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Combine Solicitation - C-- Replace Fan Coil Units Phase 1 (Shreveport) A/E Design Services

June 13, 2014

Notice Type: Combine Solicitation

Posted Date: 12-JUN-14

Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;VA Gulf Coast VHCS;Network Contracting Office (NCO) 16;400 Veterans Avenue, Bldg T-102, Rm A106;Biloxi MS 39531

Subject: C-- Replace Fan Coil Units Phase 1 (Shreveport) A/E Design Services

Classification Code: C - Architect and engineering services

Solicitation Number: VA25614R1005

Contact: William GearyContract Specialist 228-523-5178

Setaside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small BusinessService-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Description: Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System

Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System

THIS IS A 100% SET-ASIDE FOR SERVICE-DISABLED VETERAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS (SDVOSB) CONCERNS. Firms responding to this announcement must be registered and verified as eligible in the Vendor Information Pages database as a SDVOSB at in accordance with VAAR 819.7005, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside Procedures.

The NAICS Code for this acquisition is 541310 and the applicable Small Business Size Standard is $7.0M. The area of consideration is RESTRICTED to a 500 mile radius of the Shreveport VA Medical Center (Overton Brooks VA Medical Center), 510 E. Stoner, Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71101, in which the Architect/Engineer (A/E) Firm's primary office must be located. Note: The 500 mile radius will be measured by one or more of the nationally recognized commercial free on-line web mapping services from the primary company address to the above VA address (shortest distance option). The estimated Construction Range is between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000.


This project shall replace approximately 350 existing Fan Coil Units (FCU's) in Building #1. The FCU's will be replaced on the following floors of our main hospital building in both clinical and administrative areas: Basement floor, 5th floor, 7th floor, 8th floor and 10th floor. The project removes the existing units that are approximately 20 years old and related components and replaces the fan coil unit including, but not limited to, all coils, all associated valve packages, isolation valves, piping, unions, strainers, vents, insulation, fresh air ducts and thermostats. It also replaces the existing FCU control system with a new controls system capable of simple integration with the existing Johnson Controls system. The project will improve the heating and cooling of clinical and administrative areas of our main hospital building where Veterans receive care.

The new system shall fully address replacement and installation of all system and component devices to meet and/or exceed all applicable VA Design and Sustainability Guidelines & Requirements, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), International (IMC), National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements. Further, it shall also address system equipment, air and water rebalancing, construction phasing limiting the contractor to work in 2 rooms at a time, tie-in to existing Building Management System (BMS), and possible required asbestos abatement.

This contract shall provide a complete design (construction documents) and comprehensive construction period services (CPS). The design shall include new heating and cooling load calculations for each room based on the current use of the space to properly size new FCU's. The design shall include an asbestos survey to determine if any asbestos is present and asbestos removal documents required for abatement.


Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center (OBVAMC)

510 E. Stoner Ave.

Shreveport, LA 71101


A. The term "responsibility," used in the instructions that follow, includes architectural and engineering design, cost, schedule and construction responsibility for completion of this project in accordance with the documents of this RFP for OBVAMC project no. 667-14-114. It is the responsibility of the Design Offeror or A/E to provide complete Design Documents (drawings and specifications) for a fully functional FCU replacement. Omissions in this RFP and Technical Requirements do not relieve the Design Offeror from providing a complete and fully functioning facility.

B. The terms "Design Team", "Design Offeror", or "A/E" refers to the successful design team. The design team shall consist of a Service Connected (Disabled) Veteran Owned Small Business architectural/engineering firm and all associated consultants and subcontractors.

C. The term "Design Team" or "engineer" refers to registered/licensed Architects and Engineering professionals.

D. The terms "the work and project" refers to the all site investigation, site survey, calculations, testing and design for documents to replace the existing Fan Coil Units at OBVAMC.

E. The term "VA" and the term "VAMC" refers to the Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Shreveport, LA.

F. The "VAMC Coordinator", COR (Contracting Officer's Representative), and Project Manager for this project is Kevin James at 318-990-5297,

G. The "CO" (Contracting Officer) for this project is Bill Geary.


The Design Offeror or A/E shall develop, execute and demonstrate that the project plans and specifications have gone through a rigorous review and coordination effort. The A/E shall provide an outline of the actions that the firm will take during the design process to ensure a quality finished design is achieved.


A detailed estimate of construction cost (using RS Means, Cost Works) and Market Study/Survey shall be provided with each design submission. Emphasis shall be placed on cost and scope management. The design shall be within the project construction budget and be consistent with the identified project scope. The development of construction documents by the Design Team shall include deductive alternates, up to 20% of the project cost estimate.


This project shall utilize AutoCad, version 2013. All VA design guides and requirements can be found online at: Where conflicts occur between VA standards and model codes, the most stringent requirement shall govern. All drawings shall be bundled using the "e-transmit" function.


During the design phase, the A/E shall coordinate with VAMC Project Engineer to obtain information to facilitate the design. Where information is not available, the Design Team shall perform their own investigation at their own expense. The A/E shall identify all utilities required for the subject project. The design documents shall indicate the current system capacities and the necessary work required for the utilities to adequately support the new fan coil units.


Not required


In accordance with the VA's manual for Seismic Design Requirements (H-18-8), OBVAMC Shreveport, LA seismicity is identified as being "Low" (per Table 4: Spectral Response Accelerations at VA Facilities, pg. 23); therefore, seismic design is not required.


The construction and intended use does require commissioning. The A/E shall incorporate the VA's commissioning specification into the design and complete set of construction documents as applicable.


The following is a list of government furnished information found on the VA's Technical Information Library website ( to be used for this project, as applicable:

PG-18-1 Master Construction Specifications

PG-18-3 Design and Construction Procedures

PG-18-4 Standard Details and CAD Standards

PG-18-5 Equipment Guide List

H-18-8 Seismic Design Handbook

PG-18-9 Space Planning Criteria

PG-18-10 Design Manuals (by discipline)

PG-18-12 Design Guides (graphical, by function)

PG-18-13 Barrier Free Design Guides

PG-18-14 Room Finishes, Door, and Hardware Schedules

PG-18-15 Minimum Requirements for A/E Submissions

PG-18-17 Environmental Compliance Manual

H-7545 VA Cultural Resource Management \

Physical Security Design Manual for VA Facilities, Life-Safety Protected

Drawings and Documents

Existing Building Drawings.pdf (Upon Award)

Existing FCU Drawings for applicable floors (Upon Award)

Design Deliverables

OBVAMC Design Submissions - Statement of Task:

35% Schematic Design (SD)

65% Design Development (DD)

95% Design Development (DD)

100% Construction Documents (CD)

NOTE 1: Additional detailed design submission requirements can be found in VA Guide PG-18-15.

NOTE 2: The VA staff shall have a minimum of 16 calendar days to review and coordinate each A/E design submissions. If the VA workload does not allow for a thorough review within the 16 calendar day timeframe, the A/E shall not proceed to the next design phase until comments have been received from the VA. The A/E will be entitled to a time only contract extension for the number of VA review days beyond 16 calendar days.

Design Submission Schedule:

1. The 35% Design Submission shall be due not later than 60 days from the Notice to Proceed.

2. The 65% Design Submission shall be due not later than 45 days from the 35% VA Review.

3. The 95% Design Submission shall be due not later than 30 days from the 65% VA Review.

4. The 100% Design Submission shall be due not later than 16 days from the 95% VA Review.

5. The 100% Final Design Package shall be due not later than 5 days from the 100% VA Review.

35% Schematic Design: Investigate and survey project sites. Verify any VA provided data. A/E is responsible for collecting any and all data required for the design. The A/E is responsible for measuring and collecting actual field data that may be required for items such as electrical panels, FCU's, piping, outside air, room size, room equipment, etc. The A/E shall develop floor plan schematics with new FCU's for review. This schematic design phase is an iterative process and requires close coordination with the Project Engineer. Dimensions, square footages and room names will need to be indicated on the drawings. A/E shall work with the Project Engineer until acceptable schematic design have been developed and approved in writing by the VA for each floor. The A/E final deliverables for this phase are (hard and electronic copies):

a. OBVAMC Approved Floor Plan Layout (Each floor)

b. Preliminary Cost Estimate (RS Means' Cost Works)

c. List of probable Specification Sections for this project

d. Initial Design Analysis and Approach

e. Schedule for the 65%, 95% and Final Design Submissions to complete this design within the allotted contract timeframe. This schedule shall allow adequate VA design review time (minimum 16 calendar days).

65% Design Development: These drawings shall be at the largest scale possible and shall show the architectural layout of each floor, room identification, fire exists, chases, columns, FCU locations, FCU piping, water and drain piping mains for FCU's, outside air main ducts and balancing stations, thermostat locations, ddc controls equipment locations, and other pertinent information necessary to provide information that will carry the design to the next review.

f. Drawings & Specifications: Provide one 22"x34" size D set, two 17"x22" size C sets and one unbound 11"x17" size B set of preliminary construction drawings. For the specifications, provide two fully edited sets for review (3 ring binder); one set of preliminary specifications indicating all of the A/E proposed edits. Drawings and specifications to indicate potential deductive bid alternates and any phasing requirements. Also, provide electronic copies on a CD (Drawings PDF format, Specifications in Word format).

g. Cost Estimate: Provide a detailed cost estimate indicating labor, material and equipment cost in RS Means CostWorks format. Estimate shall include Prime Contractors Overhead and Profit, Labor Burden (typically 28%) and material Sales Tax (typically 9%) costs. Estimate shall indicate feasible deductive bid alternates to bring the construction cost within the allotted construction budget. This cost estimate shall be submitted in hard copy with the Design Analysis and an electronic copy on a CD.

h. Design Analysis: Provide a design analysis for each discipline indicating the design rational, thought process and design calculations (including actual field test and test date). Provide a summary of deductive bid alternates. Provide a draft preliminary detailed submittal register. Provide a list, by discipline, on what outstanding data or feedback is required from the Engineering. Provide two hard copies of the Design Analysis and one electronic copy on a CD.

95% Design Development: This submission of drawings, specifications and cost estimate shall be complete. This review by the VA shall be to validate that 65% comments were incorporated into the project. There shall be nothing missing from the construction documents. The Engineering review of these documents should result in very minor comments to allow for the next submission to be final. If the comments of this set of documents results in numerous comments, then a 99% review or a check set of certain elements of the design may be required before the A/E shall proceed to the 100% Final Construction Documents. The A/E shall not proceed with the generation of Final Construction Documents without written concurrence from the VA.

i. Drawings & Specifications: Submit in the same manner as the 65% DD submittal.

j. Cost Estimate: Submit in the same manner as the 65% DD submittal.

k. Design Analysis: Submit in the same manner as the 65% DD submittal. Include the A/E's final design calculations. Also include the A/E's responses in writing to all of Engineering's 65% Design review comments.

100% Construction Documents: This submission shall incorporate all project requirements and previous comments. These documents shall be ready for bidding.

l. Drawings & Specifications: Provide one 22"x34" size D set, three 17"x22" size C sets and two 11"x17" size B sets of FINAL construction drawings (one set of the 11"x17" size drawings to be unbound). Provide two set of FINAL fully edited specifications (specs in a 3-hole punch notebook). Drawings and specifications to indicate potential deductive bid alternates and any phasing requirements. Also, provide electronic copies on a CD (Drawings PDF format and AutoCAD, Specifications in Word format and PDF format).

m. Cost Estimate: Submit FINAL CostWorks cost estimate in the same manner as previous submittal.

n. Design Analysis: Provide A/E responses to the VA's 95% review comments. Provide FINAL design analysis and calculations. Submit in the same manner as previous submittal. Provide a FINAL detailed submittal register.

o. Electronic Copies: Provide two CD electronic copies of the entire package (Construction Drawings, Specifications, Cost Estimate, Design Analysis and Design calculations). The drawings shall be as both AutoCAD (2013) and scanned individual PDF files. All drawings shall be bundled using the "e-transmit" function. The specifications shall be in separate Word and separate PDF files for each spec section.

Construction Period Services (CPS): A/E shall provide full post design services construction period service IAW the Special Provisions of this contract. CPS's to include full support through the construction phase to include but not limited to, major inspections, reviewing and responding to submittals, request for information (RFI's), assistance with questions, clarifications and addendums, review/coordination of contract modifications/change orders during the construction solicitation phase. A/E additionally shall procure the 3rd party Commissioning Agent to oversee and execute the contract required commissioning activities.

Firms that meet the requirements listed in this announcement are invited to submit three (3) copies of the Standard Form (SF) 330 with appropriate documentation to the Contracting Officer, Attention: Bill Geary, Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System, 400 Veterans Avenue, Bldg. T-102, Room A106, Biloxi, MS 39531, no-later-than July 15, 2014, 4:00pm local (Biloxi, MS) time. Forms are available on-line at: Facsimile submissions will not be accepted.

The selection criteria will be in accordance with FAR 36.602-1, Selection Criteria, and VAAR 836.602-1, Selection Criteria.


Interested parties shall ensure current Licensing and have a current registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) database at and Vendor Information Pages database at as well as have submitted the current cycle VETS-100 Report per the requirements located at


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