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The Future of Money and Business - Part 3

July 4, 2014

Scott Cundill

Our banking system desperately needs competition. That competition has now arrived. Clever people are setting up their own off-the-grid businesses and are beginning to trade with alternative currencies.

When there are hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of us, it will usher in a new era of prosperity. We need to move away from conventional banking. The global money system is corrupt and places an exponentially growing interest burden on us that can never be repaid.

It thrives in times of war and poverty. It financially cripples the people of the world and places monumental power in the hands of giant multi-national corporations. But a new breed of off-the-grid trader isemerging. He doesn't pay tax, he doesn't register with the government and he certainly does not comply with all the rules and regulations that the current paradigm thrusts upon him.

But hang on just one second ... (This is where some people stand up and yell "Hey, these people don't pay tax! If they don't, why should I? Who is going to pay for the roads and the schools?")

I am now to quickly dispel these myths.

1. What about Tax? How can we pay tax when these 'radical Internet people' do not? It's so easy. Here are the three solutions to the tax dilemma:

Tax will be replaced by a very small transaction fee. These fees will be small, but high volume. The currency generated will be enough to fund all public and community works. (Research TEAL or other transaction taxes proposed by many academics. You will see this is a verified fact).

Contrary to public opinion, most of our taxes do not go to roads and schools. They pay only the interest on our national debt. By the time the money gets to the builders and teachers, there is very little left over.

The solution is simple: a community based alternative currency, such as those outlined in Part II. The over-riding organisation established to facilitate this is a People's Bank.

This is a transparent bank that allows the government to print its own money, interest free and tax free, without having to borrow it from the global banksters. Visit for an international lobby group on this very subject. Also note that Iceland, the one country that booted the banksters, is thriving thanks to this kind of alternative thinking.

Those who are successfully working off-the-grid will uplift their local community directly. They will organise the resources required to get the job done and real change will happen. They are the ones standing in a firm place, so they will move the world.

2. What about legal compliance?

The author is not a lawyer and he does not advocate breaking the law. He can tell you that certain countries are already accepting alternative currencies as legal tender. In fact you can buy a beer and a pie in a German pub using Bitcoin.

Some countries may ask you to decare your alternative currency transactions, especially if you buy them using "cash." However, in most cases you will not obtain alternative currencies by purchasing them with cash, but by earning them. This is where the real excitement comes in. These transactions cannot be traced or audited because they are not connected to the current global banking system.

3. Who will catch the crooks?

Governments who do not embrace the above solutions will want the use of alternative currencies to be tracked, audited and taxed. However, let's face it - policing this is going to be impossible.

They would have to raid every home, hack private computers, find and login to all the alternative currency accounts and then prove that these belonged to the owner. It's not going to happen. The NSA tried. The NSA failed.

The Internet is free and alternative currencies are rapidly growing in popularity. As any techie will tell you, the Internet is self-regulating. That is how it works. People will have ample opportunity and choice to deal with whichever exchange is best for thems and their community. Different systems will work in different ways. It is up to them. It is up to us.

This revolution is required because the existing banking system is failing the masses. When governments and banks stop raping and pillaging, only then we will give it our creative energy. Do the right thing, and the people will happily declare and pay their dues. But carry on with this insane lunacy, and we will continue to see more and more people 'opting-out.'

Getting started

There are two ways to get into the alternative currency game: You can trade your products and services using alternative currencies

You can invest in them right now

If you have products or services to sell, then you can start trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies today. Simply go to their websites and set up a trading account. You will need to research this yourself as there is not enough space to teach it here. However, if you wish to invest in Bitcoin and Litecoin, this is easy. Follow these steps:

Go to

Click on MetaTrader 4

Download and install MetaTrader 4

While it is downloading, click "Open a Real Account" - don't worry, you don't have to pay.

Follow the sign-up process. These guys are very professional and you will need to supply a copy of your ID and a utility bill with your address on it. They are based in Ireland.

They will call you from the UK to introduce themselves and assist.

When your account is open, use your credit card or Paypal account to deposit money into your trading account. You can get it back at any time.

Open the Meta Trader software you have just installed.

Right click on LTC_Mini (LiteCoin) or BTC_Mini (Bitcoin) to view a graph of their performance.

Right click and choose "new order" to make your purchase. 0.01 volume = 1 unit. So if you want to buy 1 unit of LiteCoin or BitCoin, then set your volume at 0.01. A volume of 1.00 = 100 units.

This is not professional advice, but I do suggest that you see this as a long term investment. Bitcoin went from $5 to $1,200 very quickly. LiteCoin is currently around $8. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate hugely. Do not do this because you want to make quick money on a daily basis. This is about investing and supporting a future of currencies that are alternative to the banking system.

LiteCoin is currently at its lowest price in months.

In closing Please imagine for a moment, a village from a thousand years ago. Every morning the people of the village come to the well and take just enough water needed for the day. In times of drought, it was a simple case of taking slightly less than what was required, but there was always enough for survival. Then one day an army of bandits attacked the village and took control of the well.

They forced the villages to give their real assets (food, clothing and materials) in exchange for water. During times of drought, the villagers were told to pay more real assets for less water, while the bandits used the people's resources to build their own personal empires.

One day, a small group of villagers discovered that the bandits had secretly dug the well deeper. In fact, the well was dug so deep that it reached into an underground freshwater aquifer.

There was now an unlimited amount of water available, but in order to preserve their hold over the village, the illusion of scarcity had to be maintained. What did the villagers do when they discovered the misrepresentation? This is precisely the situation we are in right now with global economics.

Until now, there was no solution. Now there is a solution - BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dogecoin, m3Coins (coming soon) and all the other alternative cryptocurrencies out there. To those that pioneered the way, I solute you!

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Source: AllAfrica

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