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Revmatas - Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Entry Level Smartphones Will Boost Communication

August 28, 2014

Director, Information Technology and Mobile, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Emmanouil Revmatas, spoke toEmma Okonji on the company's plan to position its newly launched biometric scanner-enabled Galaxy Tab S and its entry level smartphones as communication channels for tech savvy Nigerians. Excerpts:

Samsung recently launched its flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S. What is unique about it in today's premium tablet market?

The Galaxy Tab S is Samsung's latest flagship tablet and has the world's first 2560 x 1600 Super-AMOLED tablet display. It echoes the Galaxy S5's design with a super slim form and premium perfect finishing. Its feather light weight makes it incredibly comfortable to hold in the hands. The most notable feature is the stunning super AMOLED display with graphics and images jumping out of the screen in nature perfect colours, and this makes it unique and preferable for tech savvy Nigerians.

You said the Galaxy Tab S is the first and only tablet in the market to feature a Super AMOLED display. What does Super AMOLED mean and how does this feature benefit users of the device?

Galaxy Tab S Super-AMOLED display technology is a feature that integrates a capacitive touch screen layer directly into the display instead of overlaying it on top of the display, as has traditionally been done. This results in a thinner design that uses less power and reflects less light. As a result end users get to enjoy realistic, yet stunning picture display on the Galaxy Tab S in-doors and outdoors

Content is key to any smartphone. What services are available on the Galaxy Tab S in terms of applications?

In terms of contents, what we have done is to reward our customers with collection of world's leading premium apps called the Galaxy Gift bundle valued at over $1000 to make the Galaxy Tab S experience more enjoyable, much more fun and very productive. Galaxy Gift apps includes Office Suite, three months LinkedIn premium membership, GQ magazine, Vogue magazine, news and business magazines, entertainment and lifestyle magazines, games, productivity tools and much more.

How would the available apps content help Nigerians in developing solutions that will address local challenges?

The Galaxy Tab S comes with apps that have huge potentials for development, although at this stage I feel many developers are "re-treading" international apps rather than building unique content that is relevant to Nigeria. However, this is where I think the future lies and many have started exploring it.

Do you have plans to work with local apps developers to incorporate local content and applications, such as games and other entertainment apps, among others, on the device?

For several years we have been sponsors of app development initiatives such as CCHub in Yaba. In fact, many of the apps that have been offered as part of our ecosystem value proposition originated from this relationship.

What are the most important features that customers must lookout for when purchasing a premium device like the Galaxy Tab S?

This is a fantastic question and I will simply say customers should consider three major things: Design, functionality and brand integrity.

What are the key trends in terms of product design and features that Nigerian consumers are looking for at present, and how has Samsung been able to address the needs?

From our market surveys and information feedback, we have since discovered that Nigerians like large screen and touch screen smartphones and these remain key trends in today's technology. Consumers' choice is also tilting towards devices that offer them the ability to "multitask" i.e. do several different tasks on the same device and preferably at the same time alongside an ecosystem of content and applications, and we have been able to achieve this over time.

Going by technology trends, when will customers begin to see Samsung tablets using flexible displays?

In a world where technology is revolutionising the future, anything is possible.

Talking about your range of wearable technology, is the Galaxy Tab S range compatible with the Galaxy Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear 2?

Yes, the Samsung Gear range is compatible with the Galaxy Tab S.

Due to growing competition in the technology space, product life cycles have been shrinking. Being a market leader, how does Samsung manage this issue locally?

Research and design has always been a major part of our business with local insight as a key factor. This strategy will continue to help us understand, interpret or anticipate the needs of customers better and be able to satisfy their needs as they change with time.

Samsung is known for innovations that are appealing to consumers, and this has significantly helped the brand in maintaining the premium position. What has helped change consumer perception of the brand?

Simply put, the user experience has always be interesting, be it in the ability to touch and feel our devices during the buying process or smooth user interface and responsiveness or the build quality or after sales support.

Apart from the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung also unveiled its entry level smartphones, the Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Galaxy Trend Lite. What is unique about these smartphones and the motivation behind their launch in Nigeria?

There is a growing trend of feature phone customers wanting to invest in their first smartphone. Unfortunately, however this means that the market has been flooded with "half smart" or "smart lite" products that have serious limitations which many consumers are not aware of. The introduction of our new Ace 4 Lite and Trend Lite is based on the premise that we want to offer true smartphones that have good technical specifications, latest operating systems, world class build quality but at an affordable price.

Will feature phones continue to hold sway in a price-sensitive market like Nigeria or do you see them being replaced by smartphones?

As prices for affordable smartphones drops, the barrier for transitioning from a feature phone to a smartphone is reduced. For this reason I think there will be a trend towards smartphones replacing feature phones.

What are your marketing strategies to enhance the value of your range of premium smartphones and tablets and how does Samsung plan to sustain the excitement in the marketplace?

Many have said we have led the way in terms of our marketing. For us creating a link between the passions of Nigerians and our products will always be our priority. How we do this will, evolve as the needs of our customers change, whether in offering superior warranty or a value proposition through an ecosystem of content and apps or partnering with operators.

Grey market has been affecting genuine businesses globally. What are your plans to protect your products from the grey market place and in enlightening your customers about genuine Samsung devices in Nigeria?

We have adopted a 360 degree approach that ranges from educating consumers to adding value through an ecosystem that grey products do not offer, as well as engaging with the relevant associations and agencies to combat grey or fake products

Samsung's mobile products are often associated with lifestyles. What are the benefits of people embracing this lifestyle technology?

Technology and certainly Samsung devices have become an extension of people's lives with the device now being their media player, camera, social media platform, fitness and health monitor, work tool or fashion accessory. Our devices are now used in different ways throughout the day.

What are your benchmarks for 2014 in terms of increasing your smartphone market share in Africa and what category of product will be driving this increase?

We are very appreciative of the support that consumers have given our brand over the past few years. As I have said many times, the true measurement is when people "vote with their wallets" and invest in your products. Our goal for 2014 is to continue to provide products that positively impact the lives of our consumers and through this, retain our market leadership position

What is your projection about smartphone market in Nigeria in the next few years?

I see smartphones replacing the traditional feature phones in Nigeria, especially as prices crash, and Samsung is at the forefront in crashing prices in driving this revolution in Nigeria. Besides, it is not just in Nigeria alone but globally as well.

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Source: AllAfrica

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