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Sources Sought Notice - A-- Professional Scientific Range Support Services

July 14, 2014

Notice Type: Sources Sought Notice

Posted Date: 11-JUL-14

Office Address: Department of the Army; Army Contracting Command; ACC-APG - Adelphi; ATTN: AMSRD-ACC, 2800 Powder Mill Road, Adelphi, MD 20783-1197

Subject: A-- Professional Scientific Range Support Services

Classification Code: A - Research & Development

Solicitation Number: W911QX14R0024

Contact: James O'Keefe, 301-394-2135 [ACC-APG - Adelphi]

Setaside: N/AN/A

Place of Performance (address): ACC-APG - Adelphi ATTN: AMSRD-ACC, 2800 Powder Mill Road Adelphi MD

Place of Performance (zipcode): 20783-1197

Place of Performance Country: US

Description: Department of the Army

Army Contracting Command

ACC-APG - Adelphi

A. Synopsis: This Sources Sought is for planning purposes only and is a market research tool to determine availability and adequacy of potential 8(a) certified small business sources. The Government is under no obligation to pay for information submitted in response to this Sources Sought. All the information submitted will be considered and treated as public information. The vendor should not include any pricing or proprietary information. This is not a Request for Proposal or Quote; therefore, responses to this notice will not be accepted as offers. The Army Research Laboratory mission is to discover, innovate and transition science and technology to ensure dominant strategic land power. The Contractor shall provide Professional Scientific, Engineering and Program Coordinator services which support this mission. The vendor may be required to work at their own facility and Government sites including multiple locations at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and the Adelphi Laboratory Center in Adelphi, MD. B. Objective: To find sources which are qualified to perform in accordance with the following specifications. This notice is for informational purposes only. The Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG)-Adelphi Division (ACCAPG-Adelphi) on behalf of the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is conducting market research in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10. The purpose of this Market Research is to identify potential 8(a) firms that have the skills, experience, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to provide technical support as described to ARL in accordance with the sample Performance Work Statement. Large businesses need not respond, nor will a response submitted be considered. This sources sought is only open to 8(a) firms. ARL intends, to the greatest extent possible, to fulfill multiple Small Business Program Goals through this requirement. The previous acquisition was set-aside for the 8(a) program and the government intends to set this effort aside 8(a) or, based on responses received, to another small business program to achieve its assigned Small Business Program goals. The government will make the final set-aside decision in coordination with the SBA and the Army Office of Small Business Programs based on the information gathered from this RFI, other market research and ARL's ongoing performance in each small business category in which goals are assigned. C. Specifications: The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is looking for companies that possess capabilities to conduct scientific & engineering research, development and analyses in materials & manufacturing sciences, lethality sciences, protection sciences, and assessment & analyses in lethality/survivability. These efforts will be predominantly directed towards discovery and innovation in science & technologies to ensure dominant U.S. land power. ARL seeks contractors with capabilities to execute fundamental and applied research in a wide variety of specialized and multi-disciplinary fields; the majority of the work to be performed falls into research. In addition to performing research typical to discovery and innovation, contractors will also need to typically associated with technology transition and analyses but which strongly rely upon fundamental and applied research. ARL, thus, seeks contractors with capabilities to examine technical issues as others' transition technology concepts into development, perform analyses and technology developments related to mounted/dismounted Soldiers, or improve manufacturing processes to prove feasibility, address technical issues or reduce costs. In addition, ARL also seeks contractors with capabilities to perform programmatic evaluations and reporting on scientific and engineering programs. From within the laboratory, work is anticipated from the Weapons & Materials Research Directorate, Warrior Injury Assessment (WIAMan) Project Office, and Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate. ARL expects these efforts to be predominantly conducted in offices and experimental facilities located at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Maryland. Limited experimental work is anticipated at ARL facilities in Adelphi, Maryland. Intermittent travel by select scientists and engineers may be necessary to leverage unique facilities operated by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy or other activities with whom ARL collaborates. Most scientists and engineers will need to travel to present technical work, gather information on the state-of-the-art developments, or learn how to operate new equipment. ARL is interested in contractors that have capabilities to analyze technical data; plan & conduct experiments and tests; conceive integrated experimental, analytical, and numerical approaches to solve technical problems; conceive, design and construct proof-of-principle materials or hardware; conduct high performance computing simulations to explore technical research areas; compose or author technical documents, publications, and presentations; communicate technical data, knowledge, challenges or progress at technical conferences and program reviews; and gather technical data on state-of-the-art developments in scientific, engineering and analysis fields. By executing these tasks, scientists and engineers may be developing data or knowledge that will be handed off to others to apply, may be developing proof-of-principle technology concepts, may be conducting analyses or assessments, or performing combination of these types of tasks. Projects being performed by the contractor's employees may extend for years in duration or may only last for a few weeks. ARL explores scientific and engineering technical areas where goals and problems are often highly challenging and complex to examine and solve. In some cases, research may have been initiated by others (such as academia, ARL, other Service labs, DARPA, etc.) but may need to be leveraged or expanded to meet unique mission requirements. In others cases, the research may be unique to ARL or the Department of Defense (DOD) applications. Some technical efforts may only have top-level objectives identified by Army senior leaders, Army Centers of Excellence and Army Program Executive Offices/Program Managers. Scientists and engineers may need to deconstruct top-level objectives into more tractable research problems in order to achieve desired Army objectives. By the nature of its mission, ARL anticipates only a limited number of technical contractual efforts appropriate for scientists and engineers in the earlier phases of their career development. Most efforts will need to be performed by scientists and engineers who possess advanced degrees. Such researchers may possess substantial abilities to be major contributors in their fields or may already be recognized leaders in their technical fields. Most efforts will require full-time scientists or engineers but some efforts may only require highly specialized part-time personnel. Thus, ARL seeks companies who have demonstrated capabilities to attract and retain highly trained, specialized staff such as, but not limited to, materials engineers, chemists, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, aerospace engineers, electrical/electronics engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer engineers/scientists, biomedical engineers, biologists, and physical scientists. In the areas of material and manufacturing sciences, ARL seeks companies with capabilities to theorize, model, design, develop, synthesize, process, characterize, experiment and analyze new or emerging materials or material systems. Research may include: a) development and application of experimental, theoretical, and computational materials science and solid mechanics modeling for the constitutive response of metallic, ceramic, polymeric, composite and bio-inspired materials; b) synthesis, processing, characterization, and powder metallurgy for ceramics, organic & inorganic composites; c) design, development, synthesis, processing, assessment and integration of macromolecular materials technologies for structural, ballistic, multi-functional, nano-functional, bio-functional and high temperature applications; d) computational design of composite and hybrid material using computer-aided design, tool manufacturing, composite laminate architectures and finite element modeling; e) metallurgical research in joining technologies, property improvements, sustainable & smart materials, and state-of-the-art characterization needed for protection and lethality applications; f) development of advanced ceramics and transparent materials to exploit ballistic, structural, high temperature, thermal management and wear resistance; g) corrosion science and prevention to support sustainment, h) use of state-of-the-art facilities to examine and improve engineered polymers, adhesives and resins to satisfy application needs in ballistics, chemical agent resistance, extreme temperature environments, and other operational environments; i) failure/forensic and defect analysis of materials, j) innovative material processing sciences and manufacturing technologies to enable fabrication, integration and production of novel materials and material systems; k) computational modeling and simulation for primary, secondary and final processing to create adaptive manufacturing flexibilities and achieve efficiencies; l) non-destructive procedures to qualify performance and manufacturing processes. ARL anticipates that up to 38 staff years may be required annually. In the area of lethality sciences and technologies, ARL seeks companies with capabilities to perform scientific & engineering research and analyses in areas such as: a) advanced and novel energetics, b) theoretical chemistry and physics at multiple length and time scales to increase knowledge of current and next generation energetic materials; c) small scale characterization and formulation of energetic materials; d) experimental characterization and analyses of physical, chemical and thermal properties of energetic materials; e) integration of lethality mechanisms (such as penetration, fragmentation and blast effects) into all types of ammunition, missiles, rockets, artillery and bombs; f) designs of less than lethal and non-lethal mechanisms for weapons and weapon systems; g) improvements for the fundamental understanding for lethal mechanisms and target interactions; h) exploitation of materials, concepts and technologies to design and develop advanced mechanisms; i) theoretical, computational, experimental solid mechanics and structural dynamics to enhance the structural dynamics to enhance performance of ballistic structures and launch dynamics; j) propulsion science research using specialized diagnostic techniques and modeling; k) development and application of flight science design tools, models, and engineering to study advanced concepts and prototypes; l) applications of flight dynamics, flight control systems, maneuver controls and signal processing to improve guidance technologies; m) modeling and simulations with physics-based models, system engineering and combat simulations to mature and analyze weapon and weapon system concepts. ARL anticipates that up to fourteen (14) staff years may be required annually. In the area of protection sciences and technologies, ARL seeks companies with capabilities to research areas such as: a) advanced armor mechanisms to more effectively defeat threats; b) enhanced understanding of blast effects and better technologies to mitigate blast effects on vehicles and personnel; c) improved understanding of high-rate dynamic and failure mechanism responses and models for homogenous and heterogeneous materials under high rate conditions; d) experimental technique designs in solid mechanics and material responses to measure specific parameters to improve/develop computational algorithms; e) operate dynamic testing facilities; f) examinations of the high-rate effects of explosives on target structures; g) exploration of electromechanical and novel physics to advance protection technologies, h) soldier protection research to discover, understand and control human responses to ballistics events, and i) experimental and modeling improvements to develop better Soldier protection technologies. ARL anticipates that up to 21 staff years may be required annually. In the areas of ballistic survivability/lethality analyses and technologies for mounted/dismounted Soldiers wearing different levels of personnel protective equipment, ARL seeks contractors with capabilities to design and develop re-usable test manikins to assess combat injuries sustained by Soliders in vehicles due to blast, shock and vibration mechanisms. Experience with instrumentation, data acquisition systems, sensors, human biomechanics, human anatomy, as well as theories, experiments, and models are expected to be needed to examine underbody vehicle loading, small caliber effects, accelerative loading to humans, calculations for dynamic load transfers and human injury predictions. Additionally, ARL seeks contractors who can design experimental procedures, test plans, and programs in support of ballistic analyses and analysis of data from small caliber experiments to analyze ballistic survivability and lethality matters associated with individual Soldiers. Operation and maintenance of advanced metrology equipment (including imaging systems) may be required to collect data. ARL anticipates that up to seven (7) staff years may be required annually. ARL also seeks contractors with capabilities to conduct scientific and engineering program analyses to track, identify, review and analyze technical programs, metrics, gaps, risks, delivery timelines and required deliveries to meet near- as well as long-term Army requirements. Technical program analysts will need to maintain technical cognizance of national and international research and technologies to exploit useful developments and avoid technological surprise. Analysts will need to prepare technical inquires on scientific, engineering and analyst matters as well as establish and maintain procedures to track information. ARL anticipates that analysts will need to possess experiences in science and engineering fields such as materials, manufacturing, lethality and protection as well as critical enabling areas such as affordability, sustainability, reliability, manufacturability, mobility and exposure responses to natural, man-made and operational environments. Analysts will also be expected to be able to perform technology surveys, assist with preparation of technical proposals, evaluate research, coordinate technical meetings & tours, and prepare documents & presentations. ARL anticipates that up to 8 staff years may be required annually. ARL is only interested in contractors who possess a facility security clearance at the SECRET or higher level. All scientists, engineers, and program analysts performing technical work as well as the program manager supervising these employees must be US citizens and have valid security clearances on file with ARL prior to commencing work. All employees working on tasks associated with this contract will be expected to take appropriate actions to prevent inadvertent information disclosures, including, but not limited to, classified, privacy act protected, for official use only, and proprietary information. ARL is only interested in contractors possessing experiences with compliance of occupational safety and health standards promulgated under Public Law 91-956 and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) programs. ARL expects contractors to deliver and continuously manage an effective safety plan that includes job-specific hazard analyses for each employee, occupational health screening requirements, safety certifications, safety training, personnel protective equipment needs, identification and mitigation of hazards conditions, and accident/incident reporting. Hazard conditions or items that may be involved include, but are not limited to, high noise levels, electrical power sources with high voltage/currents, outside weather conditions, confined work spaces, engines & generators fueled with gasoline and diesel, lifting equipment, elevated work requiring fall arrest equipment, laboratory chemicals (such as organics, inorganics, solvents, acids, bases used to create new materials), ionizing & non-ionizing radiation (such as x-rays, lasers, radio frequency, depleted uranium, and radioactive source materials), dust & particulates, explosives, propellants, ammunition, lead, biological materials and stored energy (such as mechanical, high pressure, hydraulic, and air). ARL expects companies to provide its employees with basic industrial personnel protective equipment (PPE) [such as safety glasses, safety goggles, safety shoes, glove, hearing protection, lab coats and hard hats] in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards and as is appropriate to the job hazard analysis performed for each employee. ARL expects to provide specialized PPE as may be uniquely required. ARL prefers contractors who are willing to provide a full-time program manager working at an ARL APG site who can execute constant supervision of employees on technical, security, and safety matters. The program manager is expected to provide sound and responsive advice on routine matters. In the case of more complex matters, the program manager is expected to reach back to the corporate office for specialized assistance. ARL expects the on-site program manager to interface with employees working at over 15 geographically dispersed buildings and facilities located on Aberdeen Proving Ground. ARL expects to provide the contractor employees located at its facilities with government furnished equipment such as computers, computer software, network drives, access to printers/scanners, utilities, communication services, and library services. ARL is interested in companies who have demonstrated abilities to manage employees working under flexible work-life policies that strive to balance the customer needs, accommodate the employee's responsibilities outside of work, and manage risks & benefits. ARL is willing to consider telework under conditions which are deemed mutually acceptable to ARL and the contractor considering relevant factors to the work which needs to be performed. ARL anticipates that a long-term vehicle lease and associated operation costs may be needed to move specialized instrumentation among experiments being conducted at different facilities on Aberdeen Proving Ground. ARL expects to provide expendables, supplies and equipment that it considers reasonable for the contractor to execute its work. The Government will consider vendor responses demonstrating capability in only one technical area. Contractors who can demonstrate expertise and experience in multiple technical areas are more desirable. D. Responses: The electronic copy of responses is to be in the format of the attached Response Format Template. Responses to this RFI are due no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Time on 10 August 2014. Submissions should be emailed to and Questions concerning this RFI may be directed to Daniel P. Dougherty,, or James O'Keefe at Please be advised that .zip and .exe files cannot be accepted. Additional Info: Contracting Office Address: ACC-APG - Adelphi, ATTN: AMSRD-ACC, 2800 Powder Mill Road, Adelphi, MD 20783-1197 ________________________________________ Attachments: - Sample PWS - Response Format Template


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