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Forex Coach Offers One-On-One Personal Coaching!

July 25, 2014

LONDON, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading UK-based Forex Coaching Mentor Roxi has today announced her availability for one-to-one training with anyone who is interested in the business of Foreign Exchange Trading (Forex), and would love to have a mentor take their hand and guide them toward success.

Claiming the training is unique, Roxi is careful to point out that the training she provides is not something anyone can get from a training manual or DVD. Rather it is a hands-on-approach with an experienced mentor who has over 14 years of experience trading the Forex market.

"Sometimes the support will be live when needed, online via Skype, a means by which I have come to discover that most people learn better this way far more than being left on their own to navigate the markets," says Roxi, who is careful to point out that even though there are many coaching programs out there, not many take the 'one-to-one' coaching as she herself provides.

"My mission is to help others to achieve success in the shortest possible time by guiding them to my own set of rules and techniques which have seen me through the tough decision making process when it comes to trading Forex," adds Roxi.

This training is for anyone who is interested in trading currency markets, those who are struggling and those who really need hand holding to achieve consistency in their trading.

"If they want to learn and improve, then I am their coach," says Roxi, who is promising potential students they will benefit tremendously from her training.


"They'll have proven money making strategies that I use myself, it will save them money, and they will be able to keep the money they make in trading instead of giving it all back," says Roxi, who believes the world of Forex trading is getting more exciting each day.

According to the Forex trading market specialist, trillions of dollars are being traded everyday around the world, and there's enough for everyone, but she is quite satisfied with the tiny portion she is able to carve out for herself.

"However, the question is: 'Would you be happy with GBP50.00 a day? What about GBP200.00 a day?" asks Roxi in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way, as she sought to find ways in which to show those who want to get in on the action her methods of making money using proven strategies perfected over the years.

Even if someone is a complete newbie or still struggling to make a successful living from trading, Roxi has assured she can help. With years of experience under her belt, she says she can train anyone to successfully make money from trading just 3-4 hours a day.

"In my opinion, the most important thing is not about making money, it is about keeping the money you make." Roxi believes passionately that through her training, students will learn how to control their emotions (most traders trade emotionally), how to logically pin point exact entries and exits and profit making targets.

"Basically, you will learn to find a right balance between the greed and fear - two emotions that make or break a trading career," she adds.

Arguing that through greed a lot of people go after money and not happiness, Roxi says there'll never be enough money, which is the basis for which many take unnecessary risks and lose it all. The solution lies in finding a right balance and by logically understanding that the 'right' time to trade is the most important.

"There are no magical formulas out there which will make you money while you sleep or on auto pilot. You have to learn to make the right decisions about when to trade and when not to trade. Trading strategies will vary according to the market conditions and you have to learn when or when not to use them. However, my training will hopefully get you started on the right path," says Roxi, whose main interest is helping others achieve financial freedom the way she has achieved it, and that is why she is prepared to spend so much time and energy with her own students to ensure their success.

For further information, please contact: Roxanne Cross, Forex Coaching Mentor, +44-1424852299, or visit the website:


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Source: PR Newswire Europe

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