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Cat Beats Up Dog for Mauling Boy: VIDEO

May 14, 2014

Captain Obvious --

Dog attacks boy -- but doesn't know the cat's about to get him (YouTube)
Dog attacks boy -- but doesn't know the cat's about to get him (YouTube)

A dog viciously attacked a 4-year-old boy Tuesday afternoon -- only to have a righteous smack-down laid on him by the boy's cat.

In the video below, the boy is seen peacefully riding his bike in front of his house when a dog spots him, sneaks around a car parked in the driveway and grabs him by the leg.

Before the dog can drag the boy away, however, the family cat launches into the dog and even chases it off before going back to where the boy's mother has run out to rescue her child.

The boy's father, Roger Triantafilo of Bakersfield, Calif., posted the video of his son, the dog and Tara the cat on YouTube on Wednesday morning. It was recorded Tuesday afternoon.

"Thankfully, my son is fine!" wrote Mr. Triantafilo on the YouTube post.

However, his son did require stitches. Brace yourself before watching -- the attack is shocking enough, but it's followed up with some close-ups of the boy's wounds.

The dog was said to be under observation.

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