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Patent Issued for Printer Arrangement and Method of Manufacture

September 9, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Technology -- XAAR Technology Limited (Cambridgeshire, GB) has been issued patent number 8814451, according to news reporting originating out of Alexandria, Virginia, by VerticalNews editors.

The patent's inventors are Marsden, Richard (Cambridgeshire, GB); Drury, Paul R. (Hertfordshire, GB); Temple, Stephen (Cambridge, GB).

This patent was filed on February 7, 2006 and was published online on August 26, 2014.

From the background information supplied by the inventors, news correspondents obtained the following quote: "The present invention relates to printing machines, and particularly but not exclusively to printing machines using multiple printheads, for example of the drop-on-demand, inkjet variety having an array of nozzles for droplet ejection.

"It is frequently desirable in drop on demand printing to align a plurality of printer components, typically printheads, to provide contiguous print swaths. Such alignment must be performed very accurately to minimise visible errors on the printed substrate. WO 01/60627 for example describes a method of aligning printheads using tapered screw fittings. Prior art methods of alignment can however be time consuming and/or require parts manufactured to extremely high tolerances."

Supplementing the background information on this patent, VerticalNews reporters also obtained the inventors' summary information for this patent: "The present invention seeks to provide an improved mounting arrangement and method for a printer component.

"According to a first aspect therefore, there is provided a mounting arrangement for mounting a printer component to a substantially rigid base component, said arrangement comprising a foil member attached to one of the printer component or the base component, said foil including one or more mounting apertures, one or more mounting pins attached to the other of the printer component or the base component, said pins adapted to engage said apertures, wherein engagement of said mounting pins with said mounting apertures causes local deformation of said foil, said deformation providing a locating force on said pins so as to urge said printer component into alignment with said base component in a plane substantially parallel to said foil.

"The foil is preferably between 0.1 mm and 0.5 mm in thickness, more preferably 0.25 mm in thickness. The foil can be of any material which gives the desired deformation properties, but is preferably metal, and preferably a beryllium copper alloy, or a bronze.

"A second aspect of the invention provides a method for mounting a first printer component to a support, the method comprising, attaching to one of the printer component or the support a foil having one or more mounting apertures, arranging on the other of the printer component or the support one or more mounting pins adapted to engage said mounting apertures, inserting said mounting pins into said mounting holes, so as to locally deform said foil, allowing said local deformation to locate said component in a plane perpendicular to the direction of insertion, and rigidly securing said printer component to said support.

"A second printer component can be mounted to the support in substantially the same way, to secure the first and second components in a fixed spatial relationship. In a preferred embodiment, a printer component can be removed from said support, and the same, or more usefully a replacement component mounted in its place, the replacement component being aligned with respect to the original component, to a high degree of accuracy, preferably +/-5 .mu.m, more preferably +/-2 .mu.m, and more preferably still to an accuracy of +/-1 .mu.m. In an embodiment where the components are printheads mounted on a printbar, printheads can be replaced with sufficient accuracy to enable printing without further adjustment. This method allows printheads to be replaced quickly and easily, without complex alignment steps.

"A third aspect of the invention provides a method for manufacturing a support for supporting one or more printer components, the method comprising the steps of providing on the support one or more foil members, each foil member including one or more mounting apertures for engaging with at least one printer component, inserting into at least one mounting aperture on each said foil a mounting pin adapted to engage with said aperture, positioning said one or more foils so as to align said pin or pins in a desired spatial configuration, and securing said foils to said support


"The invention will now be described by way of example only with respect to the accompanying drawings in which FIG. 1 shows a printhead mounted to a print bar FIG. 2 is an exploded view of FIG. 1 FIG. 3 shows an alternative embodiment to the arrangement of FIG. 2 FIG. 4 is a detailed view of a mounting pin FIG. 5 illustrates deflection of a foil FIG. 6 illustrates foil apertures and configurations FIG. 7 is an alternative view of the arrangement of FIG. 1"

For the URL and additional information on this patent, see: Marsden, Richard; Drury, Paul R.; Temple, Stephen. Printer Arrangement and Method of Manufacture. U.S. Patent Number 8814451, filed February 7, 2006, and published online on August 26, 2014. Patent URL:

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Source: Journal of Technology

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