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April 25, 2014



This section of this report includes a number of forward-looking statements that reflect our current views with respect to future events and financial performance. Forward-looking statements are often identified by words like: believe, expect, estimate, anticipate, intend, project and similar expressions, or words which, by their nature, refer to future events. You should not place undue certainty on these forward-looking statements, which apply only as of the date of our report. These forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from historical results and predictions. We are a development stage company and have not yet generated or realized any revenues.


Ticket To See Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada on June 6, 2012. We are a development stage company with a mission to make the buying and selling of advance event tickets easier, more accessible, and cost-effective for clients (venues / artists / promoters) and consumers. We plan to accomplish our mission by providing an online, print-your-own ticketing platform for ticketed events of all kinds, including special events, attractions, and shows / exhibits. Management believes that when consumers utilize our system they will have the ability to easily, reliably, and cost-effectively purchase and print their own tickets using any Internet-connected computer. Tickets will be printed instantly on their home or office printer. When ticket holders arrive at the venue, the unique barcode on the ticket is verified with a scanner. Our business plan is based in part on our ability to negotiate agreements with promoters of special events, attractions, and shows / exhibits. We currently have no agreements and do not anticipate entering into any such agreements until we complete our current offering. We intend to use the net proceeds from the offering to develop our business operations. (See "Business of the Company" and "Use of Proceeds".) We are a development stage company with no revenues or operating history. Our address is 2620 Regatta Drive, Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89128. The telephone number is 888-970-9463. While our address is in Nevada, our sole officer and director currently operates our business from Ireland without an office and through the use of phone and email.

We received our initial funding of $22,000 through the sale of common stock to Aidan Buckley, an officer and director who purchased 5,500,000 shares of our common stock at $0.004 per share on October 5, 2012. During the year ended December 31, 2013, the Company issued 2,000,000 shares of common stock to 27 independent investors pursuant to the Company's Registration Statement on Form S-1 for total cash proceeds of $20,000.


Our financial statements from inception (June 6, 2012) through March 31, 2014 report no revenues and a net loss of $42,572. Management estimates our cash balance of $2,152 will allow the company to operate for another 2 months at the current burn rate of $1,000 per month.

Our plan of operation will be funded by the $20,000 raised through our current offering, if we are successful in completing the offering. Our independent auditor has issued an audit opinion for Ticket To See which includes a statement expressing substantial doubt as to our ability to continue as a going concern.

Our common shares are quoted on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board under the trading symbol "TTSE.OB". Our shares have been quoted on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board since February 7, 2014. There has been no active trading of our shares of common stock.

Our transfer agent is Globex Transfer, LLC, 780 Deltona Blvd., Suite 202, Deltona, FL 32725.


The following summary of our results of operations should be read in conjunction with our financial statements included herein. Our operating results for the three months ended March 31, 2014 and 2013 are summarized as follows:

Three Months Ended March 31, -------------------------------- 2014 2013 -------- -------- Revenue $ 0$ 0 Operating Expenses 11,898 4,814 -------- -------- Net Loss $ 11,898$ 4,814 ======== ======== REVENUES

We have not earned any revenues to date. We are presently in the development stage of our business and we can provide no assurance that we begin earning revenues.


Our expenses for the three months ended March 31, 2014 and 2013 are outlined in the table below: Three Months Ended March 31, -------------------------------- 2014 2013 -------- -------- Professional Fees $ 11,606$ 4,276 General & Administrative 292 538 -------- -------- TOTAL EXPENSES $ 11,808$ 4,814 ======== ======== 9 PROFESSIONAL FEES

Professional fees include our accounting and auditing expenses incurred in connection with the preparation of our financial statements and professional fees that we pay to our legal counsel. The increase in our professional fees is associated with our developmental business activity.

We incurred operating losses in the amount of $42,572 from inception on June 6, 2012 through the period ended March 31, 2014. These operating expenses were composed of professional fees and general and administrative expenses.


In order to successfully carry out all three phases, the company will require a total of $20,000, which is the amount raised in our recent offering. If we are successful in generating revenue at any stage of our business plan we may accelerate our timeframe, however there is no guarantee we will be successful in our efforts. We plan to commence our business plan for the next 12 months in an organized, phased manner. The initial development phase will require 3 to 6 months. Upon the successful completion of the initial phase, the second phase of aggressive marketing will last for approximately 4 months.

Dependent on the successful completion of the second phase, phase three of expansion will approximately run between the 10th and 12th months. Below, the breakdown of the required funding for each phase is explained in more detail.


* Design and construction of the Ticket To See website. In order to have the most suitable website, we will utilize the services of a professional website design firm at the cost of $2,500. * Establishing merchant relationships with Paypal and credit card companies, such as Visa and MasterCard will require the firm to pay various merchant account fees that will amount to $1,000. * Developing extensive lists of prospective clients will require no additional costs as this task will be completed by management, at no charge to the company. * Developing detailed marketing techniques and plans that will appeal to targeted venues, promoters, and developing targeted marketing content to future clients is the most crucial task of the first phase and will require $6,500.

The total budget for phase one is approximately $10,000 and is expected to be completed within 3-6 months of funding.


The SECOND PHASE of the operating plan, during months 7 through 9, is expected to be devoted to instituting an aggressive marketing effort, as described earlier (see "Sales and Marketing"), to gain initial clientele and begin producing revenue. We expect our President, Aidan Buckley, will spearhead this effort by first using the direct approach and establishing a brand name with possible clients for using our platform. This will be done by cold calling, face to face networking, using free online social media and advertising outlets. The next stage of marketing is to have a online advertising campaign and social media campaign designed. Due to the nature of the costs involved and the fact that he will not be receiving a salary at this time, we expect expenses related to phase two to be less than approximately $10,000. However, should Ticket To See be successful in signing up clients, expenses relating to technical issues relating to integrating the ticketing back office of the client with the Ticket To See website will likely be incurred (i.e. less than 2 days per client - $400 per day). If material, Management anticipates raising additional capital to fund this integration.

If Ticket To See is successful in implementing its' business plan and begins to produce sales from the website, Management will institute PHASE THREE of the business plan, during months 10 through 12, which may involve hiring one or more additional staff to handle increased demands, site monitoring, data entry, and customer support. The cost of an administrative employee will be $24,000 per year for each needed hire. Due to the web-based nature of the company, there is no need for a separate office at this time. All business operations will be carried out of the private residence of management at no added cost. There may be additional demands and on-going online and social media awareness placed on the company and website development and a consequent need to broaden the management team. Depending on availability of funds and the opportunities available to the Company, Ticket To See may also hire additional marketing personnel to access additional sales and distribution channels. This will be done by seeking new avenues to develop the brand and awareness, seeking a celebrity sponsor, growing our online advertising campaign, and outdoor billboard ads to drive traffic.


We have not attained profitable operations and are dependent upon obtaining financing to pursue any extensive development activities. For these reasons our auditors stated in their report on our audited financial statements that they have substantial doubt we will be able to continue as a going concern.


Our operations to date have been funded by equity investment. All of our equity funding has come from sales of shares to our officer and director and the funds from our recent offering.



We have no significant off-balance sheet arrangements that have or are reasonably likely to have a current or future effect on our financial condition, changes in financial condition, revenues or expenses, results of operations, liquidity, capital expenditures or capital resources that is material to stockholders.

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Source: Edgar Glimpses