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Patent Issued for Water Filtration and Sterilisation Device

June 25, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Engineering -- From Alexandria, Virginia, VerticalNews journalists report that a patent by the inventor Dier, Christopher (Windsor, GB), filed on November 13, 2007, was published online on June 10, 2014.

The patent's assignee for patent number 8747664 is Applica Cosumer Products, Inc. (Miramar, FL).

News editors obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "A domestic water filtration jug typically comprises a jug body into the upper region of which there is nested an inlet container having a removable filtration element. Water, for example tap water, can be introduced into the container whereupon it is fed by gravity through the filtration element to the lower region of the jug body. The filtration element may contain an appropriate filtration means such as, for example, an activated carbon bed or an ion exchange matrix. The filtered water can be retained in the lower region of the jug body until it is poured therefrom by tipping the jug body.

"The nesting of the inlet container within the jug body means that the jug body can only ever be partially filled as around half of the jug body is taken up by the inlet container. A user may typically keep the filtration jug in their refrigerator. It will thus be appreciated that a conventional filtration jug thus wastes space within the refrigerator. The filtration element typically only removes particles, chemicals and heavy metals as water passes from the inlet container to the lower region of the jug body. The filtration element thus does not remove biological contaminants such as, for example, bacteria. A further drawback is that the filtered water may be kept in the lower region of the jug body for a prolonged period of time during which it may lose its freshness, for example by coming into contact with airborne contaminants."

As a supplement to the background information on this patent, VerticalNews correspondents also obtained the inventor's summary information for this patent: "According to the present invention there is provided a water filtration and sterilisation device comprising a container having an inlet conduit and an outlet conduit, a closure valve at said inlet conduit, a filter means upstream of said inlet conduit, a flow prevention means in said outlet conduit and an ultra violet radiation source within said container, whereby the valve is adapted to be opened for a first time period to admit water into the container via the filter means, the ultra violet radiation source is operable for a second time period to sterilise water in said chamber, and said flow prevention means is operable to deliver sterilised water on demand from the container, wherein said first time period is shorter than said second time period.

"The present invention thus provides a device which is operable to both filter and sterilise water prior to it being dispensed to a user.

"The flow prevention means may comprise a valve which is operable by a user of the device to selectively permit or block the flow of water through the outlet conduit. The valve may be manually operable and, for example, may take the form of a simple tap fitting. In an alternative embodiment, the valve may be electrically operable. The flow prevention means may alternatively take the form of a pump which, when not in operation, prevents the flow of water through the outlet conduit. The pump is preferably electrically operable.

"The first and second time periods commence simultaneously. For example, a user may operate a switch or depress a button in order to both open the valve and operate the ultra violet radiation source. Where a pump is provided, the pump is preferably operable to draw residual water present in the outlet conduit from the outlet conduit to the container. The pump may operate in this manner during periods when the ultra violet radiation source is illuminated and ensures that any water that may have been sitting in the outlet conduit is removed therefrom and re-sterilised. The device preferably has a standby mode whereupon the pump periodically operates to draw residual water from the outlet conduit In the standby mode the ultra violet radiation source may operate periodically to sterilise water present within the container.

"The device preferably includes a further container for untreated water which is in fluid communication with the inlet conduit. The further container may be filled with untreated water from any appropriate source such as, for example, a tap or faucet. The further container is preferably positioned above the container and may be at least partially received within the container. The further container is preferably arranged to supply water to the container by gravity. Both containers may be provided within a protective casing which serves, in use, to locate the containers in the correct position relative to one another. The containers are advantageously removable from the casing and, where appropriate, each other to facilitate cleaning.

"The filter means is preferably mounted to the further container and may comprises a replaceable casing containing filter media. The outlet conduit may comprise a flexible plastics tube.

"In a preferred embodiment the valve is electrically operable and is biased to a closed position.

"The device preferably includes a removable jug into which said outlet opens and into which filtered and sterilised water can be dispensed."

For additional information on this patent, see: Dier, Christopher. Water Filtration and Sterilisation Device. U.S. Patent Number 8747664, filed November 13, 2007, and published online on June 10, 2014. Patent URL:

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