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How to efficiently conserve battery on your smartphone

May 25, 2014

Nigel Chew

You've probably experienced it before time and time again – you're getting ready to go out and you find your phone, or device has almost no battery. It doesn't feel good, that’s for sure, so for next time you could use these tips to quickly top that battery up.

Use your stock charger

In most cases, the charger that came with your device would charge it faster. A USB 2.0 port would usually have 0.5 amps and a USB 3.0 would have 0.9 amps; this means your device would charge but at a slower rate. A phone charger would normally have 1 ampere, while for a tablet gives 2 amps, and the more amps you get, the faster the device would charge.

Use Airplane mode or turn your device off completely

Some probably already know about these; even on standby, your device is still using up power. Turning it on airplane mode would cut some of that consumption off, and turning it off completely would speed up charging even more. It could depend from device to device, however.

Get a charger that gives more amperes

As mentioned, tablet chargers can give up to 2 amperes or more, so plugging that into your phone would have your phone charge faster. Powerful third party wall chargers are unlikely to be very expensive either, and you don't have to worry about anything exploding. Check for a number next to the "A" to find out its output.

Use official software to boost a computer's USB output 

Computer ports are able to give 0.5 to 0.9 amps of power, but some, like Asus, have an official program called AI Charger that can increase the output on compatible motherboards. Gigabyte has something similar called the On/Off Charge. If you're aware of your computer, you could try looking for such a program, just making sure it is from the manufacturer.

Have a micro USB cable ready

Have a micro USB cable that can connect to two ports at once so that it can draw out power from both at the same time. This way, it should be able to charge a phone fast enough if you don't happen to have your charger nearby.

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Source: Mobile 88 Online (Malaysia)

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