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Intelligent social network linking innovation and education

July 21, 2014

Generated after the Swiss French association of its two founders, Steven and Audrey, the public version of Freasyway is about to be launched. This social network features multimedia documents sharing and video telephony.

The 32 years old entrepreneurs hope to convince 500 000 members until the end of the year, before conquering the entire world.

To launch a new social network sounds like an outrageous idea. Audrey Humbert, a young French graduate in international commerce and Steven Hori, Swiss resident and Internet and networking specialist, the two founders, reveal that Freasyway is: "Finally a secure social network that respects 100% the private data."

Why the name Freasyway? Created in a clear manner, the name of the network is composed by three words: Free Easy Way means "Free and Easy way" towards knowledge. The innovative French-Swiss has an international and multicultural vocation.

Complete protection of your sensitive information: you are the sole controller of your space and you can preserve all the rights over your contents.

Aware of the competition, Freasyway provides a series of advantages and novelty services.

Based on repeated feedback and the confidence of outshining the products already existent on the market, Freasyway is without a doubt the most efficient when it comes to personal information. Moreover, deleting contents is a permanent action, doesn't leave a trace, while all the options are clear and easily accessible, and based on a simplified and optimized ergonomics.

For improving the browsing experience, the platform proposes two portals linked to each other. The first interface is dedicated to learners who want to pursue a formation or to perfect their overall knowledge, but it is also dedicated to the professional world and communities driven by the desire of collaborating with other individuals or organizations with the same interests. Amongst other advantages, we can mention the exchange of good practices, improved formation opportunities, personal development, networking and applicants search.

The second interface is solely dedicated to institutions and independent professors for posting their contents online in real time and for managing their own networks.

The importance of this offer of complementary services is definitely important and will attract users even more, since Freasyway gathers around its community platform an essential number of functions: virtual environment for learning, real time e-learning that allows working with up to 200 users at the same time, data storage and exchange, proximity chat with people from your country or area, linking to similar profiles, private and public news management under the name of "Sosharing" (just share), professional employment ads, collaboration proposals, interactive forums etc.

FreasyConfig, a completely personalized tool that enables the update of exchange platforms working in the core of Freasyway for enhancing the operational efficiency and for activating the collaborative work. This tool also allows you to elaborate a project and to submit it for financing reasons to international community members of the Freasyway network, with the goal of producing tangible and quantifiable results.

Amongst the modules, we find Boxreader, a virtual library to a world-wide scale. The tool was developed for offering the online media, newspapers, magazines, book editors or others the possibility to publish their contents for free or for a fee. The community members will be able to browse the various resources of Freasyway and will take advantage of a varied content offer that stimulates the multicultural exchanges for a wider opening of the spirit.

Our vision is that anyone can contribute to this project by submitting ideas or specific needs in order to give a progressive dimension to Freasyway. Built as an interactive tool, the project is continuously developed and updated to adjust to a high number of users. In France, Freasyway already counts over 100 institutions that post their contents online and a multitude of users animating the network. Don't hesitate to check the list of registered institutions and to consult the partners who share our values.

Audrey Humbert International Relations

Free Easy Way


Suisse : +41 79 96 75 970

France : +33 6 77 32 62 92

Standard : +41 21 58 80 679

Fax: +33 48 28 39 805

+41 21 58 80 676


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Source: M2 PressWIRE

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