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Patent Application Titled "Large Log File Diagnostics System" Published Online

February 11, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Information Technology Newsweekly -- According to news reporting originating from Washington, D.C., by VerticalNews journalists, a patent application by the inventor Narayanan, Vandhana (Fremont, CA), filed on July 19, 2012, was made available online on January 30, 2014.

The assignee for this patent application is Dell Products L.P.

Reporters obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "The present disclosure relates generally to information handling systems (IHS's), and more particularly to diagnostics system for large log files generated by IHS's.

"As the value and use of information continues to increase, individuals and businesses seek additional ways to process and store information. One option is an IHS. An IHS generally processes, compiles, stores, and/or communicates information or data for business, personal, or other purposes. Because technology and information handling needs and requirements may vary between different applications, IHSs may also vary regarding what information is handled, how the information is handled, how much information is processed, stored, or communicated, and how quickly and efficiently the information may be processed, stored, or communicated. The variations in IHSs allow for IHSs to be general or configured for a specific user or specific use such as financial transaction processing, airline reservations, enterprise data storage, or global communications. In addition, IHSs may include a variety of hardware and software components that may be configured to process, store, and communicate information and may include one or more computer systems, data storage systems, and networking systems.

"Some IHS's such as, for example, those that include the Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM.RTM.) available from Dell.RTM., Inc., log all events that occur within the system and can generate relatively large log files (e.g., having sizes from tens to even hundreds of gigabytes of data and larger) in a relatively short time span that are stored locally on the IHS as 'rolling logs'. When an error occurs in the IHS, the log files are sent to support technicians that review these hundreds and thousands of line log files line by line in order to determine the cause of the error, which typically includes searching the log files using keywords to attempt to determine the events that may have caused the error. Due to the size of these log files, diagnosis of errors with the IHS using its log files is difficult, requires a large amount of time, and conventionally is only plausible in a few specific circumstances.

"Accordingly, it would be desirable to provide an improved IHS diagnostic system for large log files."

In addition to obtaining background information on this patent application, VerticalNews editors also obtained the inventor's summary information for this patent application: "According to one embodiment, an information handling system (IHS) diagnostic system including a user IHS that is coupled to a network and operable to generate a log file that is associated with a user IHS error; and a distributed processing IHS that is coupled to the user IHS through the network, wherein the distributed processing IHS is operable to: receive the log file generated by the user IHS over the network; store the log file on a plurality of node IHS's; receive a job request from the user IHS over the network; perform a job associated with the job request on the log file using the plurality of node IHS's to create a job result; and provide the job result to the user IHS, wherein the job result includes at least one cause of the user IHS error.


"FIG. 1 is a schematic view illustrating an embodiment of an information handling system.

"FIG. 2 is a schematic view illustrating an embodiment of an IHS diagnostic system.

"FIG. 3 is a flow chart illustrating an embodiment of a method for diagnosing an error in an IHS.

"FIG. 4 is a schematic view illustrating a portion of the method flow of FIG. 3.

"FIG. 5a is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a log file provision web page.

"FIG. 5b is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a run query job request web page.

"FIG. 5c is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a run report job request web page.

"FIG. 5d is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a job result web page.

"FIG. 5e is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a job result web page.

"FIG. 5f is a screenshot illustrating an embodiment of a job result web page."

For more information, see this patent application: Narayanan, Vandhana. Large Log File Diagnostics System. Filed July 19, 2012 and posted January 30, 2014. Patent URL:

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