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Appraising the Cost of Biotechnologically Improved Crops

August 4, 2014

Pieray Awele Odor

One of the things that Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, has been reported to have told Nigerians about biotechnology application to agriculture and the products of this application is: "What we have in Nigeria is biotechnologically improved crops to raise yields for farmers and not genetically modified crops as being speculated". He said this at the Leadership Forum by the Nigerian Newsword magazine/Nigerian Pilot Newspaper in Abuja in May 2014. (Nigeria has Biotechnologically improved Crops, Says Adesina, ThisDay, May 13, 2014).

This statement can be divided into four clear and categorical parts. The first is: Biotechnology is carried out in Nigeria. The second is: Nigeria has "biotechnologically improved crops" and not "genetically modified crops". The third is: Biotechnology is used to "raise yield for farmers" in Nigeria. The fourth is: To say that there are genetically modified crops in Nigeria is speculation. The discussion of these: To reveal that biotechnology is carried out in Nigeria means that the native, natural, organic and generally safe seeds, stems, nuts, roots or tubers, and leaves; chickens, goats, cows, fishes, etc which our farmers farmed with for many centuries before biotechnology begun and which produced generally safe liquid and solid foods for generations of Nigerians during these centuries, and for us, are being replaced with those that are developed through biotechnology.

In this regards, the following as the fundamental method of the application of biotechnology to agriculture should be noted: The deoxyribonucleic acids (DNAs) of any human being, animal, or plant is cut out. The DNA of a bacterium is cut out. The two DNAs are joined together in a test tube. The new and entirely different DNA formed is inserted into another bacterium. The minimum of four other genes taken from different sources are also inserted into the same bacterium. The bacterium carrying the load of foreign DNAs and genes is inserted into the genome, cell or tissue of sorghum, millet, cowpea, rice, beans, corn, cassava, yam, plantain, banana, vegetable, tomato, pepper, potato, sugarcane, orange, apple, fish, chicken, cow, goat, etc which provide us solid and liquid foods.

This method is why biotechnology is called bio-ballistic-technology. The "improved" and "modified" used are intended to deceive people to believe that they are better or safer than the native ones made by God. The plant part is cultured in the laboratory to produce what Dr. Adesina called "biotechnology crops". The "biotechnology crops" are later transferred to the farms where they produce what is called "biotechnology foods" (Biofoods). What are generally sold to poor and ignorant farmers are the seeds, stems, nuts, tubers, and baby animals that have been denatured by having foreign DNAs, genes and bacteria forced into their genomes or cells in the laboratories.

To illustrate biotechnology: The sperm of a man is extracted. The egg of a female dog is extracted. The sperm of the man is injected into the egg of the dog in a test tube. Will there be union and no effect? What will the female dog bear? A reverse illustration: The sperm of a male dog, goat, or cow is extracted. The egg of a woman is extracted. The sperm of the female dog, goat or cow is inserted into the egg of the woman in a test tube. What will the woman be pregnant of? What will she bear? Will the thing that she will bear live a normal life free from diseases? Recall Dolly made by biotechnology method: It suffered one disease after another and died earlier than sheep die naturally.

Take note that the enormous load of foreign DNAs and genes that are launched or shot into the genome, cell, or tissue of a source of food have never belonged to it, were not made or intended to belong to it, and would never have belonged to it if they were not launched or shot into its genome, cell or tissue. This is just as the sperm of a man has never belonged to the egg of a female dog and the sperm of a male dog, goat, or cow has never belonged to the egg of a women; no such union was made or intended to be-by considering whatever means man, dog, goat, and cow came into being-and no such union would have been if the union was not forced through biotechnology method.

Take note that consequently the natural, immutable and inviolable law of being, the order in the constituent elements of the genome, cell or tissue of the source of food, the function of the genes of the source of food, the homeostasis (equilibrium) of the endogenous system of the source of food, etc, all of which are immutable, rigidly controlled and inviolable are violated. Take note that the violation of these and other known and not yet known factors are the causes of the toxins, allergens, carcinogens, mutagens, and etc in biotechnology crops that Dr. Adesina said are available in Nigeria. Take note that if biotechnology crops are available in Nigeria, logically and inevitably, biotechnology foods are available in Nigeria. Take note finally that researches have shown that biotechnology foods are causing deadly diseases, deaths, increasing infertility, disabilities and deformities globally. Note seriously that the method described is common to biotechnology, genetic engineering, cutting edge technology, recombinant DNA technology, innovation in science and technology, modern methods, and molecular biology with reference to agriculture or farming. This fact means that whether the expression biotechnology crops, genetically modified crops, or transgenic crops is used, the same thing is meant. Biotechnology crops are the same as genetically modified crops.

Take note that the DNAs and genes of the source of food into which are launched or shot foreign and distinctive DNAs and more than four different and distinctive genes express entirely different functionalities-a function of the arrangement of nucleotides, information encoded in the genes, DNA copying process, and protein folding form-compared with the functionalities expressed by the DNAs and genes that are launched or shot into its genome, cell or tissue. This is why living creatures are different and distinctive in their intrinsic natures, physical forms and characteristics.

I should and must reveal that I have sent Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina peer-reviewed research evidences that biotechnology foods cause cancers, kidney, and liver diseases, death and infertility; he has not shown that the evidences are wrong or false and he has not given me any evidence to support the things that he has been saying. I assert categorically that no biotechnology crop or food has been certified safe by independent experts anywhere in the world; not even one! He should provide one.

It should be noted that the choice of the source of food into the genome, cell or tissue of which the load of foreign DNAs and gene are inserted using a bacterium is made by biotechnology companies. The choice is made based on the foods that are consumed most by people and the aim of this is to maximise sale, profits and wealth. The maximised wealth is used by them for maximising their political authority, power and control over the governments and nations of the world and, hence, for imposing deadly biotechnology crops and foods on sovereign, independent and free nations of the world, including Nigerians.

Dr. Adesina who revealed that biotechnology is practiced in Nigeria did not reveal when biotechnology begun in Nigeria or for how long it has been carried out in Nigeria. He did not reveal how biotechnology is carried out in agriculture for the production of biotechnology seeds, stems, nuts, tubers and leaves which produce biotechnology crops, or how biotechnology fishes, cows, chickens, goats, and etc are produced. He did not reveal whether the method or process of the application of biotechnology introduces, triggers or, by any other mechanism, engenders cellular, tissue or molecular mutations or changes in the cells or tissues of the native, natural and generally safe seeds, stems, nuts, roots or tubers, leaves, chickens, goats, cows, and etc that are subjected to biotechnology method. He did not reveal whether the method of the application of biotechnology causes, triggers, introduces or, by any other way, engenders toxins in the environment. Note: It does! As the discussion of the second, Nigeria has "biotechnologically improved crops" and not "genetically modified crops": Dr. Adesina failed to tell his audience the difference between the two, assuming that there is a difference between them, and the cause of the difference. He also failed to tell the people the effects of consuming biotechnology foods produced by biotechnology crops in the human body cells, tissues, organs and systems. He kept them ignorant deliberately and strategically.

Proof of difference: Our native, natural and organic crops have produced safe foods consumed by Nigerians of all centuries and all people before the introduction of biotechnology because safety experiments with them and the history of their consumption show that they contain no toxins or very low and, hence, tolerable (harmless) level of toxins while biotechnology crops produce biotechnology foods which safety experiments and consumption experience have shown to cause cancers, diabetes, and lesions; and kidney, liver, heart and immune system failure because they contain very high and intolerable levels of toxins, allergens, carcinogens, mutagens, pleiotropic factors, and etc.

It is known that nutrients in foods engender good health, growth, development and efficient functioning of all the internal and external parts of the body, including mental and sexual functions. In this regards, another difference is that our native, natural and organic crops produce natural, native and organic foods which contain all the necessary nutrients that make a food really food and not something that looks like food but is poison and deadly while biotechnology foods produced by biotechnology crops are deficient of vital nutrients, contain the wrong nutrients and, hence, cause deadly diseases, death, stunted growth and development, deformities, low intelligence, and infertility. They also cause death to children in the wombs and incessant loss of babies in the wombs.

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