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July 31, 2014


Notice Type: Presolicitation Notice

Posted Date: 30-JUL-14

Office Address: Department of the Army; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; USACE District, Tulsa; ATTN: CESWT-CT, 1645 South 101st East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74128-4609


Classification Code: C - Architect and engineering services

Solicitation Number: W912BV-14-R-0084

Contact: Diane Cianci, 918-669-7458 [USACE District, Tulsa]

Setaside: Total Small BusinessTotal Small Business

Place of Performance (address): USACE District, Tulsa ATTN: CECT-SWT-E, 1645 South 101st East Avenue Tulsa OK

Place of Performance (zipcode): 74128-4609

Place of Performance Country: US

Description: Department of the Army

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USACE District, Tulsa

1. CONTRACT INFORMATION: General: This A-E Services Contract is being procured in accordance with the Brooks Act (Public Law PL 582) and implemented in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 36. Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. This announcement is open to small businesses. This announcement is set-aside as total small business. The contract is anticipated to be awarded about November 2014. It is anticipated that one contract will be awarded from this announcement for an estimated total amount of $9,500,000 and will have a 3-year base period and one 2-year option period. A Minimum Guarantee amount of $2,500 will apply to the Base Period only. The contract awarded under this announcement will be administered by the Tulsa District. a. Contract Award Procedure: Before a business is proposed as a potential contractor, they must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAMS) database. Register via the SAMS internet site at The proposed services will be obtained by a Negotiated Firm-Fixed Price Contract. b. Nature of Work: The services necessary for each requirement will be negotiated and awarded as individual Task Orders. The A-E shall furnish all services, materials, supplies, and supervision required to fully complete each Task Order. c. Place of Performance: Projects are anticipated to be primarily in support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern (SWD) Boundaries. Task Orders under the resultant IDIQ contract may be awarded for projects in the geographic area of Southwestern Division (SWD) Boundaries. 2. PROJECT INFORMATION: General required services consist of performing hydrologic and hydraulic engineering/design and related software development to support the USACE civil works mission, studies, operation of multi-purpose projects, execution of the flood risk management mission, as well as national initiatives, international, & interagency support. Services will consist of the following: Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering Design, Modeling, and Analysis Provide full development of hydrologic and hydraulic computer models for both real-time and period-of-record applications, all GIS based models will be SDSFIE compliant, will include review, testing, calibration, analyses, optimization, and report generation, may include use of GeoRAS, HEC-RAS steady flow, HEC-RAS unsteady flow, FLO-2D, FLOW-3D, HEC-MetVue, GeoHMS, HEC-HMS, HEC-ResSim, Riverware, HEC-FIA, HEC-SSP, HEC-DSS, ESRI ArcGIS; development of rating curves, inundation maps, hydrologic data for period-of-record, PMP, PMF, and depth-area-duration curves; analysis and/or design of hydraulic structures related to outlet works, spillways, or other drainage structures; development of FEMA requirements for LOMA and LOMR-F. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering Manual Development Provide manual development for Water Control Manuals and Drought Contingency Plans in accordance with applicable USACE engineering regulations which will include updating text, charts, graphs, maps, and plates and will require data development and statistical analyses. Designing, Programming, Customizing, and Troubleshooting Software Provide design, programming, customizing, troubleshooting, and documenting software to develop solutions for integrating legacy USACE water management decision support applications with modern Army information systems including Corps Water Management System (CWMS) and for continued development, updating, and modernizing utilities to be used for hydrologic and hydraulic functions such as enhancements to MetVue and HMS to determine design storm critical size/centering/orientation. Programs may be scientific in nature requiring intellectual input from field sites and coordination with USACE sites whose competency is software development, including but not limited to development of computer software, development of relational databases, providing user support, and identifying functions of legacy applications which need to be included into modern information systems through the preparation of application design documents. Provide program management/project coordination for specific applications. 3. SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection criteria for this acquisition are listed below in descending order of importance (first by major criterion and then by each sub-criterion), Criteria: (a)-(e) are primary criteria; item (f) is secondary and is used as a tie-breaker among technically equal firms. (a) Experience. Recent (past 5 years) specialized experience and technical competence in: (1) hydrologic and hydraulic engineering design/modeling/analysis (2) manual development for flood control/drought/water management (3) software development related to hydrologic and hydraulic engineering applications. The criteria will include a review of projects submitted to determine experience as well as working with cost limitations and quality management, particularly with respect to coordination between engineering disciplines and subcontractors. (Ensure that all experience requirements are reflected on appropriate personnel resumes at Section E, Part I, SF 330). (b) Technical Approach. Knowledge and understanding of: hydrologic and hydraulic computer models for both real-time and period-of-record applications; GIS based models; steady flow and unsteady flow modeling; Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) suite of programs used in USACE water management; precipitation processing/meteorological capabilities for storm development/analysis and creation of input data for hydrologic and hydraulic models; analysis and/or design of hydraulic structures related to outlet works, spillways, or other drainage structures to determine such things as cavitation, full column flow velocities, etc.; USACE Water Control Manuals and Drought Contingency Plans and the applicable data required for their development, programming for the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) and hydraulic and hydrology applications; preparing design documents; providing user support. (c) Professional Capabilities. The criteria will include a review of proposed personnel in the following key disciplines: Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Software Development, and Project Management. Particular focus will be on the qualifications of personnel showing a significant role in the firm's specialized experience and technical approach submitted for items (a)-(b) above. The evaluation will consider education, certifications, training, registration, overall and relevant experience, and longevity with the firm. (d) Past Performance. Includes performance on DoD and other contracts in terms of quality of work, compliance with delivery schedules, history of working relationships with consultants, technical support, cost control, and overall cooperativeness and responsiveness. (e) Sufficient Capacity to provide personnel to work on multiple task orders simultaneously. Anticipate number of personnel needed could range from 15 to 30 at any given time, depending on the workload. The criteria will include a review of project specific narrative indicating the extent to which the A-E firm has proven their ability to work on multiple projects, large scale projects, complex projects, and the availability of an adequate number of personnel in key disciplines. (f) Small Business Participation. The extent of partici pation of Small Businesses and other Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Small Businesses or Entities will be measured as a percentage of the total anticipated contract effort regardless of whether the Small Business or other Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Small Business or Entity is a prime contractor, subcontractor, or joint venture part ner. 4. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 'Submittals should be sent to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Attn: Ms. Diane Cianci, 1645 S. 1645 S. 101st East Avenue, CECT-SWT-E, Tulsa, OK 74128-4609, no later than 2:00 p.m. on 12 September 2014. (a) Interested firms having the capabilities and qualifications to perform this work must submit one copy of SF 330 (6/2004 Edition) including Parts I and II as described herein and one CD-ROM of the SF 330 submittal, to the above address not later than 2:00 p.m. (Central Time) on the response date as above. The date and time are strictly enforced and late packages will not be considered. Late proposal rules found in FAR 15.208 will be followed for late submittals. So-licitation packages are not provided. The SF 330 should be complete and specifically address the requirements of this announcement. Firms shall present an organization chart and a narrative describing how the organization will function. Functions to be subcontracted shall be clearly identified by subcontractor or entity and their office location (specify the address of the office and key person that is assigned there). (b) Responding firms must submit a copy of the originally signed, or current (signed within the past 12 months), and accurate SF 330, Part II for the specific prime other offices of the prime, and subcontractor offices proposed to perform the work even if an SF 330, Part II is already on file. SF 330, Part II shall be provided for the specific prime, other offices of the prime, and sub-contractor offices proposed to perform the work. All Part IIs MUST be signed with original sig-nature or facsimile of the original signature (signed within the past 3 years is required) and dated. A copy of a signed/dated Part II is acceptable. Although firms are encouraged to update their SF 330 Part II at least annually, older ones (up to 3 years old in accordance with FAR 36.603(d)(5)) will still be considered by the board. However, a firm may be recommended as not qualified or ranked low if missing, confusing, conflicting, obsolete or obscure information prevents a board from reasonably determining that a firm demonstrates certain required qualifications. Indicate in Block 5b of each Part II if the firm is a Large Business, Small Business, HubZone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, or Woman-Owned Small Business. To be classified as a small business, a firm's average annual receipts or sales for the preceding three fiscal years must not exceed $14 million. (c) Submit only one SF 330, Part I from the Prime for the design team, completed in accordance with the SF 330 instructions and additional instructions herein. It must contain information in sufficient detail to identify the team (prime, other offices of the prime, and consultants) proposed for the contract. The A-E shall not include company literature with the SF 330. (d) In block No. 4 Part II provide the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number issued by Dun and Bradstreet Information System (1/866-705-5711) for the prime A-E or Joint Venture. The DUNS number must be for the firm or joint venture performing the work (i.e. not the parent DUNS number, but a DUNS number specifically for the office performing the work. (e) In Section C of the SF 330, Part I, identify the discipline/service to be supplied by the Prime, Prime Branch offices as applicable, and each consultant. Provide brief resumes in Section E of the on-staff or consultant employees you intend to use to perform the work. Resumes must be submitted for each employee required to meet the minimums stated above in paragraph 3b. Resumes shall not exceed one page. (f) In Section F, a maximum of 10 projects for the total proposed Team (including the prime and consultants) shall be provided. Use no more than one page per project. (g) In Section G, block 26, along with the name, include the firm and office location the person is associated with. The names of all individuals included in the resumes in Section E shall be listed in Block G-26 along with their firm location and their roles even if example project experience in Block G-28 is not applicable. Also include Team Project Organization Chart in Part I, Section D indicating how each firm on the proposed team (prime, applicable prime branch offices, and each subcontractor as identified in Part I, Section C) integrates into the composite team. (h) In Section H, of the SF 330, Part I, provide a narrative to address each of the requirements, including subparagraphs, of items listed in Section 3, Selection Criteria, of this announcement. (i) In Section H, Part I, SF 330, firms must show their last 12 months DoD contract awards stated in dollars (see 3(e) above), provide an itemized summary of DoD awards to include Agency Contract Number/Task Order No. DoD awards shall be shown in an itemized summary including Agency, Contract Number/Task Order No., Project Title, and Award Amount dollars. Include a total of all listed awards. Note that award of Indefinite Delivery Contracts should not be counted as award amounts; only actual Task Orders and any modifications thereto should be included in the amounts. When addressing Team capabilities, clarify planned capability, existing capability, and prior experiences, if any. Include any other relevant information including a short discussion of why the firm is especially qualified based upon the specific selection criteria listed in Section 3. (j) In Section H, Part I, SF 330 Generally, describe the firm's Quality Management Plan (QMP). A project-specific detailed QMP must be prepared and approved by the Government as a con-dition of contract award, but is not required with this submission. Indicate the estimated per-centage involvement of each firm on the proposed team. Do not exceed twenty pages for Sec-tion H. Front and back side use of a single page will count as 2 pages, and print type used in charts, graphics, figures and tables may be smaller than 11 font but must be clearly legi-ble. Foldouts are not allowed and shall not be considered. (k) Personal visits to discuss this announcement will not be entertained. (l) Solicitation packages are not provided for A-E contracts and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period. Facsimile transmissions will not be ac-cepted. Points of contact: Contracting - Diane Cianci (918) 669-7458. This is not a request for proposal. In accordance with FAR clause 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting for services, quote mark At least 50 percent of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel shall be expend-ed for employees of the concern. quote mark INQUIRIES - OFFEROR'S QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS USE OF BIDDER'S INQUIRY 30 JULY 2014 Prospective offerors should submit questions and inquiries related to this solicitation in accord-ance with the following (collect calls will not be accepted): a. For information related to amendments, and the dates set for receipt of proposals, please check b. Contractual and Technical inquiries and questions relating to proposal procedures are to be submitted via Bidder Inquiry in ProjNet at 1. To submit and review bid inquiry items, offerors will need to be a current registered user or self-register into the system. To self-register go to the aforementioned web page and click on the BID tab. Select Bidder Inquiry, select agency USACE, and enter the Bidder Inquiry Key for this solicitation listed below, your e-mail address, and then click login. Fill in all required information and click create user. Verify that information on next screen is correct and click continue. 2. From this page you may view all bidder inquiries or add an inquiry. 3. Bidders will receive an acknowledgement of their question via e-mail, followed by an answer to their question after it has been processed. 4. The Solicitation Numbers are: W912BV-14-R-0084 (H&H) The Bidder Inquiry Key is GW6NGQ-X7AY3W 5. Address/enter only one question/issue per entry. c. The Bidder Inquiry System will be unavailable for new inquiries 4:00pm (Central) five (5) days before proposal are due (28 Aug 2014) in order to ensure adequate time is allotted to form an appropriate response and amend the solicitation, if necessary. d. Offerors are requested to review the specification in its entirety, and review the Bidder Inquiry System for answers to questions prior to submission of a new inquiry. e. The call center operates weekdays from 8AM to 5PMU.S. Central Time Zone (Chicago). The telephone number for the Call Center is 800-428-HELP. f. Offers will NOT be publicly opened. Information concerning the status of the evaluation and/or award will NOT be available after receipt of proposals. g. The point of contact for this solicitation is: Contract Specialist: Diane Cianci Telephone: 918-669-7458 E-MAIL:


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