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DCCC: Washington Lobbyist David Jolly: 'I Lobbied on the Ryan Budget'

February 5, 2014

WASHINGTON , Feb. 5 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release: In new video footage aired last night on WFLA ( ), Washington Lobbyist David Jolly admits on camera that he lobbied on the radical Ryan budget for an extreme group whose backer supported ( ) privatizing Social Security - a disastrous proposal that would force seniors to gamble with their retirement in the Stock Market. See for yourself ( ): "Washington Lobbyist David Jolly's shocking admission that he lobbied on the Radical Ryan Budget for an extreme group whose founder supported privatizing Social Security is just the latest sign that seniors can't trust Lobbyist Jolly," said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "It's already clear that Lobbyist Jolly would balance our budget by making seniors pay more - turning Medicare into a costly voucher program and forcing seniors to gamble with their retirement in the stock market - while protecting unfair tax breaks for his corporate clients and the ultra wealthy. It's just another sign that Lobbyist Jolly would do what Lobbyists always do: put special interests over Pinellas and make the gridlock in Congress worse." BACKGROUND ON THE JOLLY-RYAN BUDGET: Jolly Spokesperson: In 2009 Jolly Met with Ryan on Social Security Issues on Behalf of Free Enterprise Nation, A Group Whose Founder Supported Privatization. "A 2009 lobbying disclosure report indicates David Jolly worked on Social Security reform on behalf of a conservative interest whose CEO expressed support for privatizing accounts [...] 'As we have explained before, if an issue came up during a meeting, David disclosed the topic,' Bascom said. 'In this instance, he was meeting with Paul Ryan on the Ryan budget and the topic of Social Security came up.'" [ Tampa Bay Times , 1/22/14 ( )] Ryan Roadmap Proposed "Violent" Reforms of Medicare and Social Security . "To move us to surpluses, Ryan's budget proposes reforms that are nothing short of violent. Medicare is privatized. Seniors get a voucher to buy private insurance, and the voucher's growth is far slower than the expected growth of health-care costs [...] And beyond health care, Social Security gets guaranteed, private accounts that CBO says will actually cost more than the present arrangement, further underscoring how ancillary the program is to our budget problem." [ Washington Post , 2/01/10 ( )] CBO: Under Roadmap, "Enrollees' Spending for Health Care and the Uncertainty Surrounding that Spending Would Increase." "Both the level of expected federal spending on Medicare and the uncertainty surrounding that spending would decline, but enrollees' spending for health care and the uncertainty surrounding that spending would increase. Under the Roadmap, the value of the voucher would be less than expected Medicare spending per enrollee in 2021, when the voucher program would begin. In addition, Medicare's current payment rates for providers are lower than those paid by commercial insurers, and the program's administrative costs are lower than those for individually purchased insurance. Beneficiaries would therefore face higher premiums in the private market for a package of benefits similar to that currently provided by Medicare . Moreover, the value of the voucher would grow significantly more slowly than CBO expects that Medicare spending per enrollee would grow under current law." [CBO, 1/27/10 ( )] Ryan Roadmap Proposed Giving Tax Cuts to the Wealthy While Raising Taxes on the Middle Class. "The Roadmap would give the most affluent households a new round of very large, costly tax cuts by reducing income tax rates on high-income households; eliminating income taxes on capital gains, dividends, and interest; and abolishing the corporate income tax [...]These changes would dramatically lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while increasing the tax burden for middle-income groups, according to the estimates the Tax Policy Center issued this week. The numbers are breathtaking. Average tax cuts under the plan would equal... $502,000 a year for people with incomes over $1 million ." [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 7/07/10 ( )] Jolly Said There was "A Lot of Good" in a Budget that Would Turn Medicare into a Costly Voucher Program. In 2013, Jolly said, "I think there was a lot of good in the Ryan budget." In 2012 the Tampa Bay Times editorialized: "Their plan would eventually raise Medicare's eligibility age from 65 to 67. It would transform the safety net into a premium-support voucher program." In 2011, the CBO estimated that Ryan's budget proposal would raise costs for Medicare beneficiaries by $6,400 annually. [ Bay News 9 Political Connections, 12/08/13 ( ); USA Today , 10/03/11; Tampa Bay Times Editorial, 3/30/12 ( )] CC AutoTriage4psi-140206-30VitinMar-4627928

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