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New Direct-Response Mobile-Marketing Technology Platform -- #250 -- Is "Game Changer" for Radio Stations, Radio Advertisers Increasing Call Response, Improving Lead Capture

August 7, 2014

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

No More Phone Numbers in Advertising: "Voice Activated Keyword" Technology Platform Connects Advertisers Immediately with Consumers' Cell Phones

The biggest obstacle to success in radio advertising is getting consumers to remember a clunky and awkward phone number, says veteran advertising and marketing professional Jeff Mustard. According to Mustard, who offers the proprietary Pound-250 technology, ( is a revolutionary direct-response mobile-marketing technology that literally revolutionizes the entire marketing paradigm.

"There is nothing like this on the market, no one else has it, no one else offers it and it is the single most valuable variable in the marketing equation that finally connects consumers instantly with their cell phones and mass-media market advertisers," says Mustard, who is a multiple-award winning writer/producer director for radio production, video and documentary film-making.

Pound 250 Technology: The "Missing Link" in Marketing & Radio Advertising

With success with other national and local-market radio advertising clients, the best way to describe the Pound-250 technology is to compare it to "Google Ad Words" for radio advertising. "Essentially," says Mustard, "a client has the ability to pick a 'keyword' that best describes their company's product or service and that 'keyword" then actually literally becomes the "word or phrase" in the Call-to-Action in the advertisers' radio ad."

Using "voice activation technology," the consumer just dials #250 on their cell phone when they hear an ad, or later when it's more convenient, and they say the "keyword." Five unique things happen after a consumer dials #250 in response to hearing a radio ad.

When the consumer hits #250 on their cell phone and says the company's keyword or phrase they heard on the radio, 5 things happen simultaneously.

The consumer's cell phone number is captured and is made available in call reporting.

At the client's discretion, the consumer can be connected to the advertisers' office or call center.

At the client's discretion, the consumer could also hear a voice recording that further engages the consumer with a voice message with instructions or promotional details.

A SMS/Text message is instantly sent to the consumer's phone.

A link is embedded in the SMS message that (can) take the consumer to a splash page, a website, or even include a coupon to be redeemed at a store location.

Pound-250: The "Holy Grail" Technology Platform for Direct-Response, Mobile Marketing & Mass-Media Marketers

In addition to the above benefits, says Mustard, all of which are marketing gold and elevates the Pound 250 technology to the status of the "holy grail" of marketing. The combination of "an easy to remember keyword in the call-to-action combined with instant connectivity with the consumer with their cell phone, either at the moment they hear the ad or later when its more convenient to call," revolutionizes marketing, branding and sales opportunities for advertisers.

"The 'three-peater' close with impossible to remember phone numbers or web addresses that is intended to jam the phone number into a consumer's mind is passÉ says Mustard. The Dial #250 technology significantly improves the odds and removes the crap shoot from the advertiser's perspective of forcing the consumer to "remember a phone number or web address." Now, a client/advertiser can simply use their company's name, product or service as the trigger/"keyword" for their call to action.

National Hair Transplant Surgeon Uses Keyword: "Get Hair" for Proctor & Gamble Clinical Trial for New Consumer Product

For example, a hair transplant client in South Florida, one of the nation's leading hair transplant surgeons in the nation, used the "keyword" phrase, "Get Hair" as their "phone number and call to action," says Mustard. Instead of the client/advertiser using a hard to remember phone number, the call to action simply said, "Dial #250 on your cell phone and say "Get Hair." Using voice activation technology, (and other technology platforms) the consumer was then instantly connected to the hair transplant doctor's office, they received a voice message, and a text message along with a link to a landing page where consumers who were interested were able to sign up for a clinical trial for a new hair care product that was being developed for Proctor & Gamble. The successful recruitment of patients for the clinical trial lead to research resulting in Proctor & Gamble's launch of "Pantene's AgeDefy" an "advanced hair thickening treatment."

The Goal of Mass-Media Advertisers Is to Make the Phone Ring & Generate More Leads

The Pound-25 technology helps advertisers, mass media marketers, advertising agencies, direct-response and mobile marketers achieve increased consumer response and lead capture like no other technology that exists in the marketplace. The "cloud-base technology" does not require software, complicated API's, or tech-expertise and is virtually instantly applicable to any advertiser says Mustard. "We literally help clients leverage existing advertising campaign to create more leads, and more leads = more sales, while at the same time immediately enhancing a company's branding, marketing and name recognition for the company's product or service within a local market, regionally or nationally.

Three Simple Ways to Experience "Dial # 250" Technology

There are three simple ways for advertisers, marketers and advertising agencies, among others in the mobile marketing and direct-response industries to have an immediate first-hand experience of this revolutionary enhanced lead-generating, lead-capture technology:

A) Just dial #250 on a cell phone right now and when prompted by the operator, you say "MyKeyword" - and you will instantly experience the value of this game-changing technology, including receiving a text message with a web link right to your cell phone.

B) Visit the website to get a quick glimpse of the technology in practice, watch video testimonials of advertisers and listen to successful #250 campaigns.

C) Click the link here to listen to an assortment of radio ads with the #250 Call to Action:

About #250 Technology

"Dial #250" technology is the most innovative technology platform on the market for direct response and mobile marketers. Under a monthly licensing agreement, with a cost variable subject to local or national advertising campaigns, an advertiser can control and dominate their product category, service area or industry using the Pound-250 technology. As important, the "Google-like" keyword phrasing makes is simple for the consumer to contact an advertiser at their convenience. It is compatible with all major wireless carriers AT & T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and more, and covers the continental United States and parts of Canada. It is the first and only proprietary technology that engages consumers at the highest point of interest the instant they hear an advertiser's radio ad, see a television commercial or billboard, but as important the "keyword" allows them to call at their convenience without having to remember a phone number.

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