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Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Pressure Sensing in Medical Injection Systems", for Approval

July 16, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Electronics Newsweekly -- From Washington, D.C., VerticalNews journalists report that a patent application by the inventor Vilks, Clinton Scott (Plymouth, MN), filed on December 20, 2012, was made available online on July 3, 2014.

The patent's assignee is Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

News editors obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an exemplary medical injection system 100 (the ACIST CV.sub.i.RTM. system) for delivering a contrast agent into a patient's vascular system for medical imaging. FIG. 1 illustrates a first fluid reservoir 132 for supplying a syringe-type positive displacement pump of an injector/pressurizing unit 130, via a fill tubing line 27-F, and an injection tubing line 104 coupled to unit 130 for injection of, for example, a radiopaque contrast agent, into a patient's vascular system via an inserted catheter (not shown), for example, coupled to a patient tubing line 122 at a connector assembly 120 thereof. FIG. 1 further illustrates a second fluid reservoir 138 from which a diluent, such as saline, is drawn by a peristaltic pump 106 through yet another tubing line 128 that feeds into tubing line 122. A manifold valve 124 and associated sensor 114 control the flow of fluids into tubing line 122, from pressurizing unit 130 and from tubing line 128.

"A pressure sensor assembly 126 is shown integrated into line 128 to monitor the patient's blood pressure, in between injections of contrast agent. During an injection of contrast agent from pressurizing unit 130, the aforementioned manifold valve 124 is switched to allow the relatively high pressure flow through line 122 and into the patient's vascular system, and to isolate line 128 and pressure sensor assembly 126 from the flow; then, after the injection, valve 124 is switched to put pressure sensor assembly 126 in fluid communication with patient tubing line 122 to monitor the patient's vascular/hemodynamic pressure. Pressure sensor assembly 126 may be the LogiCal.RTM. system available from Smiths Medical International, or the Meritrans.RTM., available from Merit Medical Systems, Inc., both of which are intended for use in a single medical procedure. Alternative means for pressure monitoring in medical injection systems, like system 100, for example, being more robust and/or configured for more flexible integration therein, are desired."

As a supplement to the background information on this patent application, VerticalNews correspondents also obtained the inventor's summary information for this patent application: "A pressure sensor for a medical injection system, according to some embodiments of the present invention, includes a cuff, a transducer embedded in the cuff, between inner and outer surfaces thereof, and a force transmitting member coupled to the transducer and exposed at the inner surface of the cuff, such that an outer surface of a tubing line, when properly fitted within the cuff, contacts the force transmitting member. According to some embodiments, a fluid circuit assembly includes the pressure sensor and a specialized tubing line, wherein the specialized tubing line has a limited length of greater compliance than a remainder of the tubing line; the pressure sensor cuff is configured to fit around and enclose the limited length of the tubing line, such that the inner surface of the cuff supports the enclosed second length of the tubing against plastic deformation, when fluid filling the lumen of the tubing line is at pressures significantly greater than atmospheric pressure, for example, during injections.

"According to some embodiments and methods a microprocessor of the pressure sensor is programmed to characterize a transducer signal in response to the force transmitting member, after the cuff is fitted around the tubing line, and while the lumen of the tubing line is open to atmospheric pressure, to detect whether or not the cuff is properly fitted around the tubing line, and/or to determine a characteristic of the tubing line, wherein the characteristic may indicate whether or not the tubing line is suitable for proper function of the pressure sensor cuff therewith. Fitting the cuff around the tubing line may be accomplished by either axially or radially inserting the tubing line into the cuff, the latter being accommodated by a slit formed in the cuff, according to some embodiments. The microprocessor of the sensor may be adapted to send a signal to an injector of the injection system, after detecting the proper tubing line and fit thereof in the cuff, wherein the signal unlocks the injector for operation.


"The following drawings are illustrative of particular methods and embodiments of the present disclosure and, therefore, do not limit the scope of the invention. The drawings are not to scale (unless so stated) and are intended for use in conjunction with the explanations in the following detailed description. Methods and embodiments will hereinafter be described in conjunction with the appended drawings, wherein like numerals denote like elements, and:

"FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an exemplary medical injection system;

"FIG. 2A is a plan view of a fluid circuit assembly for a medical injection system, according to some embodiments;

"FIG. 2B is a cross-section view of a pressure sensor of the assembly, taken through section line B-B of FIG. 2A, according to some embodiments;

"FIG. 3A is a plan view of a specialized tubing line for a fluid circuit assembly, according to some alternate embodiments;

"FIG. 3B is an axial cross-section view through a pressure sensor fitted around a length of the tubing line shown in FIG. 3A; and

"FIG. 4 is a flow chart outlining some methods of the present invention."

For additional information on this patent application, see: Vilks, Clinton Scott. Pressure Sensing in Medical Injection Systems. Filed December 20, 2012 and posted July 3, 2014. Patent URL:

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