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Innovation Pub - Where Challenges Are Tackled Head On

July 21, 2014

Sebastian Marondo

Welcome to the new weekly column "Innovation Pub". Some of you will recognize my name because it has recently appeared on various online platforms; websites, social Media and in various ICT conferences and gatherings both local and internationally.

Others may be reading it for the first time here and now. Whichever the case, I am a newcomer to this platform so I'm asking for a minute of your time to introduce myself and my weekly column, named "Innovation Pub" My profession is that of Information systems Security and Auditing, with background in computer Science and Business administration.

You might wonder how my profession is related to this weekly column. Well, I am here to share experiences such as, how business can grow faster, how a company can make more income, how employees can be more creative, how small business can start from interior part of the country and reach world global market, how the country can increase its economic growth, how we can improve standard of living of our people, how we can make an effective public sector better.

The list is long. As you are reading this article you may be a person employed by private or public sector, retired, unemployed or self employed in your own business.

In whichever way you might know what challenges facing various businesses around us as of today. Almost every business is at a state of questioning itself how they can increase their income, how they can maintain better position in the market, how they serve their customers better or even how they can fight against their competitors and so much more.

Governments have their own challenges too, such as how they can offer better services to the citizenry, how they can reduce operational cost or even how they can improve effectiveness and their efficiency to become better government for the people.

These challenges are in everywhere, from individual, small business, medium business, large corporation, government, a nation to a nation and generally in every part of the world. So what should we do for our business to remain healthy in such competitive and dynamic market?

Well, let's talk about information technology and its innovation, starting with the basic question that how technology can assist your business?

Information technology for few of you who never heard this word it is about applying computer and communication equipment's in storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating data.

Simply is about our mobile phones, computers system we use every day, our entertainment systems, payment system we daily use from convenience stores, shops, supermarkets and other places. Is about what makes us print the documents and communicate via emails, use internet and other related functions to mention few.

So why is it important for the business? Back to 70's company size were defined in term of how much stock they had, or how much they were producing and sell to the market.

In today most of the companies' strength is defined based on what they know about the market, what product they can produce, where they can sells and which information they have about stakeholders for the company.

Competition has being the drivers of the market and who ever have better information remain to be competitor in the market than those without. Information control the business today than the equity and stock used to do before.

Such demand forces business to apply more technology to control information about their sells, marketing, finances, research, operations and other similar functions to mention few. Information technology since its inception in around 1960's when the first computer was introduced to date it has been adopted with various companies, governments and users worldwide. It is constant changing in almost every year with significant changes on every decade.

Such changes are what today businesses, companies, government and individual may take advantages to do better business today. Our main interest in this column is the changes itself. The change in technology is called innovation because it can bring a better way of doing something such as product, processes, and services.

It can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in-articulated needs, or existing market needs. In this constant changing business world the global market create business opportunities for new solutions.

This is the reason which makesinnovative businesses to be more productive and typically grow twice as fast as businesses that fail to innovate, and innovative economies are more competitive, respond better to change, and see higher returns on investment and increased living standards. This is reason perhaps which makes us talk about innovation in this column.

We need to find the better way of doing our business, manage our market, creating smart business, increase performance of the organization while solving public sectors problems and create better countries with better standard of living.

Joining me here every Saturday for detailed discussion on innovation and technology and how companies and government can benefit and utilize the current state of innovation.

Sebastian Marondo Information System Expert

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Source: AllAfrica

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