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Film & Music: COWS, HEROES AND SHOWSTOPPERS: How many toilets are at the festival? And why is a metal band headlining? Try Michael Hann's quiz

June 27, 2014

1 The Left Field Tower at Glastonbury has been renamed this year in honour of which figure?

a) Mr Benn

b) Nigel Benn

c) Tony Benn

d) Ben Affleck

2 Which of the following statements about Michael Eavis's dairy herd is true?

a) Every cow is named after a musician who has performed at Glastonbury

b) Last year, Mick Jagger bought six of Eavis's heifers as a gift for Mick Taylor, to thank him for joining the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary tour

c) Milk produced by the Worthy Farm herd averages 3.96% fat

d) The mooing on the Smiths' Meat Is Murder is a recording of the Worthy Farm cows

3 How many toilets are there on the Glastonbury site during the festival?

a) 200

b) 5,000

c) 25,000

d) The whole place looks like a toilet by Sunday night

4 Which of the following acts of violent protest has Michael Eavis performed at Glastonbury?

a) Rugby tackled Hawkwind's Dave Brock onstage for extolling the virtues of non-organically produced drugs

b) Challenged the chief constable of Avon and Somerset Police to a mud wrestling match for the right to

set maximum police numbers at the festival

c) Slashed the tyres of a white van he believed to be an MI5 surveillance vehicle

d) Shot a firework at a low-flying plane trailing an anti-CND banner

5 Metallica are the first ever metal headliners. Why has Glastonbury been resistant to metal bands?

a) Michael Eavis feared they might attract the wrong sort of crowd

b) It was feared the cows would be disturbed by "aggressive music"

c) Because in 1980 Diamond Head wanted to sacrifice a goat onstage

d) For fear they might play to an empty field

6 When the Pyramid Stage is not hosting bands it is used as . . .

a) A model of the Great Pyramid of Giza to educate local schoolchildren

b) A meeting place for the parish councill

c) A cowshed

d) A five-a-side football pitch

7 In 2002, a giant fence was erected round the site at a cost of pounds 1m. Why?

a) To keep out tens of thousands of gatecrashers whose presence was endangering the festival licence

b) Because neighbours objected to the 7.5 miles of leylandii hedges around the perimeter, which they said constituted an eyesore

c) In order that graffiti artists might have a huge canvas on which to display their work

d) Because fences were going really cheap at B&Q that year

8In 2011, Bono of U2 interacted unusually onstage with the Guardian. What did he do?

a) Claimed that Tim Jonze's five-a-side team DisOrient FC were rubbish

b) Proposed marriage to columnist Polly Toynbee

c) Asked that the crowd sign a petition in favour of keeping cooked breakfasts in the canteen on Sundays

d) Took photographer David Levene's camera and started taking photos

9 How much litter do festivalgoers leave at the Glastonbury site?

a) 2,500 tonnes

b) None

c) 10,000 tonnes

d) 20,000 tonnes

10 The 1981 festival was the first to donate takings to CND. But where did the metal sheeting used in the Pyramid stage come from?

a) The Ministry of Defence

b) The Greenham Common peace camp

c) The Soviet nuclear submarine base at Archangel

d) Scavenged from tips and dumps around Somerset

11 Which of the following has been a real area at Glastonbury

a) The William Cobbett Polemical Mime Field

b) The One Earth Arts Field

c) The Organic Stilt Decoration Tent

d) The Dowsing and Divining Water Sourcing Haven

Answers 1 c; 2 c; 3 b; 4 d; 5 c;

6 d; 7 a; 8 d; 9 a; 10 a; 11 b.

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Source: Guardian (UK)

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