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Advanced Manufacturing Shaping the Future

June 1, 2014


THE BIG M event, to be held June 9-12 at Detroit'sCobo Center, will highlight significant advances in the manufacturing industry and showcase new technologies that are already taking manufacturing by storm.

At the same time, the popular annual RAPID Conference & Exposition, the authority on 3D printing, scanning and additive manufacturing, will be co-located with the inaugural THE BIG M event.

"A very important part of the manufacturing process is what is really perceived to be a new technology, additive manufacturing and 3D printing," said Debbie Holton, director of North American Events and Industry Strategy for SME. "And since manufacturing really is all about bringing ideas to reality, a dynamic way for manufacturers to do that is the new 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, which have advanced so much in the last several years."

Among the highlights: Jason Lopes, lead system engineer for Legacy Effects, a special effects technology company from Hollywood, will demonstrate how 3D printing and scanning have been cast in recent blockbuster hits like "Iron Man 3," "The Hunger Games," "The Bourne Legacy," "Pacific Rim" and 2014's remake of "RoboCop."

"3D printing and scanning have completely altered the way today's movies are made," said Lopes. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to present on the evolution of special effects as a major component of the filmmaking process, as well as provide a visual demonstration by bringing RoboCop back to Detroit."

Joining Lopes as a main keynote presenter is industry influencer Terry Wohlers, principal consultant and president of Wohlers Associates Inc. Wohlers, who publishes the annual industry report on the state of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, will discuss additive manufacturing and 3D printing as it pertains to the unprecedented attention that the industry has received from national governments, institutional investors and large corporations.

More information about the THE BIG M and RAPID show can be found at or

Electron-Beam Melting System

Arcam Q20 is an electron-beam melting system (EBM) designed specifically for aerospace manufacturing and was developed with support from leading aerospace manufacturers. It is part of Arcam's Q-series, which first appeared when the Arcam Q10 was launched last year. The Arcam Q20 offers several new features well suited to industrial volume production, including increased productivity, higher resolution, and Arcam LayerQam, a camera-based monitoring system for part quality verification.

Arcam AB

Ph: +46 (0)31 710 32 00


Web site:

Color Multi-Material 3D Printer

0bjet500 Connex3 color multi-material 3D printer features triple-jetting technology that combines droplets of three base materials to produce parts with virtually unlimited combinations of rigid, flexible, and transparent color materials as well as digital materials in a single part run. Product designers and manufacturers have the ability to achieve the characteristics of an assembled part without assembly or painting. This helps them validate designs, make good decisions earlier before committing to manufacturing, and bring products to market faster. Similar to a 2D inkjet printer, three color materials-VeroCyan, VeroMagenta and VeroYellow-are combined to produce hundreds of vivid colors. The 3D printer features a large build envelope, is ideal for high capacity production, and can run with about 30 kg of resin per cycle.

Stratasys 3D Printers & Production Systems

Ph: 952-937-3000

Web site:

Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing

Red Eye, by Stratasys, is one of the world's largest providers of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing services. High-quality parts delivered quickly to market reduce cost and improve competitiveness. 3D printing technologies available for rapid prototyping include FDM and PolyJet.

Red Eye by Stratasys

Ph: 866-882-6934

Web site:

Portable Measuring Arm

Next-generation RÖmer Absolute Arm offers CMM noncontact laser scanning capabilities for CAD-to-part inspections and reverse engineering applications. It provides immediate feedback of critical features after design iterations for quality control or rapid prototyping. The arm features optimized ergonomics, a new wrist design, and greater stability to create a better user experience while further reducing operator fatigue. The six-axis portable measuring arm introduces a wrist designed around the complex contours of the human hand. The new wrist on the seven-axis Absolute Arm has a more natural feel with rotation centered on the system's probe. Both systems feature a lockable, Zero-G counterbalance.

Hexagon Metrology

Ph: 847-214-5234

Web site:

Industrial Metrology Solutions

Zeiss Industrial Metrology is a global leader in offering leading CNC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and complete solutions for multidimensional metrology in the metrology lab and production. Offerings Include bridge-type, horizontal-arm and inline measuring machines, as well as form, contour and surface measuring machines, the Metrotom computed tomography system, and the O-lnspect multisensor CMM. Zeiss IMT develops and manufactures all key components, such as controllers, software, measuring systems and sensors.

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology LLC

Ph: 800-327-9735

Web site:

MultiSensor CMM System

Phoenix II multisensor CMM system integrates a miniature structured white light scanner, an optical feature recognition system, and a scanning CMM probe on a high-accuracy granite CMM device. Users can create point clouds of complex surfaces and measure features such as deep holes and slots In the same program. Sensors are changed using standard Renishaw interfaces and change racks. Accurate and repeatable measurements can be in the same coordinate system and are certifiable to ISO standards for production parts.

Wenzel America Ltd.

Ph: 248-295-4300

Web site:

Metrology Solutions

Company will showcase its metrology solutions from four major suppliers including the HDV300 Optical Comparator from LS Starrett Co. This machine combines a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system all in one. Features include a 12 x 6" stage travel, a 5-megaplxel digital video camera, a powerful 64-bit PC, and touchscreen monitor. Company also will display the MetLogix M3 Metrology software, the Equator 300 from Renishaw, the Optix 500 L, S and M laser scanners from 3D Digital Corp., and the Vertx high-precision solution for smaller parts from Micro Vu.

Inspec Inc.

Ph: 734-451-8740


Web site:

Software for 3D Printing

Magics software offers a whole range of new functionalities, including expanded measurement options with built-in ISO standard tolerances. Magicsl8 for 3D printing features new and improved cutting tools, enhanced surface to solid functionality, improved wall thickness analysis, and expanded reporting options. New 3-maticSTL lightweight structures module allows designers to reduce the weight of designs and replace solid volumes, create porous designs while minimizing costs and material usage and to create textures, perforations and patterns on your STL data and printed models. The STL files can then be printed with additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology. Magics SG+ module is the most complete support generation toolbox for metal applications minimizing part deformation due to thermal stress, overheating or by contact on the part of the machine's recoating system.


Ph: 734-259-6445

Web site:

Tool Holders

Briney Tooling Systems quality tool holders are available for all types of tooling connections. They come in a full range of sizes for CAT style tooling, BT style, HSK and straight shank versions. Tru Position end mill adapters, ER/BR collet chucks, shell mill holders and blank bar tooling are among the products offered. Collets and drill chucks are also available from stock.

Gemini Precision Machining

Ph: 800-292-0268

Web site:

3D-Printing Material

Somos PerFORM is a new composite material for 3D printing. It is intended for parts that require thermal stability, extreme accuracy and a quick turnaround. It is said to achieve maximum accuracy and detail with a reduced processing time. Somos PerFORM is available for 355-nm and 365-nm photopolymerbased machines for 3D printing.

DSM Functional Materials

Ph: 847-608-2530

Web site:

From Baseplate to Completed Part in One Setup

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine, now available from MC Machinery, is the only machine in the world which relies on one-machine/one-process manufacturing of complex molds and parts by fusing metal laser sintering (3D SLS) technology with high speed milling technology. The machine enables production of complicated parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering, using 3D data. The machine achieves the highest accuracy in part fabrication since metal powders are melted and sintered via laser, while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds.

MC Machinery

Ph: (630) 616-5920

Web site.-

Composite Machining Solutions

At THE BIG M, Seco Tools, LLC will showcase innovative milling and drilling tools and techniques that bring increased cutting performance to the machining of composite-based components in booth 330. Among the solutions Seco will have on display include the Jabro JC800 series of CVDdiamond-coated cutters, Seco Feedmax solid carbide drills and Niagara DiamondPlus productsall of which prevent uncut fibers and delamination in demanding composite applications for various industry segments, including aerospace, automotive, construction and wind power.

Seco Tools, LLC

Ph: 248-528-5444

Web site:


Nmark AGV-HP advanced galvanometers use innovative optical feedback technology to increase resolution to greater than 24 bits. Both the standard AGV and higher performance AGV-HP series scanners may be directly driven by Aerotech's Nmark CLS galvo controller, which offers a full suite of advanced application tools that include Position Synchronized Output (PSO) and Infinite Field of View (IFOV). The AGV is available with 10-, 14-, and 20-mm apertures with standard F-Theta lens interfaces to provide maximum application flexibility. The AGV can be configured to accommodate 1064-, 532-, and 355-nm wavelengths, with other wavelengths available upon request. A variety of focal lengths are standard, with correction files provided to remove lens distortion effects.

Aerotech Inc.

Ph: 412-963-7470

Web site:

Measurement Solutions

New portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services will be showcased at RAPID 2014 including the company's new lineup of 3D scanners which include the GolSCAN 50 and GolSCAN 20 models. Both versions provide fast, reliable 3D measurements while offering the easiest portable 3D scanning experience available. The GolSCAN 50 was designed to measure the shape of medium-tolarger parts and offers optimal flexibility. The GolSCAN 20 delivers maximum resolution and is dedicated for use with smaller objects with intricate details, making it suitable for 3D printers. Company will also showcase its completely re-engineered HandySCAN 3D series, including the HandySCAN 3D 300 and HandySCAN 3D 700 models, which provide groundbreaking accuracy, both at close and further distances, and at significantly higher measurement rates.


Ph: 418-833-4446

Web site:

Linear Mold & Engineering Offers Look at DMLS

A full-service engineering company, Linear Mold & Engineering offers a range of services including designing and building molds for a variety of plastic processes including injection, compression and blow molding. The company is one of the largest Direct Metal Laser Sintering operations in North America, and will showcase its wide range of capabilities at booth #1530 at RAPID 2014.

Linear Mold & Engineering

Ph: 734-422-6060

Web site:

Cideas Expands Model Shop

Cideas has expanded its model shop and added an R&D lab to its Crystal Lake, IL facility. The expansion nearly doubles available machine space for the future addition of large frame industrial 3D printers. The company has also tripled its finishing area, allowing it to focus on providing larger finished parts, as well as more additive-manufactured components. Cideas Is a full-service, additive manufacturing and 3D printing center with capabilities including Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), PolyJet, Urethane Casting, and Part Finishing. In 2013, Cideas expanded its SLA and SLS services with the addition of five new large-frame additive manufacturing machines from 3D Systems and became the first service center to run an iPro 8000 with Xtreme White 200.

Cideas Inc.

Ph: 847-639-1000

Web site:

0Compact Portal Milling Machine

The new FZ33 compact portal milling machine is intended for machining smalland medium-sized components for the aeronautical, automotive, and tool and mold-making industries, as well as for many special applications. The compact FZ33 features large work envelope of 2.5 x 3 x 1.25 m (X,Y,Z) for five-side, high-speed machining of aluminium and composite materials as well as steel and cast iron parts.

F. Zimmermann GmbH

Ph: 248-305-9707

Web site-,

3D Printed Architectural Column

The impressive column created by architect and designer Sam Welham and Richard Beckett from London highlights the entire bandwidth of 3D print technology in architecture. The sculptural element features a total height of 2.1 m and consists of two halves. The lower half was printed with 250 dpi resolution and a layer thickness of 0.3 mm in sand. It transitions into the white region made of high-resolution PMMA plastic with a layer thickness of 0.12 mm. Both components were produced on high-performance 3D printers at the voxeljet service center in Friedberg, Germany. Even though the molds were very large and complex, it was nevertheless possible to print each half in one piece. The large-format VX4000 printer took less than 20 hours to print the lower sand half; the upper plastic half was created on a VX1000 printer in a build time of approximately 34 hours.


Ph: +49 821 7483 440

Web site:

Machine Tool Monitoring

Shop Floor Automations provides solutions ranging from machine monitoring and data collection to DNC and scheduling. Company will feature the Scytec DataXchange, a cloud and on-premise machine monitoring and data collection system featuring configurable real-time dashboards, e-mail alerts, and configurable analytics to collect data and take action based on events on the shop floor. Scytec DataXchange connects to the latest MTConnect and FANUC Focas-enabled machines as well as legacy equipment and scales from a few machines to multi-plant installations, yet keeps the licensing very simple with unlimited users, unlimited access to the real-time dashboard and access from mobile devices. Scytec Consulting Inc. will showcase its cloud-based DataXchange and Process Control System, a machine monitoring and data collection system that utilizes MTConnect as one data collection method, in the Shop Floor Automations booth.

Shop Floor Automations/Scytec Consulting

Ph: 619-461-4000

Web site:

Versatile Laser Marking Machines

The Beamer is designed to replace old and inefficient parts-marking technology. The newest line of laser marking machines is built around productivity and precision, offering the newest standard with its bench top, full enclosure and XL models. The newest lines of Beamer include a bigger Z-axis travel, a better fiber laser power source, and user friendly software. Also, the versatile structure with options for automation allows endless opportunities to fit any form of production.

Beamer Laser Marking Systems

Ph: 810-638-5388

Web site:

Chatter-Free Boring Bars

Chatter-free boring bars utilize tuneable internal dampening technology, which enables extended reaches up to 10xD bar diameter and 14xD bar diameter with carbide-reinforced bars. Manufacturers are able to increase productivity with higher feed rates and improved surface finishes. CFT modular system gives an operator the ability to perform multiple operations with one bar. Heads for roughing, finishing, grooving and threading are available.

Ultra-Dex USA

Ph: 810-638-5388

Web site:

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