact the Hispanic community.

Carlos Soto
Director of Corporate Relations, Coors Brewing Co.

As I celebrate this year my 25th year as an elected official in this nation, I congratulate Hispanic Business' success over the past 20 years. ¡Adelante!

Jose E. Serrano
U.S. Congressman, New York

For many of us in the [media] industry, Hispanic Business has played a key role in documenting the trends, changes, and key players in the marketplace. If your first 20 years are any indication of your future success, you are headed down a golden path.

Jose Cancela
President, Radio Unica Corp.

Hispanic Business has played an important role in our understanding the significance of Latino purchasing power in the United States.

Ingrid Duran
Executive Director, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Through the years, Hispanic Business has served not only as a chronicler, historian, and facilitator, but also as the reflection of our individual and collective socio-economic aspirations and progress.

Ana Maria Fernandez Haar
CEO, The IAC Group Inc.

For the last 20 years, our Hispanic youth [have] had a professional periodical they could turn to which was filled with countless Hispanic success stories. I must confess that even now, at 58 years of age, I still get thrills from reading about the innovations and creativity of Hispanics.

Eduardo Gonzales
Director, U.S. Marshal Service

The publication is read by Corporate America and it gives us the incentive to keep striving for the best. Happy Anniversary to all!

Lucia de Garcia
CEO, Elan International Inc.

Both the economic impact and voter effect of Hispanics in the U.S. was finally discovered by the rest of America, thanks in large part to Hispanic Business.

Humberto S. Lopez
President, HSL Properties

Hispanic Business has become my primary source of information for trends and leaders in the Hispanic community.

Ruben Barrales
CEO, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network

Having a publication dedicated to inform, comment, and foster the importance of the growing U.S. Hispanic marketplace has certainly lent credibility as well as awareness to our 30-million-plus presence in this country. Hispanic Business has been a leading publication in [this] field.

Ramon Pineda
President, Caballero Spanish Media Inc.

As Hispanic influence has grown, Hispanic Business has served as the prime provider of facts and information for all of us to plan strategies and evaluate our progress.

Jane L. Delgado
CEO, National Coalition of Hispanic Health & Human Services Organizations

Hispanic Business has been an invaluable tool in my work as California Secretary of Health and Welfare, as director of the California Employment Development Department, as well as for my current position in the California State University system. It has provided timely information, both factual and thought provoking.

Douglas X. Patiño
Vice-Chancellor, California State University

In the last couple of years I have witnessed a greater number of advertising campaigns aimed at Latinos, more products tailored to Latino tastes, and a surge in written media for the Latino population. Hispanic Business magazine has been part of this movement to provide more information to Latinos about Latinos.

Leticia Marquez-Magaña
Associate Professor, San Francisco State University

The publication has done an outstanding job covering the U.S. Hispanic economy.

George Feldenkreis
CEO, Supreme International Corp.

Although I'm only 22 years old and beginning my adult life, I'm proud to have represented the Hispanic heritage in my family at Nagano, Japan 1998. The recognition that you gave me in Hispanic Business was one of the highlights of my year.

Jennifer Rodriguez
Member, U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Team

With significant starts and stops over the last 20 years, the U.S. Hispanic economy is dramatically improving. Mainstream business has noticed this trend thanks to business magazines, especially Hispanic Business, which has been at the forefront of documenting these gains and spurring further interest.

Manuel Pacheco
President, University of Missouri System

Hispanic Business is an integral part of the Hispanic community and U.S. society because it is hard-hitting, has great research, and is not afraid of confronting the issues that affect the Hispanic community today.

Linda Chavez-Thompson
Executive Vice-President, AFL-CIO

Reading Hispanic Business on a regular basis keeps me updated on all issues relevant to the Hispanic market.

Teresa Zubizarreta
CEO, Zubi Advertising

It is impossible to fully evaluate the reach and effectiveness of Hispanic Business in facilitating the development of our Hispanic entrepreneurial environment and in solidifying our identity as important contributors to national and international enterprise. It is, however, evident that Hispanic business people everywhere are thankful Hispanic Business exists.

Nicolas Kanellos
Director, Arte Publico Press

Hispanic Business has been very positive for both my business and my career. The ranking of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies and the 500 largest Hispanic companies have been valuable marketing tools.

Manuel Chavez
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