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ProCleanse Next-Gen Home Water Filtration Unit Ready for Global Use

May 1, 2014

The patent-pending ProCleanse filtration process exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO) "protective" classification for household water treatment and offers a practical solution for the more than 1 billion people around the world who are vulnerable to diarrhea, cholera and other life-threatening illnesses because they lack access to clean drinking water.

Utilizing a proprietary blend of porous ceramic particles that trap and neutralize contaminants through an ion exchange process, the ProCleanse unit processes enough water to support a family of six, includes built-in safe storage for up to 18 liters of clean water, and lasts more than 10 years at a cost of less than $0.001 cents per liter of water over the life of the system. That is more than twice as long and a fraction of the lifetime cost of most other point-of-use (POU) water filtration options.

All-in-One Disinfection %7E Storage

Users simply pour dirty water into the device's filtration chamber. Gravity moves the water through a strainer that filters out large debris and then through proprietary cleansing material that deactivates harmful microorganisms. Clean water is stored in a separate chamber within the unit, with easy access for drinking and cooking through an attached hose.

The ProCleanse system has gained support from some of the largest charitable organizations doing work in the water sector, and was recently recognized at USTech H2.0 as one of today's most innovative water technologies. It is currently in use at select sites in Latin America and is undergoing a 600-unit field test in Ghana.

"The challenges in creating point-of-use water filtration systems for the developing world range from bacteriological performance and limiting weight, maintenance frequency and power requirements to providing clean water storage, avoiding consumables, and ensuring ease of use. Until now, no single solution has been able to address all of these factors satisfactorily," said John A. Schoch, Jr., President and CEO, ProCleanse LLC and Profile Products LLC. "Our system is the first to meet all of these needs in one product."

Unique Filtration Process

The porous ceramic particles at the heart of the ProCleanse filtration system are produced from clay soil with specific cation (positively charged ion) exchange capacity and blended with silver, zinc and copper. The ceramic particles trap larger microorganisms. Metal ions released into the water then attach to the cell walls of smaller pathogens like bacteria, causing them to die while at the same time exponentially increasing overall system effectiveness.

This combination of porous granular media filtration and biocidal ion exchange is a first in household water filtration systems, promoting maximum pathogen removal and producing up to 8 liters of clean water per hour.

No power is required, and stored water needs no chlorine or other additional treatment because it contains active ions that continue the disinfection process. Maintenance to ensure a good water flow rate is generally required only three to four times a year and takes just 15 minutes, avoiding daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly maintenance required by other point-of-use water filtration systems.

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Source: Global Data Point

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