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Presolicitation Notice - 70-- The 411th CSB Korea intends to competitively award a FFP purchase order for upgrading a classroom at USAG Humphreys Korea. A solicitation for this requirement is estimated to be posted no later than Friday, 22 August 2014.

August 20, 2014

Presolicitation Notice - 70-- The 411th CSB Korea intends to competitively award a FFP purchase order for upgrading a classroom at USAG Humphreys Korea. A solicitation for this requirement is estimated to be posted no later than Friday, 22 August 2014.

Notice Type: Presolicitation Notice

Posted Date: 19-AUG-14

Office Address: Department of the Army; Army Contracting Command, ECC; 411th CSB (PARC Korea); Unit #15289, APO, AP 96205-5289

Subject: 70-- The 411th CSB Korea intends to competitively award a FFP purchase order for upgrading a classroom at USAG Humphreys Korea. A solicitation for this requirement is estimated to be posted no later than Friday, 22 August 2014.

Classification Code: 70 - General purpose information technology equipment

Solicitation Number: W91QVN-14-T-0400

Contact: Daniel Weidman, 315-754-8343 [411th CSB (PARC Korea)]

Setaside: N/AN/A

Place of Performance (address): 411th CSB (PARC Korea) Unit #15289, APO AP

Place of Performance (zipcode): 96205-5289

Place of Performance Country: UF

Description: Department of the Army

Army Contracting Command, ECC

411th CSB (PARC Korea)

1.Purpose: Procure a full Audio Visual Technology refresh of a Multi-Function Training Facility (MPTF) to ensure continued operation of the facility through the next five years. 2. Key Requirements: a. Cleared: All personnel involved in the installation and configuration of the system on site be cleared to the US SECRET level. b. US Sourced: All equipment be sourced from a US vendor, procured in the US, and delivered in positive US Control at all times. c. Approval of Equipment: A list of all brand names and model numbers of all equipment shall be approved by procuring agency prior to award. d. System must operate, without maintenance or significant physical upgrade for a minimum of five years. Parts, cabling, and configuration must remain functional, barring unintended damage, for the period of performance. 3. General Description: The MPTF is a large quote mark segmentable quote mark room consisting of five video projector outputs; two front facing and three side facing with automatic screens. a. The system has DVD, VHS, two microphone inputs, two hard wired A/V inputs, and five quote mark open quote mark A/V inputs. b. The room consists of three zone audio and a backup front speaker setup. c. The inputs and outputs are independently configurable allowing any input or combination of inputs, to be routed to one or more outputs via a touch screen remote control. d. Power for all projectors, audio equipment, and devices in the system are controlled via the touch screen remote control. e. This setup provides the ability to conduct three discrete operations simultaneously or one large operation with multiple A/V inputs and outputs supporting. 4. Audio capability: The system must maintain the three zone audio configuration (front, middle, rear) and be independently powered, amplified, and controlled. All three zones must be able to run continuously at a volume that would be clear throughout the entire room. The Audio system must accept both analog and digital signaling and be capable of both Balanced and Unbalanced Analog inputs. Volume of the three zones must be independently controlled with mute, and return from mute capability. 5. Video capability: The output for the system will consist of five ceiling mounted projectors in the same orientation and general output size. The output resolution must accept and natively display ANSI WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution and be capable of accepting any digital or analog video input signal up to that resolution. The projectors must not have any removable or consumable parts such as bulbs, fans, filters, and a nominal operating life of at least 20,000 operating hours before maintenance. They must have an output brightness of quote mark Daylight Visible quote mark or greater than 3500 ANSI Lumens. The projectors must have one additional external Analog or Digital input not used by the normal configuration and operation of the system. The projectors must have vertical and horizontal keystone correction and at least manual focus. Projectors must have manual and digital control capabilities. 6. Digital Integration: The system must be digitally integrated such that all inputs and outputs can be quote mark mixed and matched quote mark such that one input can be routed to all A/V outputs, or up to five inputs can be routed to five different video outputs and three audio outputs. The configuration of inputs to outputs must be easily controlled by a touch screen control surface (computer or dedicated) allowing the user to easily select an input and select desired output of each input. The same control surface must control power to all components, elevation of projector screens, volume of individual, or all, audio zones, and overall system and component power. The management protocol must be compatible with video outputs, audio outputs, amplifiers, touch screen control surface, and any other components that will be used in the control of the system. 7. Inputs: The system must consist of eleven (11) or more independent A/V inputs. Three (3) audio inputs must be dedicated to the in-table microphone system (XLR form factor) and the two wireless microphone inputs (XLR form factor). Wireless microphones must be wireless handheld-style and compatible with Shure PGX wireless modules and operate on channel H6 (524-542MHz) to be compatible with the unit on hand PA system. Two (2) A/V inputs must be dedicated to the DVD/VHS playback capability and standard DVI and RCA audio video input for VTC integration. Five (5) A/V inputs must consist of analog and digital inputs in DVI or HDMI digital and VGA analog video connectors, RCA or 3.5mm analog audio inputs. These five inputs must be located where the current inputs are located: two on the end of the Briefing table, three along the outside wall of the MPTF. The last input must bypass the system and be directly wired to the Front Right projector. 8. Fault Tolerance: Programming of the logic and control capabilities of the system must be stored in non-volatile storage and able to be copied or backed up to prevent failure from power surge/outage. Base configuration must be able to be reset to a default state from the touch screen or on restoration of power to the system and bring all components and connected devices to an original configuration. No protocol, logic, or port changes must occur in the event power is lost, input signal is lost, or cable is unplugged. If a cable is unplugged, the system must be able to resume normal operation upon being plugged back in correctly. Wireless components must have normal battery life and come with all charging cables, cradles, or docks. The system must have sufficient responsiveness to user or signal input as not to appear locked up, or a signal method allowing the user to know when to wait before proceeding to additional selections. All system components and cabling must be able to be properly removed and properly replaced without causing any changes to the systems operation. 9. Power: All components in the system must be at least 110V 60Hz and preferable dual voltage (110/220V, 50/60Hz). No component must be only 220V. All system components must be protected by a UL rated Surge/Spike protection mechanism capable of protecting the component to manufacturer's specifications. There is no need for Uninterruptable power backup. 10. Security: the system must be secured so as not to allow tampering either physically or logically. The system components must be centrally located in a lockable cabinet or rack so as to reasonably prevent unauthorized access for at least 30 minutes. Access to management or configuration settings outside the normal operation of the system will be password protected so as to prevent unauthorized access to the control features of the system.


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